The Happy Academy

Reclaim Your Joy - Live On Purpose - Play Big In Life


The problem is clear...

  • 77% of people report high levels of stress. 
  • 66% of people reported that work-life imbalance was affecting their life.  

This is why we created

The Happy Academy, and GUESS WHAT... 

We’ve Done

The Work For You!

Do these statements strike a chord?

"I feel overwhelmed, exhausted, and stressed."

"My life drains me."

"I feel depleted in my job and as a wife and mother."

It's time to do things differently. 

You Are Not Alone.

We give individuals and businesses real-life skills to manage stress, develop meaningful relationships, and create more well-being and joy.

And we know that when we can get you or your employees' brains at positive versus negative, neutral, or stressed, we see the following results:



Everything you or your team need to streamline and simplify. We are all about creating work~life flow.

The best part? Each Module takes less than 40 minutes per month, so there is no reason to feel stressed or overwhelmed!  

A Proven Step-By-Step Framework

You’ll get 9 months of clear, actionable steps that will help you prioritize your well-being and reclaim YOU! We’ll go step-by-step through each themed module. You will implement tiny changes that will begin to yield BIG results.

Access to The Happy Academy Video Library

This is where Kim teaches you the MAGIC for reclaiming ALL parts of your life. You get access to over 33 lessons where she teaches you to evaluate 9 different aspects of your life. This is the BLUEPRINT that helps you get the results.

Your Implementation Workbook

It's not enough for me to just teach you what to do, you must do the deep inner work of realigning yourself.  You will spend time reflecting and reconnecting to your truths so you can take aligned action. Doing this work on yourself is crucial to your success. 

Private Facebook Group

You don't have to do this alone.  Our positive, uplifting community is a great place to find connection and do real talk.  You will be encouraged to share your wins, ask questions, and truly root for one another along the journey.  

Happy Hour Group Coaching Calls

Each month, Kim will strategically coach you and guide you through each monthly theme. Past participants rave about this piece of the program because it energizes them and helps make them accountable! 

BONUS Content Library

Because your success matters most to me, I've included special bonus lessons from some of the industry experts on personal development topics! By the end of these bonus workshops, you’ll have a whole big picture of what’s truly possible—in every single area of your life.


Guided Meditations & Intention Setting

It's not enough to just work with our conscious mind in order to attain major shifts. 95% of how we live our life comes from our subconscious beliefs, which is why I'm giving you my best meditations for busting through limiting beliefs.

Receive a PD Certificate 

After completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion for 28 professional development hours. 

Work through the resources each month whenever it's convenient for you.

There's no deadline and no assignments to submit unless your workplace requires it. Just follow these 3 simple steps to get results:

Each month, login to the site and find new resources organized into Core Concepts and 3 optional extensions

Your implementation workbook PDF is critical to you doing the deeper work from the inside out so you can achieve mindset shifts! 

Join the once a month Happy Hour Call so Kim can strategically coach on on any blocks or challenges you are experiencing.


Get Ongoing Coaching Throughout Each Module

You don't need to change everything at once. I'm teaching you tiny, little habits each month that will add up to major shifts in all areas of your life. And in the Facebook Group, you'll be able to share your wins, struggles, and get support from other like-minded people who will all be rooting for you along the way. 

9 Modules Across 10 Months 

Happiness Fuels Success

Module 1

Lesson 1: Why Happiness Matters 

Lesson 2: What Makes Us Happy

Lesson 3: The Happiness Research

Practicing Self Care

Module 2
Lesson 1: Practicing Self Care
Lesson 2: Know Your Value

Curating Exceptional Relationships

Module 3
Lesson 1: Curating Relationships
Lesson 2: Marriage and Partnerships
Lesson 3: Engaging in Quality Time
Lesson 4: Practicing the Love Languages

Choosing Gratitude: Journey to JOY

Module 4

Lesson 1: The Gratitude Research

Lesson 2: Shifting Negative Thoughts

Lesson 3: Implementing Gratitude Practice

Managing Stress

Module 5
Lesson 1: Anxiety and Your Brain
Lesson 2: The Practice of Meditation Part 1
Lesson 3: The Practice of Meditation Part 2

Creating Healthy Habits

Module 6
Lesson 1: Developing Healthy Habits
Lesson 2: Mindful Eating Part 1
Lesson 3: Mindful Eating Part 2
Lesson 4: An Environment for Success
Lesson 5: Healthy Habits as Self Care

Shifting Your Inner Critic

Module 7
Lesson 1: Release Your Perfectionism
Lesson 2: Practicing Self Compassion
Lesson 3: Shifting Your Inner Critic

Support Month

March is Support Month
If you need to, use this month to catch-up.

Mastering Your Mindset

Module 8
Lesson 1: Inside the Mindsets
Lesson 2: The Power of Beliefs
Lesson 3: Thoughts, Emotions, & Behaviors
Lesson 4: The Hierarchy of Change
Lesson 5: How to Change Our Mindset

Making the Big Leap

Module 9
Lesson 1: The Upper Limit Problem
Lesson 2: Understanding the 4 Zones
Lesson 3: Breaking Through the 4 Barriers
Lesson 4: Be An Action Taker
Lesson 5: Find Your Courage

Give Your Team the Crucial Support They Need

You decide your path.

I will help you along the way!



Bring Happiness & Well-being to Your Company


One-Time Purchase



Save Money By Paying  One Time. No Further Charges, Ever.

Don't miss out on this one time a year opportunity. 

Payment Plan



x12 Monthly Payments

Total Price: $1788

Don't miss out on this one time a year opportunity. 

Get results or your money back.

I know this program works if you implement it and I'm confident it will create positive outcomes for you. But If the program isn't working for you,  send me an email by Sept. 10th, and I’ll refund your entire payment.

You WILL get results.

I'm Kim, and I founded Strobel Education back in 2015.

As a former teacher turned speaker and happiness coach, I help schools, businesses, and organizations prioritize their happiness and well-being so they can overcome their fears, discover their joy, activate their limitless potential, and boldly pursue their dreams! 

Throughout my decades of experience, I have empowered countless others to live bigger, bolder, and braver lives and to step into what I call, “The Arena of Bigness”. For over 20 years, I've been a teacher, top-tier leadership consultant, and nationally-recognized speaker who helps others rediscover their meaning, purpose, and passion.

Because of my own challenges and adversities, I teach others how to overcome their fears, discover their joy, activate their potential, and boldly pursue a life that feels good to them from the INSIDE-OUT.  I am results-focused and believe in giving people the tools to make permanent and enduring, positive changes in all areas of their lives.

If not you aren't completely satisfied, send us an email by Sept 10th, and I will refund your entire payment, so you have nothing to lose.


Kim Strobel

Founder, Strobel Education

Still not sure if

The Happy Academy

is right for you?

Here are some common questions teachers ask us when deciding whether to join:

How is The Happy Academy different? I’ve tried other courses and programs that didn’t work for me.

The Happy Academy is a process and a system with soul, science and real talk as its driving force. It's efficient and created to accelerate goals through a designed system of INTENTIONAL IMPLEMENTATION. You get clear, action-oriented steps and get accountability, support, and most importantly... RESULTS.

I'm not a cheerleader, I'm a coach, which means I will tell you the hard truths when I need to and I won't blow B.S. up your "you know what".  This is not just a feel-good program. This is a results-oriented blueprint to get you to start making moves in your life. This program does not fall short and gives you tons of value. Plus, I just keep things real so we can create a life that feels really good to us. 

What if I start the program and find I just don’t have the time for it? Can I stop, and pick it back up later?

This is about being highly intentional and prioritizing yourself. YOU are your greatest investment and the sooner you put this into practice, the sooner you will create momentum in your life. As a principle, we don’t believe in “I don’t have time.” We know life can take a turn that legitimately causes you to take a “time out” and we can, and will respect that. However, out of the hundreds of clients we’ve served to date, very few have actually opted to take a time out before completing the work.  

This is a process. The participants who get the best, most long-lasting results are the people who create the time and space to complete the plan and engage in support as needed, which is why the implementation structure is in place.

We are here to hold you accountable and support you as you stretch yourself to achieve your goal.

What if I try the program and it just isn’t right for me, or I don’t meet my goal? Will my money be refunded?

Short answer: there are no refunds for The Happy Academy after Sept. 10th. Here’s why… 

We believe in our framework and the tools and strategies you will be learning. Plus we have tested it with over one thousand clients for over 6 years. We know that it works! When you commit and maintain a high level of intention and capability, you get the results. Period.

How long is the program?

This is a 10-month journey together. Or in other words, it’s 10 months that can wildly improve the next 30 years of your life. But one month (March) is a support month where you have time to breathe, catch up, or just take a break!

What’s the format of the course?

Great question.

For the traditional program, it’s a blend of weekly video teachings (there are 4 or 5 videos per module), an implementation workbook that helps you process the material & do some self-reflection, bonus lessons from a group of hand-picked expert coaches, guided meditations with playlists & inspiration, a private Facebook group, and 9 group coaching calls where we can dive deeper into any questions you may have. You’re equipped with support from every single angle as we all cheer you on.

How much time do I need each month to complete the course?

Video lessons are in bite-sized chunks ranging from five minutes to 25 minutes. But overall, there are approximately 45 minutes worth of video content per month. It’s all been carefully created to erase any overwhelm, and guide you through in totally manageable bite-sized pieces.  The implementation workbook can take anywhere from 5 to 30 minutes to complete depending on your own pace.


Is it self-paced or guided?

Do you think I’d throw you into the deep end alone? Heck no! This is a course that’s lead in real-time by me. We’ll work through the modules month-by-month, making sure there’s enough time between lessons for you to practice the things we’ve learned, and start implementing them in your day-to-day life. I’m here for you every step of the way.

What if I can't make the Happy Hour Group Coaching Call?

No worries, we've got you. Each call will be recording and we will drop the link in the FB Group the next day.  And you can submit any questions ahead of time to make sure you get heard. 

Am I selfish if I do this?

Not even a little bit. (I promise.) The research clearly shows when you have a coach, your success goes through the roof. We’re always spending money (think: soccer, baseball, art camp, fancy coffee, Netflix & Hulu). Why is it so much easier to drive around the $50,000 SUV, but not invest in changing your future? Because we’ve been conditioned to think we don’t deserve it.

News flash: YOU DESERVE THE WORLD. And you absolutely deserve the time & cash investment it takes to get the real results & transform the way you feel, work, and see the world.


What happens after I sign up?

Step 1: You immediately receive an email confirming your payment. But we don't begin until August 2nd.  While you wait, lock in the day(s) and time(s) you will set aside to start the process.

Step 2: Honor your commitment to yourself and start the process. When we officially begin in August, you will need to make it a priority to invest a little bit of time each month in YOU! But I promise you will start seeing the results almost immediately!

Step 3: Keep committing and engaging, and if you get stuck or need help jump into the FB Community where you can get support from me and others who will hold space to coach you through execution.


How long will I get coaching and support?

Your program ends May 31st,  However, you have lifetime access in the FaceBook Community.

Are there payment plans available?

Absolutely. You can pay in full or pay using the payment plan. 

What’s the cancellation and refund policy like?

I know this program works if you implement it and I'm confident you will see your life shift in a massive way IF you stick to it. But if the program isn't working for you,  send me an email by Sept. 10th, and I’ll refund your entire payment.

What happens AFTER the program?

After the course wraps up, you’ll be welcomed into the Alumni Group so you can stay connected (and accountable) with the incredible others who are doing this work, too.

Do you have another question that's not addressed here? 

Email us at [email protected]

interested in increasing happiness in your workplace?

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Get results or your money back.

I know this program works if you implement it and I'm confident it will create positive outcomes for you. But If the program isn't working for you,  send me an email by Sept. 10th, and I’ll refund your entire payment.