Hi, I’m Kim Strobel

Motivational Speaker, Leadership Consultant, and Happiness Coach

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After suffering from a series of adversities for most of my life, I decided I would no longer be a victim of my circumstances.

I was tired of feeling powerless– wondering if I really had what it takes to take my life to the next level. 

But I also didn't know which steps to take, how to ignite my passion, reclaim my purpose, and fully step into my potential.

Through a series of interesting events and a bazillion stumbles, I found the the tools and research that helped me change my thinking patterns and begin to make the necessary shifts that took ALL parts of my life to a whole new level.

And it totally changed my life.

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We’ve all struggled with life.

Stress. Anxiety. Burnout. Frustration.

We have all been told how to achieve success and happiness. When you do this, achieve this, acquire this, then you will be happy. 

But this script we've been following has lead us to all-time highs of stress, depression, and burnout. 

Instead of feeling motivated and excited about life, our work, our families - we feel disconnected, overwhelmed, and disengaged in life.

We've lost our passion, our purpose, and our ability to tap into our greatest potential, ourselves!

But here’s what you need to know.

You have the ability to reclaim your happiness, ignite your passion, and unleash your potential.

And I can teach you the tools to do so.

My mission is to create the mindset shifts that improve the culture and performance of your organization.

I help businesses, organizations, and high-achievers prioritize their health and well-being, so they can reach new levels in their business and their life.

It’s time to find out what that can look like for you.

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A little more about me.

Served over 500,000 people through keynotes, courses, and workshops. 

Partnered with dozens of organizations, including The United Nations Global Happiness Summit, The Google Education Summit, The Special Olympics Leadership Team, European Tech, Diversified Financial.

22 years in motivation and leadership as a keynote speaker, coach, teacher, and leadership consultant.

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When I’m not speaking up on stages, training teachers, or coaching from behind my laptop…

I have a huge animal-loving heart. I’ve rescued over 169 dogs. Even though only three are permanent family members, looking after them gives me so much joy and purpose.

I’ve had a standing Friday lunch date with my 98-year-old grandmother for 22 years. I’ve learned so much from her, and I cherish every minute we spend together.

Every single morning I get out and run. I get about 40 miles per week. It keeps the energy flowing and the endorphins pumping!

I enjoy hiking and all things nature with my hubby, who I've been married to for 19 years. We have four kids, all of whom have flown the coop and spread their wings!

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