Create Massive Momentum

By Kim Strobel

October 18, 2021

I know you are tired. I know you feel stuck. Your best life is waiting for you!

How is it working out? Life, I mean.

 Is it everything you hoped for? Is this the life you dreamed of? Are things going to plan? 

I know.

I’ve been there. 

My life was not going according to plan.

There was a time in my life when I had no vision for my future. I had no idea which direction I was heading. I was overwhelmed on all fronts. I was struggling in my career in a job that made me want to stay in bed each morning. I was struggling in my relationships because they were some difficult people in my life. I was ignoring my spiritual well being because I simply did not have the time. 

I was trapped in the day to day. It was hard...really, really hard. I know that sounds ungrateful, but I was not excited by my current life. This life was not working out the way I had hoped or planned. 

I know that I am not the only one.

Each of us has had that feeling.

That feeling of being stuck and barely keeping your head above water.

You try your best every single day, but always come up short. I am going to let you in on the worst kept secret-You deserve so much more! Your future self deserves all the success, love, and celebration life has to offer!

I knew there had to be more. I wanted more for myself, my family, and my life.

I deserved more.

I wanted to be brave enough to take control of my own life. I needed to give my future self everything that she deserved. 

I began to seek out new perspectives and guidance to lead me out of the daily grind. I discovered the power of manifestation. 

My whole world, my whole perspective, my whole life changed. I know it sounds like a bit of hokey good juju that just wastes your time, but I felt the power within me. I experienced the abundant success and joy in my life from manifesting my future. 

This was my first vision board. It may seem like a simple poster with magazine clippings and words on it, but this was my vision. This simple poster held my future. I wanted to thrive in my life, not struggle. I wanted to enjoy my success, not settle. I wanted everything -and I mean big house, big paycheck, big adventure- everything the universe had to offer. I did not hold back on exactly what I wanted.

And those checkmarks....those are the things that began to come true for me. 

II made my vision board with a poster, some magazines, and markers while sitting on my floor. My husband thought I had lost my mind.  Putting pictures on a board and the hoping they come true? Little did he know that I was doing way more than that. I was using the infinite power within myself to change both of our lives.

Take a moment to envision your life.

Where does your future self lead you?

What does your future self give you?

What does your future self accomplish?

Creating a vision board brings your future to life!

Vision boards are a powerful tool to help you use the power of manifestation to create the life you have always wanted.

It's time you made the future you beyond proud!

Don’t wait for the universe to give you the life you deserve.

You may not feel it right now, but that job, that house, that vacation, the ability to give your children all kinds of opportunities.... are all yours!

Now, there's way more to this than slapping pics on a board. You have to do the background work and I'll be talking more about that in my Create Massive Momentum Workshop this January. But you will learn to let the vision board be your guide, your passion, your constant reminder of the life that will be yours.

Find the scissors, find the magazines, and take over the living room floor. Don’t you dare worry about the mess!

Give life to your future self! Take that first, powerful step towards your dreams by getting them out of your head and making them real!

I look at my vision board everyday. It has changed. There are different images, quotes, and tokens. My first vision board is now the life I am beyond grateful to live, experience, and enjoy. 

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