Ep 31 | My Journey to Become Anti-Racist

By Kim Strobel

September 9, 2020

In this episode of the She Finds Joy podcast, Kim takes on the difficult topic of racism. This episode is different and hard, but necessary.

Kim states her core values and support for the Black Lives Matter movement. She explains a few ways we can show up for people of color and do the work that is necessary to dismantle systemic racism. Kim believes we all must stand up and protect Black lives and human rights.

This episode is an invitation to join Kim in open conversation about the state of existence in America and the reignited revolutionary action that’s taking place. America was built on enslavement and it’s up to us to make the necessary changes that will protect Black lives in communities across the country. Racism is not an individual concept, but a deeply-embedded institution of power that seeps into every corner of this country and we must acknowledge it and fight for change.


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Inside This Week’s Episode

In today’s episode, Kim discusses…

  • How white people benefit from a system built by and for other white people.

  • The barriers that people of color have faced and continue to face every day.

  • The responsibility we have to educate ourselves and be willing to see new perspectives, get new information, and rethink our beliefs.


“…Individuals might be against racism, but they still benefit from a system that privileges whites as a group.” – Robin Diangelo


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About Kim

Kim Strobel is Chief Happiness Officer at Kim Strobel Live Events and Retreats. She is a teacher, consultant, motivational speaker, happiness coach, and a mission-minded person whose passion helps others overcome their fears and discover their joy!

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