Get your ticket to the totally free live workshop that helps you show up for your life in a BIG way.

Learn how to actually amplify your success — all without needing to sacrifice your soul, slog through the overwhelm, or wish on a random shooting star.

2020 is a brand new decade for deciding what you want — and then making it yours. 


(It’s freeeeeee!)


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“WOW! Kim helped me understand how to incorporate strategies into my daily life to help manifest my goals and dreams.

Her presentations are eye-opening, energetic, and very informative. And her enthusiasm for life is infectious and her message is empowering. I attribute part of her coaching to my desire to go for my personal training certification!”

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Here’s the down ‘n’ dirty truth of it, Sister Friend!

These 60 minutes are all about:

Getting really real, really fast.

I don’t do fluff, sugar coating, or B.S. When you pull up a seat to this free webinar, you’re getting full-frontal honesty from a fellow woman in the trenches.

I know exactly how busy you are, so you’ll only hear about the tips and techniques that’ll make a difference in your daily life.

Reclaiming your energy & waving BYEEE to burnout. 

In case no one’s told you today (or during this lifetime), you don’t have to be everything to everyone anymore

During our time together, you’ll learn  to take back a little somethin’ somethin’ for yourself, and reconnect with who YOU are. (That’s where the real magic starts.)

Hacking the happiness system so you feel better soon.

Overwhelm, stress, and exhaustion can creep in like a giant cloud on a sunny day — and then rain down on your dreams until you finally pack it up and go home.

Together, we’ll be busting the happiness myths (and zeroing in on the real science), so the rain stays at bay while you go after your goals.

Upleveling your potential like WHOA, while we peel back the layers.

I teach this stuff because they’re the exact same strategies that have completely transformed the way I live my own life.

As someone who used to think (and play) small, I’ve now done wild things like given talked for Google, plus coached thousands of women.

The proof is in the pudding — and my success.

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“Utilizing the trifecta of passion, high energy, and researched-based methods, Kim shares the keys to not only achieving true happiness, but maintaining it.

This in turn, allows for one to be more intentional and self-aware creating an overall increase in productivity!”

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This webinar is the very first small step to your big joy.

And, oh yeah! It’s free.

(The only thing you’ve got to lose are the
old stories that have been holding you back.)

January 26th, 2020  |  7pm CST / 8pm EST

Finally Get What You Want

(It’s free!)


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