How to Let the ‘Haters’ in Your Life Motivate You

“Hustle until your haters ask if you’re hiring.”

I came across this sentiment recently, and it immediately grabbed my attention. I had a LOT to say about it. But I took a moment to think before posting my thoughts.

And now … here’s to keeping it REAL and RAW.

It’s no secret to anyone who knows me that I’ve had my share of haters over the years. And honestly, I’ve never quite understood it.

My tribe has tried to help me rationalize it over the years. Maybe it’s jealousy, they’d say. Or “little woman syndrome.” Maybe these haters are reacting to the fact that I’m so confident—maybe they think I have TOO MUCH confidence.

But I had trouble accepting these rationalizations. It was just so hard for me to believe.

Why? Because I can’t imagine ever treating another woman poorly simply because of my own jealousy. However, my tribe was (and still is) pretty adamant that this really is the case. And they’re a pretty smart, amazing bunch of people so maybe they’re onto something.

Despite my disbelief of these haters’ true motivations, I’ve had to learn to ACCEPT that their behavior—whatever its cause—is out of my control.

So … here’s where I’m at with regard to my haters now:

  1. My haters have motivated the &$%# out of me! They have been a driving force of my willingness to play BIG. And for that, I’m truly thankful.
  2. Some of them really have asked to be hired by me! The Universe truly does have a wicked sense of humor. Rather than be angry at these haters, I’ve learned to embrace that humor, and it’s helped me carry more of a lightness about this situation than I used to.
  3. I just keep walking my walk. I barely care about the haters anymore, and this is a huge relief after years of suffering under their angst. I’m like Pete the Cat (you teachers and parents of youngsters will know what I mean!).
  4. My light intimidates the haters. It’s all physics, really. Our bodies are 90% energy. My vibrational energy frequency is very high most of the time (I mean, I am a happiness coach, after all!). And those haters … well, theirs is low. In fact, hate itself carries a very, very low frequency. Simply put: They feel my energy and the frequency of it, and they simply can’t handle it. I trigger them.

Ladies, I know many of you have had your own experiences with haters. So let me wrap up by saying this:

Quit playing small because you’re afraid the people around you won’t like you anymore. If they don’t root for you, then they don’t belong in your tribe. Play big—in whatever way that means to you.

And to the haters out there: Please, please, please stop forcing those around you to dim their light just so you can feel better about yourself. It doesn’t work. Instead, do this:




What are your thoughts about the haters you’ve encountered in your life? Sound off in the comments below!