In this episode of the She Finds Joy podcast, Kim discusses having a vision for your life and following your dreams. 


Kim discusses how as women we need to build our confidence and really begin to listen to the part of our soul that is begging to come forth. We can take little right actions towards our dreams even if it means we feel uncomfortable and fearful.  In this episode, she teaches you how to stop playing the when/if came and what two steps will light your soul on fire. She adamantly believes that you must have a vision for your life, but not tie your happiness to the results of that vision. 

In today’s episode, Kim talked about…


  • Why we must step into uncomfortable and walk through fear
  • How to listen to the whisper in your soul that wants your dream to come forward
  • Why we need to change the trajectory for future generations of girls and women
  • The two ways for achieving exceptional fulfillment
  • How to follow our dreams while being happy in the now
  • The importance of your dash
  • We deserve the right to reach for more in our life.
  • Getting out of mediocrity and into greatness

“We must listen to the whisper of our soul and follow our dreams”

– Kim Strobel

About Kim

Kim Strobel is Chief Happiness Officer at Kim Strobel Live Events and Retreats. She is a teacher, consultant, motivational speaker, happiness coach, and a mission-minded person whose passion is helping others overcome their fears and discover their joy! 

You can follow Kim’s journey on Instagram at @KimStrobelJoy and in the free private, She Finds Joy Facebook community.

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Kim Strobel 00:07 

Hello everyone, and this is going to be a solo episode. I have had so many guests on the she finds joy podcast and I was thinking the other day I need to get back to doing some solo ones because if you’re in the she finds joy Facebook group, you know that I have a lot to talk about. Also real quick if you’re listening to this podcast, it’s super important that you scroll down and write a review. This kind of helps us like get our word out and help others find out about us. And I really appreciate those of you who are sharing my podcast with other women who you know are looking to find more joy in their life. So today’s topic is really about how do we move out of stuckness and walk through our fears in order to follow our dreams. You know, there are so many of us who have these dreams that are whispering to us. We hear those little nudges, those little whispers. We get those ideas, but we are so afraid to act on them. we tell ourselves that we’re not good enough that we don’t have the skill set that we would be a failure that we wouldn’t succeed, that people would make fun of us and see that we’re failures. And those are all real feelings. But the thing is, as women, I really believe in the power of us, walking through our fears, and listening to that voice that is trying to tell us, the time is now the time is now to start taking steps towards your dreams. I think the research is so fascinating when it says that women doubt themselves. So very much Much compared to men, and I think it’s that a man has to feel like he has 30% of the skill set to apply for a job. But us women, in order for us to apply for a job, we feel like we have to have like 90 or 95% of the skill set. So So why is that? Why do we as women don’t have confidence in ourselves to figure it out, we figure out stuff all of the time. And I think a lot of this goes back to the generations of 

women who have come before us who have been told over and over and over, you are not enough. You don’t have what it takes you don’t compare to the man, you are less than. But you know, that is not the landscape anymore. And as women, it’s time for us to change that for future generations of girls. It’s interesting. I was actually having this Conversation recently at the dog park, I took my three dogs, George, Sophie and Oscar to our little dog park. And there was a man there that I happen to know, is a pastor. And he asked me some interesting questions we got talking about spirituality versus religion. And he posed this question to me, this is all gonna make sense after I get to the story about how women are afraid sometimes to have a voice or to state an opinion or to go after that dream that they really want to go after. And so we were having this conversation all around spirituality and God and he said, you know, Kim, how are you serving God? And I was immediately like, Well, for one thing, I’m serving God, because I’ve saved 112 dogs. And for those of you who know me, you know that I’m a huge animal rescuer and we’re actually rescuing a dog from Mexico right now that my husband and I met all the way back in In March, she was a stray beach dog that I could not leave behind. And then COVID came in and long story short, we’re getting our Luna flown here in just a couple of weeks. So I was telling him that, you know, when I get to the pearly gates and God kind of wants to review and go over my transgressions and tell me the things that I didn’t do well enough, or that I did wrong, that I’m gonna look right at him, and I’m gonna say, God, but what about those dogs? And he’s gonna let me walk right on in. And so I was telling this pastor this and, you know, he kind of giggled, and I was telling him telling him like the other ways that I believe that I serve God, I believe I serve God by teaching women to step into the arena of bigness by teaching others to have healthy habits and take little one degree steps towards making their life something that they really love from the inside out, and that I served the education world and I still Have the teachers and I work on mental and emotional well being, and that I’ve been able to take my own trauma and my own struggles and turn that pain into something that is purposeful, that is a light for others so that they know that they are not alone, but sorry that they are not alone, that they’re not isolated, that they’re not wrong, and that there’s hope out there for all of us. And I was thinking, as I was telling him this, I was thinking really about that my way of being of service. And serving God is really the work that I do with people, right, the ability to connect with them to share the struggles but also kind of plant the seeds of hope. And I was, as I was telling him this story, it really did kind of make me reflect back on the fact that we all doubt ourselves. We all struggle to walk through fears We all have dreams, but we’re afraid to say the dream or believe in the dream or take a step towards the dream. And it got me thinking all the way back to the year 2015 when I was first considering launching Strobel education. And I was full of doubt, I was worried that I was putting my family’s financial security on the line. I was worried that this would be another opportunity for people to pounce on me if it didn’t work. I was worried that I was giving up a strong stable, good job with a reliable paycheck in order to chase this dream of what I thought I 

could do and be out into the world. And I was recently rereading a Steve Harvey’s book, I love Steve Harvey Harvey’s book, act like a success think like a success and I’ll put that in the show notes. But he has this quote, right, that says The difference in the dash between the day you were born and the day you die can be the difference between perishing, and sacrificing your dreams. And perishing, according to him is when you live this very kind of mundane existence, and you don’t even realize it, you don’t realize that you’re just merely existing. You tell ourselves that, you know, you have a good enough partner, you have a good enough job, you have a good enough life. But deep deep down inside, you really don’t feel fulfilled. And one of the reasons I talk about this is like we need to reach for exceptional, like, I don’t think it’s good enough to just live the same day over and over again and just be somewhat satisfied with life. I think there’s a fire in each of us that wants to do and be more that wants to wake feeling excited about life that wants to pursue that dream or that passion or that new skill, or wants to take the time to discover who they really are from the inside out. And one of the things that Steve Harvey really got me thinking about is what do I want that dash to mean? Do I want that dash to represent every dream or intuition that I didn’t follow because I was too scared, or I wasn’t willing to be uncomfortable, or do I want that dash to be filled with yes, some failures because at least I tried. I gave it a shot and I’m going to succeed at some of those things. Not all of those things, but some of those things, but I think we really do need to stop settling for the mundane. You know, I i’m not saying that everything is super excitable and shiny and bright and sunny. sparkly every hour of every day. But one of the things that I have taught myself through the learning is that there is a fire in my soul, and it wants to be seen. It wants to be heard. It wants to walk the earth, and it wants to have a vibrant step to it. And we all have that very divine spark that wants to show up. And everybody’s is different. Not everybody wants to be on a stage with thousands of people like I do. Not everybody wants to be an extrovert and connect with people and talk to them like I do. But what I do know is that each and every one of us, if we take the time to listen to the voice, that we can find that spark again, and we can begin to bring more of that into our daily life. And so when I was rereading that chapter about parachuting in perishing is when we’re living kind of this mundane life that we’re even afraid to admit, right? Because that’s the other thing we do is we overdramatic, sighs how good things are in our life so that we can feel better about our current situation. But there’s so many of us that are really just kind of existing, we’re living a comfortable life. But, you know, we go to the same job day in and day out, we don’t feel good in our job. That’s not really serving us. It’s not lighting a spark in us. And here, you know, there’s something that I teach a lot of the people that go through my she finds joy program. And there’s this, I don’t want to say the word balance because I don’t like the word balance. I feel like, if you’re striving for balance, you’re never going to get it right. There’s times in my life when I have enough relaxation, and there’s times in my life when I’m working 80 hour workweeks. I mean, it’s this waxing and waning. So I’m not going to go for the word balance here. But when One of the things I teach 

people is we have to think about how can we chase our dreams and have our goals, whatever that goal is, okay? Like it’s okay to have goals. Maybe your goal is I can’t wait to have a family or I can’t wait to purchase that home that’s going to give us more space or, you know, all of these things that we want, but the problem is, is that it’s great to have dreams and to chase after those dreams. And we want you to listen to the whisper. We want you to listen to the intuitiveness we want you to take action even though it feels uncomfortable. Okay, that’s how you get to your dream. But one of the other issues is that we play this What if game, right or sorry, when if game. So like, we have these goals, I want to lose 15 pounds. So we tell ourselves I’ll be happy when I lose 15 pounds. I’ll be happy when I arrive at some peacefulness in my life. I’ll be happy when I’m through this stressful period in my job, I’ll be happy when it cobit is over, I’ll be happy when my partner finally begins to help around the house. I’ll be happy when we can finally have children or I’ll be happy when our children are finally able to raise themselves. And the problem with this formula is that when you play this, this win game, I’ll be happy when you’re constantly putting off your joy and happiness. Because you’re, you’re tying your joy and your happiness and and that desired outcome. you’re tying it to the outcome. You’re saying I am not allowed to feel good right now in my life until I’ve achieved that particular outcome. I’m not allowed to feel happy right now until I have the ideal body weight until I find the right part. Until I have a different job until I make more money. And so what happens is you attach your happiness to a long term or desired outcome. And so one of the things that we teach is to two different things. One, even though you have not reached your dreams yet, and we’re talking about dreams, and we’re talking about walking through the uncomfortableness and going after that thing that like the fire in your soul, we also want you to have those dreams, but do not attach your level of happiness right now to the outcome of that dream. Because we want you to be able to find your happy in the now. So that’s step number one. Find your happy right now, even if your life isn’t where you want it to be. Even if you don’t have the things or the situations or the experiences that you want to have yet in your life. We want you to be able to look through the lens of your life right now. And still be able to find all that is good because that’s how you send the right energy towards your dream. So even though you haven’t reached that particular outcome or dream yet you haven’t lost the weight or found the partner or bought the bigger home, or gone on this vacation, don’t put your happiness off and postpone it until you reach a desired outcome. We want you to look around and find your happy right now. The other second important piece is you do need to have a vision for your life people. You need to have something you’re striving for no matter what your ages. Again, we’re not attaching our happiness to that. But we know that one of the things that brings a sense of fulfillment and alignment to a person that helps them live an Exceptional Life is when they have a vision and a dream for their life. And that’s exactly what I help women do in my program. You know, I know that there are people who are retired who have a vision for their Life, they want to learn to watercolor for the first time, 

or they want to learn how to play pickleball, or they want to learn a new foreign language like my friend Loretta did in retirement, we have to have a vision, we have to have something that we’re striving for, that helps us grow and brings us alive. And so, you know, we got to think about this, we cannot keep not listening to the call of the divine spark that is in you. That is saying, I am here, and I want you to pay attention to me, and I want you to bring me forth, okay? Because when we’re talking about that state of perishing, that Steve Harvey talks about, and we bring that into perspective, and we realize that one day your life will come to an end, whether you want to believe it or not, and there will be a casket and a hole in the ground with your name on it or for me, I’m personally gonna, you know, have my body Made it and burn up in front in flames. But the kind of, you know, Homegoing service at your church, the celebration of your life that they have, it’s not going to be based on the amount of flowers that surround your casket or how well the choir sings your favorite hymn. The only thing that will matter, my friends is how well you use the dash between the day you were born, and the day that you die. And I want you to think about how can you start to live your life thinking about how your dash will make a difference in this world. Because my friends, we all have that divine spark that is calling for us to show up and really be seen in this world to feel excitement in Joy in love in a sense of connection and fulfillment. And frankly, I don’t think that good enough is good enough. I want you to reach for exceptional because exceptional is what you were born with.