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I’m a happiness and empowerment coach, and I’ve taught thousands across the country how to reclaim their purpose, discover their potential, and achieve new levels of prosperity. I’ve presented my message to groups across the professional spectrum, and I consistently hear the same requests from my audiences:

I want to experience more personal and professional happiness.

I want more success for myself and my company.

I want my team to be more productive and engaged.

In my personal and professional experiences, I’ve learned that success doesn’t breed happiness; rather happiness is the key to attaining real success. That’s why it’s time for corporate culture to change.

Let me bring empowerment, excitement, and energy to your:

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Whether company leadership, an employee, or an entrepreneur, I can show you and your staff how to bust through limiting beliefs, how to rediscover passion and purpose in your work life, how to achieve personal and professional fulfillment, and how happiness is the true gateway to success.


Science of Happiness: Working Happier, Not Harder

When personal happiness increases, the ability to affect positive change in business outcomes, including sales, also increases.

What you'll learn:
  • How to retrain the brain toward positive
  • How to rediscover professional joy
  • Why the conventional happiness formula is wrong
  • The relationship between happiness and productivity
  • Why employee well-being should be a priority
  • The importance of self-care
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Happiness Habits: The 5 Secrets Successful People Know

For too long, it’s been assumed that money, professional recognition, and material possessions were the keys to happiness. But decades of research is proving that theory wrong. Happiness fuels success!

What you'll learn:
  • How to increase professional and personal positivity
  • How to create a positive and engaged workforce
  • The benefits of meaningful social connections
  • Why movement and play are necessary for success
  • How practicing gratitude creates greater optimism
  • A 2-minute meditation activity to combat the stresses of multitasking
  • How to incorporate happiness habits into even the busiest schedule
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The Power of Belief: Mindset and Success

If you want to create a strong team, one that’s motivated for and committed to the achievement of your company’s objectives, you want team members who have a growth mindset. A culture that promotes growth mindset will move your business forward and position your business, its brand, and its people for growth, profit, and success.

What you'll learn:
  • Why placing a high value on continued learning is important
  • How one’s beliefs about their intelligence can affect long-term achievement
  • How we can change our abilities and how we think and perform
  • How to create an environment that promotes learning and ensures success
  • Why it’s important to “root” for the team to succeed
  • How growth mindset fosters empowerment, collaboration, and innovation
  • Why employees at growth mindset companies feel they have more potential to grow, learn, and thrive within it
  • How many businesses large and small, including Microsoft, are transforming themselves with growth-mindset principles.
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The Power of Positivity: Overcoming Negativity and Creating Success

A startling Gallup poll found that only 13% of the workforce is happy in their jobs, which costs companies in the US a staggering $500 billion annually. The reasons why vary. But research shows that when employees work with a positive mindset, their performance experiences a positive transformation, as well.

What you'll learn:
  • How a positive mindset improves productivity, creativity, and engagement
  • How to be a positive outlier
  • How to be a Positive Polly–and avoid Negative Nellies
  • How to foster better co-worker relationships
  • The power of positive energy
  • How to change the lens through which you view challenges
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Remembering Your Why: Finding Meaning, Purpose, and Passion

For many, being happy in their professional life means rediscovering what first inspired their chosen career path. At every level—entrepreneur, employee, team leader—remembering your individual WHY, and understanding your organization’s WHY, provides the momentum to move toward increased fulfillment and success.

What you'll learn:
  • What your WHY is
  • How we lose our WAY when we lose our WHY
  • How to reclaim your profession and your joy
  • How to encourage your team to act with intention
  • How understanding our WHY drives our behavior and pushes us to perform at our natural best
  • How to inspire action in yourself, among your co-workers, and with your customers
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