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Overcoming Adversity and Rising Up

It’s tempting to believe that the Chief Happiness Officer herself has never known a down day.

But the truth is,  I am no stranger to darkness.  But as a sunflower tilts towards the sun, I've found a way to point myself towards the light. After years of crippling anxiety and panic disorder (I literally struggled to leave my house or walk to my mailbox) along with a burgeoning fear that I would never be able to achieve my dreams, I began my journey and found my mission. I know that within every adversity, the seeds can be sown for something greater in our lives. It’s this path that led me to the study of happiness, well-being, and personal growth.

Spreading Light
So Others Can Shine

Not satisfied with liberating myself, I have built a thriving practice coaching others like me who have lost their spark and need to find their way toward joy and happiness once more. I know how defeated we can feel in our lives, but I also know that WE have unlimited potential inside of us. My motto is “Step Into the Arena of Your Bigness.” I help others understand their power and unleash their happiness, one daring day at a time. I became a teacher, a consultant, a motivational speaker, and a woman on a mission.  

Happiness at
Home and Work

Happy employees are productive employees, which is why Kim delivers powerful keynote speeches and workshops to help employees find “happy” where they work. Armed with the latest research, positive psychology, and a story that inspires, Kim helps companies offer a new way towards wellbeing for their staff.  I am a truth-telling, real-talk happiness coach who believes in giving you the tools and happiness habits that lead to work ~ life flow. 

Finding Your Why
and Bluer Skies

Kim’s mission is to help others overcome their fears, discover their joy, activate their limitless potential, and boldly pursue their dreams! She wasn’t willing to let barriers stand in her way, and she helps others clear their own paths to success and satisfaction. Are you ready to make your way forward?

Get To Know Kim

Kim is focused on her family, as a grandmother, a mother of four, and wife to a small business owner. Her weekly lunch dates for the past twenty years have been with her greatest teacher, her 97-year-old Grandmother. These keep her centered and contribute to her joy. 

An advocate for animals and rescuer of over a hundred four-legged friends, Kim is a fan of dog walks and long runs. Covering at least 40 miles a week, Kim pounds the pavement and keeps the endorphins pumping. Running half and full marathons are achievements she’s proud of, but she has many others to reflect on. 

After receiving a grant to study mindfulness, Kim deepened the practice she now uses so effectively with her clients and in her own life. Meditating is a way to bring more joy and happiness into your life. Here are three ways to get involved.

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