Overcoming Adversity and Embracing Emotional Wellbeing

Ignite Hope, Create Purpose, & Inspire Students

Kim spent her childhood, teen, and young adult years dealing with panic attacks and crippling fears that debilitated her life for years.  But the fears we don’t face become our limits, and now she plants seeds of hope in others that they can overcome hard things and create their life from the inside out. 

Kim took control of her life and discovered how to break through her limits. And she turned the mess of her life into her mission. She teaches that we can overcome hard things, take responsibility for our life, and move forward in the direction of our dreams.  

Kim owns her vulnerabilities and other difficulties she's had in life and uses them to empower herself and others to reach for more. But it began with taking her emotional and mental well-being and placing it at the forefront of her life. 

Kim has found that when she shares her story and the very depths of her despair, others feel less alone and gain the strength and courage to move forward in their lives.  In this moving keynote, she shares the power of bravery, the importance of self-compassion, and that we are worth fighting for. 

We can make life-changing choices where we discover our strength, take control of our happiness, and begin to navigate through our adversities to chase the light within each of us.


Overcoming Obstacles and Standing in Our Power

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Understand the happiness and wellbeing research and where our power lies.
  • Understanding thoughts, behaviors, and actions are what we control
  • Take control of your actions, thoughts, and behaviors to increase happiness levels by 40%!
  • Breakthrough tools that inspire action.
  • The three research-based happiness habits from the field of positive psychology.
  • The ability to shift our brains towards positive and see stress as a challenge rather than defeat. 
  • Practices that give you the skill set to combat negative effects and rewire the brain for greater optimism.
  • Tools that explicitly show students how to infuse positive practices in their personal habits.