In this episode, Kim and Radiah chat about…


  • How achievement becomes an addiction that leads to false expectations
  • The two energies that make up your intention (and how they impact where you are on the intention scale)
  • Why taking pride in ‘striving’ is actually keeping you trapped (and what you can do to move above it)
  • How developing an offensive approach to boundaries can help you avoid sacrificing what’s most important
  • Where to start to move out of suffering and toward healing and elevated intention

What are the things you hold to be true that are driving the thoughts, the feelings, the emotions, and the actions? You got to get behind that because that is what you’re identifying with, that is creating who you are. So for me, it was really about trying to achieve away the pain and thinking and believing that if I just had a “stable life”, I’d be free.

– Radiah Rhodes

Radiah’s 3-Step System To Help You Elevate Your Intentions And Create More Space In Your Life

  • Authenticity: Be authentic and truthful with yourself about where you are on the intention scale as you define where you want to be.
  • Alignment: Bring your most valuable resources into alignment with what you’ve authentically defined for yourself.
  • Authority: Be willing to show up with commitment to become the person you authentically know yourself to be in the way you’ve aligned your life.


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Radiah Rhodes is a visionary, entrepreneur, designer, engineer, and coach. After two decades of experience leading small businesses and Fortune 100 companies in the beauty and information technology industries, Radiah became known for her strategic insights, impeccable design aesthetic, and natural ability to connect, lead, and get results. She has led and coached many executives and organizations to deliver exceptional business results and launched a strong portfolio of multi-million dollar products and services around the globe.

Most recently Radiah authored the book, Being is the New Doing: A Divine Guide to Owning Your Energy, Time and Peace of Mind. She also launched a collection of brands and products designed to transform and expand your intention and well-being.

As an entrepreneur, corporate leader, wife, and Shameless Mom to two amazing and active children, Radiah knows what it takes to be extraordinary in life and leadership. She trains clients on how to tap into and leverage their intention as the fuel and fire to create any desired outcome with ease and authenticity.

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