In today’s episode, Kim and Leslie talk about…

      • The science of astrology and how to understand your natal chart. 
      • How our natal chart impacts various intricacies of our personalities, and how to use that knowledge to show up as a more confident leader.  
      • Why it’s so important to understand and embrace our unique emotional needs. 


“…when you’re meeting your emotional needs, you can work and be so much more productive and self-confident…”

Leslie Tagorda


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Leslie Tagorda is a brand astrologer and designer. She helps women-owned businesses and nonprofits shine brightly online. She created the AstroBrand framework that combines brand strategy and precise astrological insight to help businesses. She offers strategy astrology sessions for businesses.

She also hosts her podcast, The Savvy Luminary. You can follow her on Instagram or check out her website here.

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