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She Finds Joy Affiliate Program

Watch this quick video to get started!

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Hello, Kim Strobel here and I want to thank you for signing up to be an affiliate for She Finds Joy Program.

Please email me at [email protected] to get your unique affiliate link.

I just want to take a few moments to tell you about the program: what is it, who it’s for, and how you can make the most of your time as an affiliate.

She Finds Joy is a program for women who are ready to play in the arena of bigness. I’m talking about increasing happiness levels by up to 40% and building stronger relationships. 

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  • Stronger sense of self-worth
  • Courage to open a biz
  • Strength & power to say “no”
  • Confidence to say “yes”
  • More damn money
  • Days playing in the sun
  • Meaningful work
  • Deeper friendships & relationships
  • A big boost in self-awareness
  • Assertiveness to ask for a raise
  • Unshakeable self-love
  • Bold choices that lead to change
  • Alignment with the Universe
  • Full, ignited joy that lights up from the inside out 
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This is a 90-day guided journey with me that works on aligning the outside pieces of life with the inside parts that are ready for more.

I use my nine-part framework to walk participants through:

  • Realizing that huge dreams are totally within reach (and what the hell those dreams look like).


  • Revealing & owning hidden talents participants never even knew they had.


  • Repairing relationships with money, so making more cash feels easy & natural.


  • Creating opportunities that continually blow minds.


  • Strengthening the s*&t out of the relationships that matter most.


  • Building a sturdy, sustainable bridge to ambition so participants can take action and see true transformation.


  • Experiencing major mindset shifts, a new level of confidence, and a renewed sense of belonging & purpose on the planet.
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I know this program works because it’s how I’ve transformed my own life.

I went from being a girl who allowed her panic disorder to keep her isolated and afraid — to a nationally-recognized speaker who presents to audiences of thousands.

And I went from feeling ashamed, embarrassed, dim, & discouraged — to waking up every damn day excited to be ME. I’m someone who’s seen the dark and still found a way to live fully in my blindingly bright light, using the exact same strategies I teach over the course of 90 days.

I know women have some incredibly powerful gems hidden inside of them, and together we’re going to unleash their power so they can live on purpose. That untapped potential in our souls is exactly what the world has been waiting for.

The target demographic is any woman who wants to incorporate more happiness and joy in her life, overcome hard things and become more than the story that has defined them.

Let’s talk about the launch.

The program cart opens on Jan. 21 at 7:00pm CST. The launch kicks off with a masterclass called, “Get What You Want,” also on Jan. 21 at 7:00pm. It’s all about how participants should use my nine-part framework and what they’ll master in three months that will change their lives forever.

Your affiliate link will bring participants to the course sales page so you can invite people do either or both. Contact [email protected] so my assistant can generate your personal affiliate link.

Now at the time of this recording, the sales page has not yet been built, so don’t worry if you try the link and it isn’t live yet. My assistant will email you the link when it is live! Please don’t share the link until we get you the green light to do so because we don’t want to spoil any of the awesome surprises we have coming.

There is a flat rate of $500 for each affiliate referral that signs up for the She Finds Joy Program.

A couple more things before I let you go:

  1. Below you will find a slew of resources designed to make your life as an affiliate as easy as possible. So feel free to use the email swipe copy, the social media copy, as well as the graphics we’ve provided.
  2. My team and I will be promoting this like crazy, but I’d also like to help you promote individually. If you would like to me to come do a Facebook Live or an Instagram takeover for the day, please email me at [email protected]. I do ask that you not share your affiliate link in my She Finds Joy Facebook group. Many of you are members there so I want to keep that on neutral ground.
  3. Lastly, if there’s anything you need from us, email us at [email protected].

Thank you so much. I’m excited for this launch!

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Important Dates

January 21, 7:00pm CST: Cart is open

January 21, 7:00pm CST: Masterclass “Get What You Want”

February 2, 8:00pm CST: Cart closed

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Ways to Promote

Help promote the She Finds Joy Program and webinar! Grab some email swipe copy below or share the graphics on your own social media. Please remember to include your personal affiliate link when you publish or hit send so you receive credit for purchases!

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Get Your Email Swipe Copy

Please use the below swipe copy as a guide for your posts and NOT word for word. Your audience wants to know why you think —– it would be a great investment for them so speak from your heart and feel free to use all, some, or none of this as a guide.

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Program Launch Email #1: Hey there! I wanted to reach out to you about an amazing course called the She Finds Joy Program. It’s a program geared for women who want to grow, experience more joy, and become their biggest, BRIGHTEST self. I’ve learned so much from Kim and I want to share this experience with you. Here’s a link to sign up for the She Finds Joy Program—a 90-day course where you will learn how to be more confident, how to have the courage to make big decisions, and how to strengthen the relationships that mean so much to you. Here’s a link to sign up!

Program Launch Email #2: Hey friend! I wanted to reach out about the She Finds Joy Program. Throughout the process of this course, I learned how to be more confident, how to strengthen the relationships that mean so much to me, and how to be more JOYFUL in my life! Kim is launching this course again on January 21, and I think you would love it. She’s helped so many women live their lives to the fullest, and now it’s your turn. Here’s a link to the She Finds Joy Facebook group (where you can learn more about the course), and a link to sign up for the course!

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Get Social Media Graphics & Swipe Copy

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Program Launch Facebook: Grow into the BEST version of yourself with the She Finds Joy Program! This amazing course is designed for women who want to expand their careers (and make more money), grow their confidence, and strengthen important relationships.

Program Launch Instagram: The She Finds Joy Program has completely changed my life… it’s given me the confidence to grow my career, it’s taught me how to say “no” (and how to say “yes” to things I want), and it’s helped to me to strengthen important relationships and friendships. I think you will find that the She Finds Joy Program is totally eye-opening and will bring you the JOY and happiness you’ve been looking for! Learn more here. #SheFindsJoy

Program Launch Social Media Graphics: Grow into the BEST version of yourself with the She Finds Joy Program! This incredible 90-day course will teach you skills like:

  • Assertiveness
  • Self-awareness
  • Confidence
  • Courage

Sign up today and transform your life!

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Affiliate Terms & Conditions

The FTC’s regulations state that you as an affiliate must disclose your relationship with me whenever you use your link for this course—even on social media. It’s important as an affiliate to disclose any potential payment you are receiving by sharing affiliate links. This includes your e-mails, website and/or live streams. Below are examples of language to place at the top and/or bottom of any content displaying your affiliate link(s):

  • Just a heads up, I’m an affiliate for She Finds Joy, so I earn a commission if you purchase this course through one of the links here. Don’t worry though—I wouldn’t be telling you about it if I didn’t love it!

  • This (post/email/etc.) contains affiliate links. However, I only share things I personally love so they all have my personal stamp of approval. 🙂

  • If you purchase something using this link, I may make an affiliate commission.

Remember to use the hashtags #ad, #sponsored, or #affiliate when you share your affiliate link on social media to stay in compliance with FTC regulations!

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Contact Our Affiliate Manager

Have any questions? Contact [email protected]