Ep 30 | Dream, Fears, & Uncomfortableness

By Kim Strobel

August 26, 2020

In this episode of the She Finds Joy podcast, Kim discusses having a vision for your life and following your dreams. 

Kim discusses how as women we need to build our confidence and really begin to listen to the part of our soul that is begging to come forth. We can take little right actions towards our dreams even if it means we feel uncomfortable and fearful.  In this episode, she teaches you how to stop playing the when/if came and what two steps will light your soul on fire. She adamantly believes that you must have a vision for your life, but not tie your happiness to the results of that vision. 

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In today’s episode, Kim talked about…

  • Why we must step into uncomfortable and walk through fear
  • How to listen to the whisper in your soul that wants your dream to come forward
  • Why we need to change the trajectory for future generations of girls and women
  • The two ways for achieving exceptional fulfillment
  • How to follow our dreams while being happy in the now
  • The importance of your dash
  • We deserve the right to reach for more in our life.
  • Getting out of mediocrity and into greatness

“We must listen to the whisper of our soul and follow our dreams”– Kim Strobel

Helpful Links

This is the Steve Harvey book, Act Like A Success Think Like a Success Kim mentions

About Kim

Kim Strobel is Chief Happiness Officer at Kim Strobel Live Events and Retreats. She is a teacher, consultant, motivational speaker, happiness coach, and a mission-minded person whose passion helps others overcome their fears and discover their joy!

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  • The fear of the unknown and not having a safety net…a roadblock for sure! Also, when you are in a relationship you have to expect the other person will have their own fears as well. How to navigate compromise and along w/ following a dream…a tightrope for sure! Thank you for the tips and considerations!

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