Ep 29 | Leaning Into Emotional Disruption with Shannon Jamail

By Kim Strobel

August 12, 2020

In this episode of the She Finds Joy podcast, Kim has a conversation with Shannon Jamail the founder and creator of Mind & Body Complete.  She is a best-selling author, podcast host, and therapist turned performance coach who has a passion and a mission to elevate women in mind & body in order to connect, grow & thrive.

Shannon found traditional therapy to be extremely helpful but has found that when we treat the person from a holistic standpoint, that real change can begin to happen. In this episode, she explains that we all have emotional disruptions in our life whether it’s at work, in our relationships, with our thinking, or trauma we are dealing with. She also explains her three-step system for making our way through our emotional disruptions that lead to happiness and more fulfillment.


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In today’s episode, Kim and Shannon talk about…

  • The reasons we get triggered by others’ actions and behaviors

  • The three ways for dealing with emotional disruption and getting through it

  • Why it’s so important to feel our feelings and not shove them down or bury them

  • Strategies for using the right side of your brain to regain emotional balance and stabilize the parasynthetic nervous system

  • Why your vagus nerve is so important to your emotional states

 “…the only reason we get triggered by others is because it’s an insecurity within us…”– Shannon Jamail


Helpful Links

Check out www.mindbodycomplete.com to learn about Shannon’s retreats and coaching practice.

About Shannon

Shannon Jamial is the founder and creator of Mind & Body Complete.  She is a best selling author, podcast host, retreat leader, therapist turned performance coach, and tequila connoisseur (not really but she does enjoy sipping on a good pour).  Shannon has a passion and a mission to elevate women in mind & body in order to connect, grow & thrive through her programs & intentional products.  She lives on her ranch with her family in the Hill Country of Texas.  Find out more about her at www.mindbodycomplete.com 


She also hosts her podcast, https://mindbodycomplete.com/podcast/. You can follow her on InstagramFacebook, or check out her website here. And here is her book

About Kim

Kim Strobel is Chief Happiness Officer at Kim Strobel Live Events and Retreats. She is a teacher, consultant, motivational speaker, happiness coach, and a mission-minded person whose passion helps others overcome their fears and discover their joy!

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