Ep 75 | From Welfare to Millionaire: The 3 Biggest Tips with Sandy Forster

Sandy Forster is the money mindset mentor for women world-wide who are ready to experience more abundance and freedom in their life. Sandy went from welfare to millionaire, been featured in Oprah’s Aussie Secret and and loves inspiring and empowering women to break through their blocks, manifest more money and create a life they’re truly passionate about.

Sandy went from having over $100,000 in debt to creating in income of $150,000 the next year. And now she is a multi-millioniare and she didn’t graduate high school. Our relationship with ourselves is the key to wealth and abundance.  However, this isn’t the path most of us follow. We think we have to work like crazy just to get ahead. But it actually starts with going within ourselves and change our internal blueprint to become co-creators of our lives. It starts with taking on the identity, experiences, and opportunities right now that will bring you more of what you want to accomplish and achieve. It started with the inside of ourselves first. Sandy walks us through what it truly means to become an active participant in designing a life of great success and fulfillment.

What’s in the episode: 

  • Why learning and understanding the Law of Attraction, quantum physics, and neuroscience are important in achieving true abundance in life;

  • Understand why you should take action as you do the mindset work when walking the path towards change

  • Discover how you can shift from welfare to millionaire through tips and insights based on science and a millionaire’s experience.

  • How to align your body, mind and spirit to achieve and succeed your goals.

  • Powerful daily practices to embody your abundance and success.

You can’t just think and visualize your goals. You have to embody and take action.”  - Sandy Forster

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About Sandy

Sandy Forster is the money mindset mentor for women world-wide who are ready to experience more abundance and freedom in their life. Sandy went from welfare to millionaire, been featured in Oprah’s Aussie Secret and and loves inspiring and empowering women to break through their blocks, manifest more money and create a life they’re truly passionate about.

Her award-winning international bestseller How to Be Wildly Wealthy Fast has been translated into over 11 languages, she’s the host of the Wildly Wealthy Women podcast and she’s transformed the lives of hundreds of thousands of women worldwide.

Sandy lives in her own tropical paradise near the beach in sunny Australia and has wild kangaroos grazing in her back yard every afternoon. You can connect with her at www.WildlyWealthy.com.

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About Kim

Kim Strobel is Chief Happiness Officer at Kim Strobel Live Events and Retreats. She is a teacher, consultant, motivational speaker, happiness coach, and mission-minded person whose passion is helping others overcome their fears and discover their joy!

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Kim Strobel 00:08 

Hello to our listeners today I am so happy that you take time out of your day to join us for just little tiny tips, tools and resources that hopefully move you just a little bit further in your life and help you step into your own arena of bigness. I'm very excited today I found Sandy Forster. Somehow her name came across me I'm not even sure how just yet but I love what she does. She is a money mindset mentor for women worldwide, who are ready to experience more abundance and freedom in their life. Sandy went from welfare to millionaire has been featured in Oprah's Aussie secret. And she loves inspiring and empowering women to break through their blocks. manifest more money. Hello, everybody wants more money and create a life they're truly passionate about. Her award winning international best seller book How to be wildly wealthy fast, has been translated over into 11 languages. And she is the host of the wildly wealthy women podcast. Sandy lives in her own tropical paradise near the beach in sunny Australia, and has wild kangaroos grazing in her backyard. Every after noon. Sandy, I love your bio. 

Sandy Forster 01:38 

Thank you, Kim, thank you so much for having me on your show. 

Kim Strobel 01:41 

I wish I could show you. I just made my new vision boards and I don't make them yearly. I make them when I feel like it's time to make another one. But well, actually. So this older one over here that I still keep both of them have me photoshopped in across from Oprah, as we're discussing my published book. So the Oprah thing in itself is huge. Yeah. Beautiful. Yeah. And then Jack Canfield, I saw that you were very involved with him. And of course, I've read his book success principles. And so I'm I just can't wait to share this story about you and how you went from millionaire or welfare to a millionaire, which is I know going to just be a fantastic story. So can you go ahead and give us a little backstory to all of that? Yeah, sure. 

Sandy Forster 02:33 

So I guess the short backstory is, I used to live in the most southern state of Australia cold. And our family love the beach. So we ended up moving to the most northern state. And when I moved here, I met a boy, I was 15 minute boy in high school, we went out for about 11 years, we got married, I had a six month old and a three year old and we divorced. And I had been at that time, kind of I've always loved sewing. So I used to buy cheap fabric down at the discount store cheap lycra, and I'd come home and I'd sew it all up and I would create these swimwear and Jim were designs and then I'd find a spare store over somewhere and I would go and sell all my swimwear. And that was kind of a hobby business and the money that we made from that business. We used to go on a holiday or put in a swimming pool or buy some furniture or landscape the garden. But then suddenly, when we divorced that entire hobby money had to be my sole income, and it just was not enough to survive. 

Kim Strobel 03:43 

Or how old at the time, 

Sandy Forster 03:45 

I would have been about 33 Okay, okay, so So then I was just, I just really struggled because that money had to then become my, you know, it basically did a little bit for me, it paid the electricity, it paid the for the car, it paid for the phone, but that was about it. And so suddenly, you know, I my life just turned upside down. And I ended up $100,000 in debt and on welfare because I was trying to build a business with no money behind me. No connections, no anything. And it was just I was getting further and further in debt. My overdraft was growing. And in the end, I just closed the door on that. But I was really, really blessed. Really lucky. Thank you. Thank you, thank you. But I discovered the law of attraction. And I discovered the Law of Attraction through a course it was actually at the time a home study course that you could study yourself. Use it in your own life. If you really liked it. You could tell others about it. And that's what I started doing because it just I loved it. I just suddenly it came to me that instead of living this life where I was so far in debt, and I was stressed all the time and I was I was embarrassed and I was ashamed and I just thought you know what What am I going to do with my life no matter, even if I get a great job, I'm going to be working forever to pay off my debt, I was just, it was just not a fun place to be. But then when I discovered the law of attraction, I discovered that if I just felt differently and thought differently and focused on what I wanted to create, then I could attract it. Now, even if the attracting part wasn't true, just thinking differently and imagining that I had a new house and had a car that didn't leak so much that a plant was growing in the back and, and was able to go on a holiday or buy fresh flowers or go to the gym, or just imagining all those things just lit me up from the inside out. And so I loved applying the law of attraction every day, because it took me out of being $100,000 in debt and on welfare, and focusing on that and all the stress around that to being in this blissful, you know, world of possibilities and opportunity. And so I really embraced it. And yeah, it worked. I went from, you know, in a matter of years, I went from welfare to millionaire. And now I'm gonna 

Kim Strobel 06:07 

Kim Strobel 06:07 

stop you a minute because I this story. So I stumbled across the law of attraction as well. And I want to say it was probably around 2005. I, I actually, okay, so I have this total spiritual side, some people would call it woowoo. But like, I embrace it, and I love it. And it's such a strong thing about me. But I have actually visited a psychic in Bardstown, Kentucky. And out of nowhere, she pulls this book off the shelf and says, I really think you should read this. And it was the law of attraction by Jerry and Esther Hicks. And, you know, some people would read that and just be like, and you know, but like, for me, every cell in my body was vibrating. It's like, it's like, I have this inner knowing. But but it, I didn't know it was there. And I just became obsessed with reading everything that I could about that. And I like you, I had been through a traumatic first marriage, I had a young son, I, I made $8 an hour a few years before that, and I actually rode. So I was a program assistant at the school because I had a teaching degree. But back then there were not very many teaching jobs. Imagine that. And I wrote the special needs best for an extra hour in the morning, and an extra hour in the afternoon, because that gave me 16 extra dollars a day, and 16 times five was 80. And that's what my son's daycare Bill was. And so I'm into my second marriage at this point, and we're living paycheck to paycheck, you know, he's got kids, I've got a kid. We had all this money that went out in court expenses for our divorce and child custody and crazy stuff. And so I like you, I started living this in a state of being in debt. And that's like, the magic of it is that knowing that your current circumstances do not dictate what you can begin to bring into your life, what you say? 

Sandy Forster 08:30 

Oh, totally. And that that is the exciting part. That is the part about I agree with you, you know, law of attraction, it seems very woowoo and out there and bit hippie ish. But honestly, I think we live in the most amazing time because science is catching up. Yes, with spirituality. I was actually on a call earlier this year, and it was in clubhouse. And it was with actual quantum physicists and quantum science scientists. And most of what they said went flip straight on my head, like literally their brains thinking a completely different way. But one of them said something that just made my heart sing. And he said that spirituality has known so much around how to create your reality for centuries, and scientists finally catching up. And they're there. Rather than being at a crossroads. They're actually melding together, they're meeting together, the science is actually now able to prove through quantum science and to quantum physics that this is real that this is so whilst it's got this very kind of woowoo side to it. It's a very practical scientific side to it all around your brain, and we rewiring your brain and how to make your brain work for you so that you see opportunities and create opportunities and attract opportunities. So yeah, it's really exciting. 

Kim Strobel 09:49 

I love it. You're right, because, well, I told you before we started, I'm reading this book called a happy, happy pocket full of money, which is just also blowing my mind and you said you Read that about a year ago. And it starts out with the whole first chapter is on quantum field physics 

and understanding. And so you know, I find it interesting that most people believe in God, or some kind of special power, some kind of invisible force, even though we can't see it. But like when it comes to the law of attraction and some of this stuff, it's like, oh, well, I've got to have science to back that up. So now we're giving them the science, right? Which, which is helping, I think, kind of move us in a different direction. And, and I love what you said about the 

imagination. You know, Albert Einstein, the great scientist, he said, imagination is everything, it is the preview of life's coming attractions. And I can see where, you know, we have to start to understand that our thoughts and our imagination, if we can live there, even though we, we, if you logically think about it, we might be living paycheck to paycheck in credit card debt, like you and I were, you know, $100,000 in debt you said, but that, actually the here and now, which is creating our future can be changed when we change. 

Sandy Forster 11:14 

Exactly. And it's really about focusing on it. And not just with your brain, I always teach all of my students, it's about aligning body, mind and spirit on me. So it's not just about thinking about what it is that you want, which I think a lot of law of attraction just teaches that service level it just think about what you want. But the thing is, you can sit around and meditate till cows come home thinking and visualizing about what you want, and it's not going to drop into your lap. So there is definitely the thinking piece. But then there's the feeling piece, you've got to feel as if it's already real, because when you feel it, because your thought sends a signal out and your feelings attracted back to you. But then to even though you're attracted back to you, there is a missing piece, which most people are just they just don't do like anything. They kind of a bit lazy. You've got to take action, you've got to take action. And in the book, The Science of Getting Rich, which was written way back. Wow. Wow. Wattles write that Yeah. 9010. Yeah, he said in there. I love this one quote. He said, by thought the thing you desire is brought to you, but by action, you receive it. So thought sends the signal out, sends the order out to the universe, your feelings attracted back to you, but it's still in the metaphysical, you then have to take action for it to cross from the metaphysical into the physical. And that's it aligning body, mind, spirit. And when thoughts feelings and actions are aligned, then that's when manifestation that's when attracting two becomes easy. 

Kim Strobel 12:48 

I love that. And I want to talk a little bit more about that. I think, yeah, I love Wallace Wattles. I read his book last last summer while on vacation. And like you said, that's a book that was written in 1910. And so people have known this, but it really is a secret almost that's now coming. You know, I know there's the movie, the secret that was brought to fruition a few years ago. But there is this ability for us to co create and understand that we have this power that we didn't know that we had. I don't know why we didn't know that we had it. Because when you think about what we're capable of, it's pretty amazing. But what you're speaking about too, I think, you know, is and I'm learning from this book is beingness How do I start to be be right now? Who I want to be Yeah, 

Sandy Forster 13:42 

it's about embodying embodying it it's not it's not just about thinking about what you want. And yes, and feeling like you've got it and then taking action. As part of that you have to embody, you have to be so big you have to be do have, so you have to be the person. Like if you want to be a millionaire, like when I was $100,000 in debt. My whole aim was to be a millionaire. I knew that millionaires lived a different life. I knew millionaires had a house cleaner. Yeah, that's what I wanted. Like, that was a huge goal for me. So it's like, I wanted to be a millionaire. But I 

couldn't just sit back being that person $100,000 in debt, and then suddenly be a millionaire. I had to think like a millionaire, I had to take actions that a millionaire would take, I had to feel like a millionaire. And I don't mean spending money that I've been had. That's not part of the equation. But it's just it's just really embodying what a millionaire will do. The decisions that make the choices that make the things that they would do. You've got to be that person first. And so whatever your goal or dream or desire is, you've got to you can't just think about it. He can't just feel it. You've got to take action. You've got to embody the person who would achieve that goal who would manifest that for him. 

Kim Strobel 14:57 

So I want you to break those three things apart. Take us back to where you were when you discovered it. And what did you say it's B, ham? Do 

Sandy Forster 15:07 

you have B 

Kim Strobel 15:08 

do have. Okay? So give us some examples. How did you start to be a millionaire? But in like you said, you couldn't go from nothing to like, oh, you know, I'm gonna go from all this debt to all of a sudden, I'm a millionaire. I'm gonna walk around and say, I'm a millionaire. I'm a millionaire. And I'm gonna visualize it. And I'm gonna think about it. Because you're right. There's so much more to it than that. And so tell us how, like, give us some specifics, how you actually started to do that on a daily basis? What did those pieces look like for you? 

Sandy Forster 15:39 

Sure. Because when I was $100,000, in debt, and on welfare, and before I discovered the law of attraction, thinking about changing my life seemed like impossible. Like it just didn't seem it was something that would ever happen. Discovering the law of attraction and discovering that how I thought could change my reality. So, for example, was one of the things I did I was I wasn't huge debt. But I knew that personal development was, you know, like you said, you just felt this thing you felt you had enough? Well, personal development was that for me, even before I discovered the law of attraction, personal development was the thing that made me feel like, oh, my gosh, there's more to my life than what I'm living. Like, I feel like I've been born in the wrong life. I feel I should be a millionaire. But I have no idea how that can happen. Yes, that then Discovering Personal Development made me think and believe that there was more out there for me that there were possibilities that there were opportunities that my life could be different, hearing all the stories of everyone who changed their life, hearing, you know, just got me so inspired, and so excited. So one of the things I used to do was I loved going to seminars, now, I'm already $100,000, in debt and on welfare, I went to a seminar, I had to put it all on credit card, I go to the seminar, they start talking about this thing called coaching. And they said, If anyone wants to know about being a coach, in, you know, in the break, just go and see whoever now I've never heard of coaching for a start. I had no idea what 

it was about, but I'm a bit nosy. So it's like, I'm going to go have a look at this. So off, I go to listen about coaching, they talk about coaching. And I'm thinking, Oh, that sounds great. I can work from home, you can make as much money as you like, you can do it over the phone, which for an introvert heaven, it's like I'm thinking this is this would be great. But they didn't want any coaches in Australia. However, when I got back to Australia, I, I was, at the time selling a personal development course based on the law of attraction. And at the time, the person who was the facilitator for that personal development course in the seminars for that course, announced they were starting a life pitch training academy in Australia. So the old me, who would think, Well, who am I, my life's a complete mess, like, why would I even look at that. So oh, I want to I want to know more. I went along to that. I love the idea. I went through the training, I became a coach. And what I did with my coaching was I then, very quickly used all my law of attraction techniques in my coaching sessions with my clients, and to build my coaching business. And that, like that happened so fast, like I was a huge success story for that Academy because I used what I knew about the law of attraction. And so then I ended up writing my book, How to be wildly wealthy, fast, and that became a bestseller. And then a few years later, the secret came out. And suddenly everyone was wanting to know around the law of attraction. But during all that process during everything that I ever did, I always consistently thought about how my ideal life would be thought about being a millionaire, visualized on a consistent basis, said affirmations. Like, when I was doing something I didn't have to think about. I always incorporated something to do with the law of attraction. So if I was doing laps in the pool, I was saying my affirmations if I was working on the beach, I was listening to a visualization or listening to something inspiring. I was in my car, not once did I ever turn on the radio, I listened to my own CDs or tapes, like was always going into my brain about living a better life. Because when it comes to the science side of it, you've got this thing called the reticular activating system that allows you know it basically not so much allows things in but it filters out everything that because we see too much in a day in a second. Yeah, and that's one part of that the eyes. Let's explain that to the audience. It's called the reticular activating the 

Kim Strobel 19:50 

brain that's linked in the eyes, right? 

Sandy Forster 19:53 

And it's like it's almost like this gateway. And right now if I said to you, what can you see if someone said to me, what can you see Well, I can see a computer and I can see microphone and I can see a desk and I can see out the window I can see trees and a Bali has a swimming pool and a chair and a table and grass and flowers and a kangaroo and like but if I was going to go one step deeper, which I'm seeing my brain is actually taking is all the different colors of the trees and the brown and the leaves and the tweets. And that's by the way, it's in the global level, like there's a million different things that your brain takes in every second. And if your brain had to consciously process that, it would have a meltdown, it couldn't do it. So we've got this thing called the reticular activating system. So gateway that says, I'm only going to let in what is important what you consider to be important. So when you sit around and talk to your friends about how bad things are, and how much you're struggling for money, your brain goes all that is important. So we are going to when she goes out into the world, we're going to show her all the things and let her experience all the things to do with struggling and having no money. And so people wonder why their life doesn't change. But you get to actually feed 

through the reticular activating system to your subconscious mind. What's important. So for me, focusing all the time when I was $100,000, in debt, but focusing all the time, on my dream life and listening to audios and getting inspired and hearing success stories of other people, my brain, they said, Oh, this is what's important to her. So all those connections, those opportunities, things that were out there already, but were being filtered out before because I had the wrong mindset. Suddenly, those things I could see, suddenly, you get a phone call from something or an opportunity of profile for a book or this or that or the other. And suddenly, my life began to change. And that's the power of the reticular activating system you get to you're the one that actually gets to train the subconscious mind as to what's important. So then you begin to see it in your world. It's not, and that's the science part of it. That's not some woowoo out there, magic, we are attracting it. But Law of Attraction is real. But when you when you envelope it with the science, you become really powerful. And attraction becomes easy manifest. I love that explanation 

Kim Strobel 22:19 

because and I feel like our stories are so similar. It's like I became on fire just like you with feeding my brain, all this new information. So I'm reading every self help book, I'm reading every book I can get on the law of attraction, I'm popping the CDs in to my my expedition on my 20 minute drive to work so that I can listen, listen, listen to it. And when you start to what is that you know what, what you feed you grow, right? And so when you're feeding that to your brain, it's going eventually into your subconscious mind which we know that 95% of what we achieve and how we how we live our lives comes from our subconscious mind. And so when you're feeling that all of the time, you're exactly right, that's getting through that RegTech, your reticular activating system. And now all of a sudden your your embodiment is a different vibrational level. And it's not that those opportunities weren't out there. But I'm just thinking about, you know, it's so easy for us to get into a fixed mindset and and even though you and I know this, we still are always having to practice it when things get tough or things get hard. But I know one of the biggest things that like has been my nemesis is trying to promote my my I have the education side of my business. And then I have like the the women empowerment and the corporate and industry world side of my business, and getting people to become aware of the teacher workshops that we're providing just those particular workshops, it can be like a marketing snafu. And then all of a sudden, I had this idea, like, wait a minute, like I'm working out here all the time trying to get these emails out trying to and all of a sudden, I was like, what if I reached out to like bigger entities? What if I reached out to people who had connections with with multiple schools, and I reached out to a lot of the educational centers around the country and the school administrator and guess what it's like, oh, I'm like, that was always there. But I just wasn't filtering for it. And so it's like these little miracle slash opportunities that have always been there. It's like your brain is now starting to attract and see those. And so I really resonate with that. And I always go back to people are like, Well, how did you start your business? How did you become? You know, I my success story was pretty fast. And that's the beautiful thing to write. It's not like, Whoa, I have to work so hard for the next 2030 years. 80 hour work weeks and then finally I'm going to have some money in my pocket like that's the old way of thinking we can ask manifest very quickly. And people will say, Well, how did you build your business? And they're looking for like, like logical business sense. And I'm thinking, yeah, yeah. And I'm like, I didn't have any practical business since I was that 

S Sandy Forster 25:16

same here. Same here, like people say to me now, you know, how did you create your success? You know, what sort of business acumen Have you gotten? I said, I have, I don't even know what I'm doing. In my business. I like, literally, I'm not a business person, I am a creative person who uses the law of attraction to just pull these ideas out of the quantum field and take action on them. And that's another thing, you know, so many people come up with ideas we have, and they are inspired ideas, but they don't take any action. I take action. And yes, I've taken action ideas, and they've been crap. But I've taken action ideas, and a number of my ideas have created me more than a million dollars each. It's just that, you know, I take that inspired action I follow through and, and I just 

Kim Strobel 26:01 

were intentional, like it's a daily part of, of how how we live. So I always tell people, like, here's what I'm a runner, and I run about 40 miles a week. And I'm like, every I like you, you know, when I had more relaxation, I'm running or exercising? I would seem I didn't even have a business. But I would see this business called struggle, education. And I would see myself on a stage with 1000s of people and I would feel what that would feel like and I would watch the people in the crowd kind of be transformed. I'd watch them leave. And and and know that they had an opportunity to make their life better. And so I would visualize it, I would use my imagination, I would feel it. But then that's not all I did. I'm over there going, Gosh, I don't know Well, let's purchase WWW dot Strobel education calm. Let's have my husband who's a graphic designer make up some business cards. And on that business card, we're gonna slap down. I'm a motivational speaker to write like, and so I started to take all these 

Sandy Forster 27:01 

embodying that successful person, well, before it ever happened, 

Kim Strobel 27:07 

yeah, yeah. So I was feeding my brain, right? I'm listening to podcast about it. I'm researching other successful people. I'm imagining it, I'm visualizing it, I'm feeling the feelings with it. And I just did that this morning on a run because one of my one of the things I'm attracting right now is a second beach home. And so of course, I have my vision boards with it, I wake up in the morning, and I look at it, and I see, oh, there's Kim and Scott Strobel. And, you know, there's their family and their kids enjoying it. But when I was on my run this morning, I was like, Hey, let's let's just walk yourself through a typical day in that home, you know, and, and what does that look like, and there's my extended family enjoying that home with us. And then I'm on Zillow, and I'm watching that particular home, I'm pulling it up every two weeks, and I'm like, oh, there's our home. Let's take a look at it again, let's look at the inside. And you know, and so I'm feeding my brain, all of that. And it's just, it's just to me, it's a tool that we all can use to make our lives better, even when our logical mind goes, I'm never going to have a better life than what I have right now. I make $8 an hour. And I you know, and like, I remember even and it's not just about material things, you know, it's not just about money, because money buys us freedom. money buys me the ability to support a student that doesn't have any family in his, you know, ability to get his college degree and things like that. But it's understanding that all 

we have is the present moment right now. And from that present moment, regardless of your past, you get the opportunity to now begin to create what you want your life to look like going forward in that you have the power to do that. 

Sandy Forster 28:56 

Totally. And the thing is, it's not just you this is this is where I think some people get a little bit stuck, like who am I to do anything like you know, but understand that we are have been born into this world. And the reason is, you know, we're here to grow, we're here to expand, we're here to become the best version of ourselves and the universe is actually supporting us. It's not us all on our lonesome the universe is is behind us every step of the way in the universe wants more for you than you ever want for yourself. And so when people get kind of stuck, well, you know, I've got this job and how am I ever going to make any more money? How am I going to change my life? Just know that the universe has a gazillion ways. It can bring more to you, I guess zillion ways. So don't get stuck in your, what Oprah calls your tiny mind, kind of figure it all out yourself. You just want to get really clear on how you want your life to be the end result. And the universe will devise a plan and to make it happen. You've just got to continue to focus on what you want, continue to feel it's real continue to take action toward it and The universe will reveal the steps as you go. 

Kim Strobel 30:02 

That's an important point that you made two points. First of all, I love that you bring Oprah into this because she is a huge influencer of this type of thinking she believes that she has co created with Universal Intelligence and God to to manifest this life. And she's very much a student of this way of thinking. And then the second thing that that you said, Gosh, it just went right out of my mind, what was it? It's it's just that idea, I think of what what you said is, oh, it's that we don't have to figure out how that's where people get stuck, right? So they go like, but how am I going to do this, or I don't have this skill set or how how, how how. And that's where your statement of like the universe supports you. I think Paulo Coelho has that wonderful quote that says when you want something, all of the universe conspires to help you achieve it. And so there's a little bit of relief when, when you can let go, and that's part of the process too, isn't it? Because if you're always like, I want I want I want, okay, I just have to work harder, I just have to do this, I have to do this, I want I want I want then it's like, what you're basically saying to your brain is I lack I lack, I lack I lack and so understanding like, Okay, I'm doing my affirmations, which by the way, I just learned another trick. I've been doing affirmations for years. But I don't know if you know, this trick or not, was an another abundance book I just read or some prosperity book. My goodness, I'm always reading something about that. But um, so you know, the I Am statements, that affirmations, which we do a lot of talking about this in my happy Academy, which is the program that I kind of walk people through, it's a 10 month program that I offer. But when I teach the affirmations, we now know that if you say those orally, they're more powerful. I don't know if you knew that or not, it's not enough to say them inside. I never knew that. 

Sandy Forster 31:58 

Your words have power, your words have a vibration. Yes. And that's the key, they have a vibration. Because everything, everything is made of energy and thinking them is one thing but vibration. Because everything, everything is made of energy and thinking them is one thing but saying them sends out an Energy says that. Yes, universe. Yes, yes. And 

Kim Strobel 32:14 

so that's something I just added. And then the second thing they suggested was ending by saying, like, Thank You, Jesus Christ, or, you know, thank you Universal Intelligence. Thank you spirit. And so, you know, now when I read one of my affirmations, like, you know, I've got 10 of them right now, but one of them is, I trust myself in all situations. So I say I trust myself in all situations. Thank you, Jesus Christ, I am generating at least $1 million in 2022. Thank you, Jesus Christ, I am healed from my panic disorder, and experiencing divine restoration. Thank you, Jesus Christ, you know, and so I've added that layer, and then I'm also saying them at night. 

Sandy Forster 32:59 

And so I'm like, yeah, you've definitely got it all nailed, because, you know, adding that thank you, thank you tells your mind and the universe that it's already a done deal. Like you don't say thank you for something that hasn't happened. You say thank you for something that's occurred. So you're again, rewiring your brain and just really allowing it to happen. And then saying things at night again, beautiful because as you go off to sleep, that's what's percolating in your mind all night. That's what's that's what's allowing you to just bathe in all that beautiful deliciousness of what your affirmations are. So rather than going to sleep worrying about things you said to someone during the day and what you're going to do tomorrow, you're putting your brain in that beautiful place and at nighttime is an amazing time to actually come up with the most incredible things. I remember hearing the story about Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield, when I was writing their books and trying to come up with a name. And Mark Victor Hansen used to go to sleep at night saying Bring me a million dollar title bring me a million dollar title, or maybe it was bring your best selling, bring your best selling title. And he said that over and over again. Then one night he just woke up in the middle of the night, Chicken Soup for the Soul rang Jack. And his wife, Jack's wife answered and said hello. And you know, I've got to speak to Jack she hands the phone to Jack saying your other wife is on the phone. He said you know what the name of the book and you know, I've used that that same process myself I that's how I came up with wildly wealthy women. I remember going to sleep myself saying, Bring me a million dollar idea. Bring me on the $1 million idea over and above all the other processes I was doing. And then I wake up one morning with the name wildly wealthy women in my head and I went online, I registered it straightaway, no idea what I was going to do. And then about three or four months later, I told the person I was working with my idea for this program that incorporated all her practical knowledge with all my mindset stuff and we have wildly wacky women's weekend weekends where we get together and do mindset and practical beach walks and massages and vision boards. And, and you know, that idea, launched it about a month later didn't have anything created it was just an idea and made I think was just under $2 million in just a couple of months. So yeah, 

Kim Strobel 35:18 

oh my gosh, it was a weekend retreat. 

Sandy Forster 35:22 

It was it was actually a 10 month. And that was a nine month program. We made it nine months because we wanted it to be kind of in relation to you know, women in nine months and miracles can happen in nine months. And we had not one piece of not one piece of content created like it was literally just live calls every week. She talked practical, I talk mindset. And then we had these live events where and came together and sort of network and stick was just, you know, allowing the universe to bring me an idea and taking action on it. 

Kim Strobel 35:54 

And I love that that is one of the things I've learned as a businesswoman is put it out there. You don't have to have it all created you don't have you just put your idea out there. Here come everyone they flock to you. And then you create it you know as you go. And I think just for any business people who are out there listening sometimes it's it's like we think we have to have all our I's dotted and our T's crossed and we have to have everything perfect, which keeps a lot of us from from taking action and actually launching our dang idea. And really 

Sandy Forster 36:24 

totally I'm I actually teach, we're here about Ready Aim Fire. So ready to come up with the idea and get everything perfect. And fire get it going. So I actually teach ready. Yeah, come up with an idea fire, just get it going. And then I tweak it make it better improve it later. 

Kim Strobel 36:42 

Oh, I love that. I love that. Okay, I know our listeners are going to be very interested in learning more from you. And I'm actually thinking that I've got so so this happy Academy is like the it's like the nine levers that that I've pulled in my own life to kind of help me really step into my potential and start living a life that feels really good from the inside out. And so one of the modules is all about this idea of how do we become these co creators of our life. And, and so I may have to hire you to come in for one of our happy hour group coaching calls Sandy, just because you have a lot to offer this as well. So where can people find you and your programs and everything that you offer? 

Sandy Forster 37:29 

Yeah, sure. So the easiest way is to go to wildly wealthy.com. That's where you'll see all about me different programs, my one that I absolutely love, which is millionaire mindset experience, that's the one creates many miracles in people's lives. But you can actually for your listeners, 

I've got a wildly wealthy freebie bundle that has some affirmations visualizations can really start you on that path to changing who you are on the inside, changing your mind changing at a cellular level. So you start to change things on the outside and they can get that at wildly wealthy free.com. 

Kim Strobel 38:05 

Kim Strobel 38:05 

Okay, and I'm going to post those links, your website link, the freebie link in the show notes so that people can just grab them right from there. And then I'll also post the books that you and I talked about the Science of Getting Rich by Wallace Wattles a happy pocket full of money and thick. There was one other one that we may be mentioned, but I'll make sure and post those in 

the link. Everybody if you've enjoyed this episode, we would love to hear from you. I always love connecting to my listeners and knowing what's resonating with them. So if you're on Instagram, take a screenshot of this podcast and tag me at Kim Strobel joy. Sandy, are you on Instagram? I am Sandy l Foster. Okay, on I'll put that in the links too. So tag us, let us know you're listening. Let us know what resonated with you. And that allows me to kind of see what what kind of content to keep bringing you. So thank you so much, Sandy, I really appreciate you taking the time to share, share your wealth of knowledge, and just your accent is just beautiful to listen to. 

Sandy Forster 39:08 

My pleasure. And I just want to leave listeners with one last thing and know that don't think that all of this works for everyone else, but it's not going to work for me because for me personally, I dropped out of school. I didn't even finish high school. So I dropped out in grade 11 I had no connections. Nobody I knew that had any money. I had no skills. I literally had nothing. And so ending up $100,000 in debt and and wealthy people. How could you ever change that? But I embrace the law of attraction and I combined it with the science and my life has transformed and I know you know I've gone from welfare to millionaire and I've helped other people become millionaires too. So I know this absolutely works. So if I can do it, you can do it too. I 

Kim Strobel 39:50 

love that. And that's so true. Again, our logical mind gets in the way and we say we're not smart enough or we're not talented enough or we're not skilled enough and Believe it or not, we are just in ways we don't even realize it's like there's some special magic that's hidden in there. And when you start to live your life this way, and you start to apply these concepts, it's like these, these little miracles are born out of you. I mean, I always say I hear I am a motivational speaker and I stand on a stage in front of 1000s. And, and I'm the high school girl who shook so bad in her high school speech class that I couldn't even read my little index cards because my hands were shaking and yeah, right. And now we do this work. And so I love that really, what you're saying is, please don't underestimate your ability to do this, no matter what your pastor your background is. And so that's really encouraging and I appreciate you dropping that little, a little bit of encouragement to our listeners. Thank you. All right. Thank you.

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