The Power of Positive Schools

Overcoming Negativity & Creating Success

Frequently, I hear from teachers about negativity in the workplace. It often comes in the form of fellow teachers who are so caught up in the politics of education and the “busy-ness” of the school year, that they’ve lost the joy that led them to choose a career in teaching.

They have a negative attitude—and it’s starting to affect everyone around them.

A 2013 Gallop poll found that only 13% of the workforce is happy in their jobs, which results in a cost of $500 billion annually, in the US alone. When the workforce in question is comprised of teachers, the loss may be felt more than just monetarily.

People who cultivate a positive mindset perform better in the face of challenge.
-Shawn Achor

Happiness researcher Shawn Achor has found that when employees work with a positive mindset, their performance undergoes a positive transformation, as well, improving productivity, creativity, and engagement. Further, Achor says, “People who cultivate a positive mindset perform better in the face of challenge.” Which means, even if you work with a bunch of Negative Nellies, you can still be a Positive Polly!

Everyone faces challenges. And every person, organization, company and team will have to overcome negativity and adversity to define themselves and create their success.  But it's those that have the courage to do this work, that get the results and have learn to overcome life and work obstacles and shift the entire team towards positive.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Address workplace culture and its impacts on the organization.
  • Discover the five different mindsets of employees and their contribution to safety and culture.
  • How to cultivate happiness and positive emotions in your workplace.
  • The power of the positive outliers to shift the entire team. 
  • Actionable strategies to turn negative energy into positive outcomes for all. 
  • Strategies to unite your employees/teams in the face of adversity.
  • Develop a connected and committed workplace team and achieve greatness.
  • Shift your employees' vision, optimism, enthusiasm, purpose, and spirit that defines great leaders and their teams.