In this episode, Kim chats about…

  • What you’re really telling yourself and others when you ask for permission
  • How to bring stakeholders into the conversation without giving up your power
  • Why women have been trained for generations to ask permission
  • Who in your life gets to have an opinion on what you want to do with your life

I know, for me, that by sticking to my gut of what I wanted, that I was able to overcome the naysayers and choose the life that I wanted and that I don’t have to ask for permission to chase after any of my dreams.

Kim’s Top Tips

  • Make the switch from “can we…” to stating your point.
  • Be kind enough to have the difficult conversations and get your partner’s input, but be sure to initiate those discussions by stating very clearly what it is that you want.
  • Love yourself enough to make the shift so you’re not acting out of an ‘asking for permission’ mentality.


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