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Hi, I'm Kim Strobel, and I help individuals cultivate resilience and positivity by taking control of their happiness with simple habits that create work-life flow.

Kim Strobel is a nationally-recognized motivational keynote speaker who has inspired audiences across the country.

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I want to create a culture of happiness

I’m a happiness and leadership coach, and I’ve taught thousands across the country how to reclaim their purpose and discover their potential. I'm determined to help others overcome burnout by taking control of their happiness with simple habits that create work-life flow.

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Dynamic Speaker

" You are such a phenomenal talent and dynamic speaker - you inspire others to think, dream, and enjoy their life all over again, breathing life into the weariness and encouraging new perspectives. You are incredible!"

Amanda Taylor

(Community Coordinator of Children's Care)
Evansville, IN


Business Dreams are Coming True

" You helped me really focus on what I wanted in life - to see it, say it, feel it, believe it. I've launched my own business, I'm my own boss, and my business dreams are coming true!"

Mary Bolin

( Business Owner)


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