Success Stories

  Dream Big

Angie knew it was time to invest in herself and take the next steps in her life—she now has the confidence to pursue her passion for writing......

“The game changer of all game-changers was our last working session. That was absolutely huge for me to sit down and write on the topics that you gave us... and just to free-think and also reflect and project, ‘oh, this is what life could look like…’” —Angie

Stacy needed to get off the so-called “hamster wheel” of life and focus on her needs—this program gave her the clarity she needed to prioritize herself and her business ...

“You said something to me, and I don’t think anyone has ever said this to me before, ‘You’re allowed to spend money on yourself’... now that I’ve spent the money and gone through the program, it was the best money I ever spent.” —Stacy

I have had money mindset issues my whole life. Kim’s program helped me uncover the beliefs I was holding around myself and money and because of it my husband and I have generated an extra $55,000 this year. The Law of Attraction and what I learned in Kim’s course is a game-changer. —Allison Darling

In Kim’s coaching program, I learned the Law of Attraction and it has changed my life!  I am attracting all kinds of crazy stuff into my life. I've launched my dream business, am attracting new clients, and have learned how to manifest! It’s so unbelievable how my life has changed. —Tiffani Emery

Jan discovered how to make herself a priority after a lifetime of taking care of others.

Big, Bold, & Brave took my joy work to a whole new level—“crazy happy” days are happening on a regular basis, and some are leaving me breathless! What I didn’t expect was how deep I would dive into issues that I had been avoiding, and then the power I had within me to address and release them! It’s a work in progress, but I now have the tools and support to go forward and sparkle. Thank you Kim, you have changed my life!” —Jan Abraham

“This course has given me a ‘push’ to be a more authentic, unapologetic me. I am looking into pursuing my dream of getting my Masters, I have found that I stand up for myself more and stand more firm in my beliefs, and it has given me hope that I can shape my future!—Elizabeth Bishop

“I told you about my former supervisor … I felt she was holding me back. She quit and things were changing for the better. Things have soared! I have been given the responsibility that I felt I should have been given before, I feel respected and trusted, I was given a substantial raise, I am feeling great about my job and the impact I am making.” —Virginia Ward

“I applied for a Creative Entrepreneur Accelerator program right before I attended your course. You helped me really focus on what I wanted in life and to see it, say it, feel it, and believe it. And guess what? In March I found out not only was I accepted to this program, but they are paying for it all! I’ve launched my own business, I’m my own boss, and my business dreams are coming true!” —Mary Bolin

“Taking Kim’s course has enabled me to expand my dreams and taught me how to “act as if” to attract my dreams. I’ve already attracted the first thing off my vision board. I attracted a better job and I make WAY more money than I ever thought possible.” —Kelly Zarate

“WOW! Kim helped me understand how to incorporate strategies into my daily life to help manifest my goals and dreams. Her presentations are eye-opening, energetic, and very informative. And her enthusiasm for life is infectious and her message is empowering. I attribute part of her coaching to my desire to go for my personal training certification!” —Emily James

“I’ve found that happiness isn’t something you can buy off of a shelf, and it certainly doesn’t come from possessions; it’s something you CREATE. You have to choose happiness every day. Kim empowered me to find that within myself, to create my own happy … and I DID! She taught me to light the fire within to ignite my own success. Her spirit is contagious and her knowledge is fuel for all who meet her.” —Jennifer Scherzinger

“Utilizing the trifecta of passion, high energy, and  researched-based methods, Kim shares the keys to not only achieving true happiness, but maintaining it. This in turn, allows for one to be more intentional and self-aware creating an overall increase in productivity!” —Lori Werner