Onsite & Virtual Coaching for Your Teams and Staff

Get customized support for your employees as they implement new mindset tools, increase work performance, and create work ~ life flow.

Question ...

Have you ever attended a keynote or training with your staff and left with the “Okay, now what?” question floating around in your mind?

You want to make sure that the new learning sticks and help your employees use it effectively in their jobs…(not to mention maximizing the time and budget you just invested).

But frankly, the task of taking training and turning it into practices that become a daily part of organizational climate feels daunting.

And you’re pretty positive your employees feel the same way. You have a feeling that when they leave that session, they’re going back to the abyss of their offices and to-do lists, with their new learning and resources likely to be left unused and eventually forgotten.

The reality is that even the best professional development can be difficult to digest and implement without the right support, accountability, and real-time feedback.

That’s where our onsite or virtual coaching comes in.

For real implementation to take place, employees need ongoing support throughout to create real change in their workplace performance and their lives.

In our coaching sessions, we come alongside you to facilitate constructive discussions that lead to highly practical action steps your teams can implement in small, substantial ways.

We bring a decade of practical experience and research to provide compassionate, objective troubleshooting when challenges arise, as well as individualized feedback and suggestions for improvement.

We help you make implementation simple and tailored to the methods of your employees, so we can start seeing real results.

Our coaching sets the stage for employees to …

Take ownership of their learning

Individualized support creates a context for employees to have meaningful reflections, talk through overwhelming ideas, and create their own roadmaps to implement new strategies.

Find creative solutions

Sometimes a lack of action is caused by underlying issues that we might not even be aware of. In coaching, our questions and conversation topics can help uncover those obstacles and help find a more productive approach toward taking action.

Build confidence in their abilities

Acknowledging what’s already working creates a powerful momentum that can lead to further progress. Let us help you design a culture of affirmation where people feel seen, empowered, and celebrated.

You choose the time, format, and length of the session, and we provide the support that fits inside those parameters.

Here are some of the ways businesses leverage coaching to support their teams and staff:

Keynote Follow-up Sessions

We provide support and accountability for your staff as they implement the action steps described in one of Kim’s keynote presentations.

Let Kim cultivate conversations among teams and individuals that can lead to greater transformation within the culture of your organization.

Implementation Support After Professional Learning

Provide coaching for your staff after they’ve had time to implement the strategies from our trainings.

These coaching sessions are an opportunity for staff members to ask follow-up questions and evaluate next steps with support. 

*Our Coaching can be in the form of asynchronous support, live weekly/monthly PLC support, or professional development for your meetings.

Professional development topics we bring to your staff:

  • Embracing a growth mindset
  • Effective feedback and praise
  • Improving workplace culture
  • Leadership team coaching
  • Intentional feedback and suggested improvement
  • Enhance employee well-being
  • Thought patterns to optimize performance
  • Reflection opportunities to discuss the efficacy of coached plans and steps moving forward

What others are saying about coaching…

"Kim's coaching is highly impactful."

“Kim delivered a "Growth Mindset" session to the Special Olympics Europe Leadership cohort.  She was high energy and the  content was tailored to our audience."

Swetlana Fenichel, Director of International Special Olympics

"She is a dynamic presenter."

“Kim led a training on happiness for my clients and I was thoroughly impressed in both Kim’s selfless passion to better the lives of individuals along with her scientific knowledge on the topic of happiness.”

Andrew Rosen, CEO of Diversified Financial

“Kim is worth the investment!"

"Kim has the perfect blend of energetic passion, authenticity, and experience to inspire you to live the life you want, finding happiness and joy along the way. She is committed to sharing her successes and struggles, joys and fears as a way to help you sort through life’s journey to find the best version of you.”

Aaron Seitz, Founder of Competition Matters

Here's how Coaching works…


We’ll schedule a pre-consultation call to talk about the needs of your staff and how we can best serve them as a whole. We’ll set the timeframe for our support, plan topics of discussion, the total number of coaching sessions, and resources we can provide.


On the week of your coaching sessions, you’ll receive an email with reminders about the coaching session schedule, relevant digital resources for you to print and make copies to have available at the time of your session(s), and other communication details.


During the scheduled time frame of your coaching package, we will facilitate conversations that guide reflection and provide feedback for the topics we’ve planned during our pre-consultation call.

Follow Up

Within a week of your coaching experience, you’ll receive suggestions for next steps, along with any notes and observations from their coaching with your staff.

Interactive and individualized professional learning with a coaches who gets results!

Strobel Education Virtual Coaching

The best coaching helps your executives, managers, and individuals grow their leadership skills, build relationships, create community, embrace challenges, and achieve their goals.  We focus on actions, thoughts, and behaviors to get results. 

Sometimes the most valuable learning happens in real-time conversations between peers. Our coaching facilitates that level of discussion along with the structure that provides accountability and prompts employees to take action. Let’s find out how coaching could serve the unique needs of your staff.

"The strategies were realistic.”

“The strategies were realistic and were not “do this because research says” but instead Kim showed us why the strategies are important and how they fit in our workplace.  She is so positive and full of energy. I loved all the resources given and your personal connections and experiences.  I loved how you showed how to go deep with questions and break them into the 3 different phases. This was so helpful!”

Jade Nazir, Kerrick

Coaching is the perfect solution for you and your staff if...

  • Your staff has participated in one or more of our other programs or trainings
  • Your staff would benefit from having external accountability for implementing new strategies
  • A variety of professional learning needs exist within your staff, and you want to differentiate their coaching experience
  • You want to guide your staff to implement the strategies we teach, but aren’t sure how or where to start
  • You want a coaching partner to help you guide your staff to take ownership of their learning
  • You would like occasional professional coaching support for your staff

I’m Kim Strobel, Leadership & Happiness Coach

We focus on building intimate relationships with the organizations that we serve and we’ve found that coaching is one of the best ways to do that.

Before every coaching session, we meet with you to understand the unique goals of your business and staff so that when we join your meetings, we can facilitate strategic conversations to prompt meaningful discussions that support those goals.

With over 20 years as a leader, I know that every employee staff, and organization culture is different, and it’s our mission to meet your team right where they’re at and guide them toward growth.

Whether you have a team of ten or two hundred, we’d love to meet with you to find out how we can best serve your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coaching

How long are coaching sessions?

Coaching sessions can be completely customized for your employees including the time, length, and format of the session(s). We can schedule them during 30–45 minute conference periods or up to 2 hours in large-group settings. It really depends on the types of conversations we agree would be the most productive for the topics we plan on discussing.

How far in advance do I need to book Coaching?

At times, we can honor last-minute requests, but the earlier you book, the better chance you have of securing your date(s). Many book our coaching sessions as a follow-up experience to a keynote presentation, on-site training, in tandem with one of our self-paced courses. These are usually booked out 3-6 months in advance.

What are the different formats for coaching sessions?

We understand you have certain scheduling challenges at times so we customize coaching completely around your scheduling needs. Our sessions can be formatted as a full-day training with the entire staff, two half-day sessions with different groups, 45-minute grade-level rotations, or PLC times. 

What do I need to do in advance to prepare for coaching with my staff?

After we’ve confirmed a date and time, we’ll send an email the week of the session(s) with all the information and accompanying materials. Depending on the size of the group, if it's onsite or virtual, and the format of participation, you may need:

  • A projector – to project the video of the consultant (if coaching is being provided in a large group setting)
  • Wifi
  • Speaker system (if necessary)
  • Communication to the staff with the zoom link, we will provide the week of the session(s), if virtual
  • Printouts of the digital resources we will send via email two weeks before the session(s)

Is there a cancellation policy?

With written notice, your coaching sessions may be rescheduled for a future date within the same year, up to 60 days before the designated date. However, the contract must be paid in full by the first original selected date. 

Will materials be provided?

Your consultant will email you two weeks prior to the training and include a PDF handout to be printed out for your participants' use. If you prefer, an interactive digital version will also be made available. If this is the route taken, please make sure laptops or tablets are made available.

How do I pay for my coaching sessions?

Generally, we create an invoice after the coaching occurs. Then, payment is expected approximately 30 days via a check. Sometimes, people ask us to send an invoice in advance, and we are happy to do so if that works best.

What happens after my coaching sessions are booked?

After securing dates, you’ll receive a contract that includes the date, time, topics, and goals of your coaching sessions. Two weeks before the session(s), you’ll receive a reminder email along with the relevant digital materials.

When will the consultant reach out to me?

Approximately three weeks before your scheduled sessions, a consultant will reach out to you to discuss your goals for coaching and make final plans for the timing, format, and length of each session.

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