Ep 60 | The Law of Attraction – Part 1: What and How to Use It?

Our thoughts have more power than we ever realized. We are like magnets. We attract the circumstances of our lives, both positive and negative. Through our thoughts, actions, and perspectives, we have the infinite power to dramatically change our lives and circumstances. This is the Law of Attraction. Practiced by some of the most successful celebrities and entrepreneurs, The Law of Attraction shows us how our own vibrational frequency is important to make the impossible possible. 

In this episode, Kim discusses how she has harnessed the power of the Law of Attraction for the past 15 years to create the life of her dreams. Kim remembers discovering the Law of Attraction when she needed it most- living paycheck to paycheck, working in a toxic environment, struggling in her marriage, and completely exhausted. Through the Law of Attraction, Kim has created the life she thought was impossible. Tune into today’s episode to learn how to use the power of the Law of Attraction to create the life of your dreams and attract the abundance and joy you truly deserve.

Tune into this episode to learn...

  • What exactly is the Law of Attraction?’

  • How your thoughts and emotions are tied to what you are experiencing in your life. 

  • Your vibrational frequency is important to create what you want in life.  

  • How to use the Law of Attraction to create big things in your life

  • Why successful people practice this law and what they’ve achieved. 

“Discovering the Law of Attraction 15 years ago is the very thing that dramatically shifted my life.” Kim Strobel

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About Kim

Kim Strobel is Chief Happiness Officer at Kim Strobel Live Events and Retreats. She is a teacher, consultant, motivational speaker, happiness coach, and mission-minded person whose passion is helping others overcome their fears and discover their joy!

You can follow Kim’s journey on Instagram at @KimStrobelJoy and in the free private She Finds Joy Facebook community.


Kim Strobel 

Oh my goodness, you guys, I am so happy to be here talking with you. I batch my episodes, which means I usually record four to six of them in a row. And it's been a couple of months since I've recorded and I feel a little lost. I feel like I'm missing that sense of connection a little bit. And so it makes me really happy to just be here today on this episode. Before we begin, though, I really just want to take a moment to honor you. I know so many of you start your morning out with the episode from she finds joy. Or maybe it's on your drive to work, you're listening to it or when you're walking in the evening. But when I look at the map, and I see that we have people all over, not just in the US and Canada, and we have them in Finland and Italy and France and Spain and Mexico. And I just get so excited to know that in today's world of technology, I have the ability to sit in my office right now. And know that my voice gets to reach 1000s of people. And I'm laughing I wish you could be in my office right now because when I record these episodes, I'm over here behind the computer and I'm so excited. It's almost like I have all of you in front of me. And then my dogs Sophie sits in my chair over in the corner and she just lays there and sleeps like I am completely boring her. But anyway, I just want to do a shout out to all of you, those of you who are on my Instagram at Kim Strobel joy and you're tagging me in the episode and you're sharing it with your friends, I just want you to know I see you. 

I know you're there, I honor the fact that you give me the space to just be a little teeny tiny part of your life. Which brings me to today's episode, you're going to get the UI side of Kim Strobel and I always say it's the Ul side because I definitely felt like I was an island. I was like Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, you know, the Island of Misfit Toys. I felt like I was on that Island of Misfit Toys when I started learning about this thing called the law of attraction, or loa for short. And back 20 years ago, when I was really struggling in my life, I was struggling with a second marriage, I was living paycheck to paycheck, I was driving an old beater $2,000 car that I was so happy to be driving like To this day, that's still my favorite car because it was paid for. But you know, things were tough for me very tough for me financially. relationally things were tough for me. My job was toxic and tough for me. And so I had been kind of going through many struggles in my life. And of course, most of you who have listened to this know I've also struggled with severe panic disorder in my life. And at that time, I got introduced to this thing called the law of attraction. And I guess there was a part of me that when I started to learn about the law of attraction, there was just almost like a reaffirming almost as if my subconscious mind knew about this law. But I had not had it presented to me, at least in this lifetime. And I'm just going to tell you all that the law of attraction is playing out in all of our lives right now. 

The law of attraction basically means that you have to be really mindful of how you feel, and the thoughts that you choose, and that you have the ability to co create your life. Now I feel like I co create my life with God with spirit with universal intelligence, whatever you want to call that sacred energy. But that energy is very powerful. And this is a law that has been in effect for a long time. And I will tell you that some of the most successful people in this world have found out and been using the law of attraction to get more of what they want in their life. Oprah Winfrey has 

talked about how she uses the law of attraction to co create her life. Jim Carrey talks about how he used the law of attraction to literally go from living in his beat up old van. He lived in IT folks because he was homeless. He was a struggling comedian. And he would drive his dilapidated van to, I think it was Hollywood Hills, or whatever one of those famous places is in LA. And he would sit in one of the most most luxurious neighborhoods. And he would envision himself becoming a highly successful, highly paid comedian. 

Not only did Jim Carrey create a vision for his life using the law of attraction, but he embodied that version of himself over and over again, until eventually folks, he he actually achieved that. And I'm just here to tell you that I have been able to do the same. And so I want to teach the law of attraction to you. Many people don't know about it, or if they do know about it, they don't use it. And way back when I felt like I was new to this concept, and definitely no one in the Midwest that I was around was talking about this. You know, some people look at you like you're crazy, like, what is this special magic that's in the air. But I'm just going to tell you folks that science backs this up. And I, as you'll hear later in this episode, have many experiences where I use this in my everyday life, to create really big things. And so what this basically means is that through your thoughts, through your emotions, through your visualizations, you are able to intentionally choose your thoughts. And you want to choose thoughts that are on a higher based frequency, right? You have a more positive mind. And you want to make sure that you're you're intentionally showing up in this way. And a really good way to decide if you are is simply to look around in your life because everything in your life is a reflection of your vibrational state. What do we mean by vibrational state? 

Well, we all have a vibrational state about us Do you ever walk into a room and you can immediately feel the dark gloomy energy of people around or the opposite you can you can come into someone's presence and you immediately feel their lightness or their cheer cheeriness or their happiness. It's like they don't even have to say anything you can feel it until we all are operating in a vibe, vibratory state and the life around you and how you experience your life is a direct mirror into how intentional you are being with this. So let me kind of break apart loa or the law of attraction for you. It basically means like, attracts like, Okay, what does that really mean, right? Well, we know that everything in the universe is energy. The desk I'm sitting at has energy, the microphone I'm talking into has energy. The dog sleeping in the chair next to me has energy. Because every single thing is made up of atoms, you're made up of atoms, the seat you're sitting in is made up of atoms, the car you're driving in, is made up of atoms. And science teaches us this. Okay? Well, you might be asking, what what is an atom

Because you're not remembering your seventh grade science class? Well, what we know from science is that atoms are made up of 99% or more of space. Let me say that, again. Atoms are made up of 99% or more of space. Now, it with me here? Think about this. I heard this this analogy, that the atom and the nucleus of an atom are directly proportional to a dime inside of a church, which basically means that's the kind of ratio of empty space to solidness. So if you were to put a dime inside a church, and everything else outside of that dine was space, then you're basically understanding that atoms are mostly made up of empty space, but it doesn't really seem like that, right? I mean, I'm looking at my solid desk right now. And I'm thinking it's funny. made up of atoms and atoms or 99% space. So what the heck is holding this desk together? What is even making this desk solid form, you know? Well, what happens is is that atoms vibrate so fast, that when they vibrate at a fast enough speed, they actually make things appear to be solid. Alright, now I'm not going to get too scientific with you. But basically, folks, we know that as human beings, we're made up of atoms. And we know that we have the ability to change our frequency, we have the ability to change our vibrational frequency

We do that what does that look like? All right? Well, a big big part of your vibrational frequency is your thoughts. And it's your emotions. And your emotions are how you feel, and how you feel is in direct relation to the frequency. So for example, one of the things that I teach in one of my classes is there's this kind of vibrational frequency of emotions. And you know, for instance, the emotion of shame is at a frequency of 20. It's very low. And right above that is guilt, which is at 30. And then, right above that is fear, which is at 100. And so we know that there's like this hierarchy and that emotions all have a vibrational frequency. So when you're feeling shame around something in your life, you're at a very low vibrational frequency. When you feel happiness, that's it. 500 happiness and love are at 500 Joy's at 540. And get this you guys, do you know what one of the highest emotions is? It's gratitude. y'all hear me preach this all the time, I have a daily gratitude practice, gratitude ranks higher than joy, love and happiness, it ranks in at nine. Well, the emotions that we're feeling a lot of the time, are actually creating our reality. 

They're creating the experiences that we're having. And so if you have a lot of negative emotions, this is not to judge you. Because we all get into negativity. I mean, my goodness, last year with COVID, when I was worried that my business was falling out from under me, because the majority of my business is standing on a stage and talking, I had to coach myself really hard on my emotional state, because I knew, however, I wa

feeling most of the time, was what I would be attracting into my future life. So if I was going to be feeling scarcity, and concentrating the whole time on my, my business going downhill, and you know, not making enough money and putting my family in financial constraints, and if I was going to spend most of my time focusing on that I knew that's what I would be creating more of in my life. So I had to coach myself, all of 2020 because I was wanting to intentionally create thoughts of abundance and prosperity, even though at that time, that's not exactly what I was experiencing. But because our thoughts are so powerful, we have the ability to embody that version of ourselves that we want to be right now. hints on what you focus on the most, okay, and I always tell people, this doesn't mean that you're, you know, you're not gonna have negative emotions, you just have to tip the scales at 1%. Folks, if you're 51% feeling in the in the direction of your Jeep dreams or what you want to achieve, or what you want to do in this life in your 49%, negative, you've tipped the scale by 1%. And that makes all the difference. All right. 

So we have to really be thinking about what this means and how we can start to use the law of attraction in our life. That is so very important, my friends, because you have the ability to use the law of attraction. It's how I went from living paycheck to paycheck, to launching my own business, creating multiple savings accounts, owning investment properties. The Secret folks is is that what you can attract in your life does not come from where you are right now. It comes from where you spend most of your time living in your imagination. Last year, I coached myself hard on this. And I'll just tell you folks, I entered into all this value, I entered into the half million dollar mark this year, after last year being at like losing 75% of what my annual income had been. But I kept working, knowing that what I can intentionally create with my thought process, with my little right actions, with my ability to visualize in my life, my ability to embody who I want to be right now, not based on where I am, but based on where I want to go, folks, you have the ability to do this, too. It's called creating a vision for your life. And if you don't know how to do that, and most of us don't, a lot of times when I'm coaching my clients, I say, what's your vision for your life? What do you want to achieve in the next six weeks, and the next six months in the next six years, and most of my clients Look at me, and they don't even know, they haven't even because this is not something we're taught. 

And so you know, I take them through an exercise where they actually get to come up with what their intentions are, what do they want to create more of in their life? How do they want to show up in a bigger way in their life? What kinds of things do they want to having, and I'm looking at mine last year, and I have, you know, again, at the time, I think my income is usually 350. And I'm just as tell it, all, you guys I am because I'm the girl that made $8 an hour. And I'm just going to tell you, I just had a conversation with my husband today. Because he he saw signs and he met with somebody who was an attorney today that was involved in some kind of church sign. And he just said, the guy came across really arrogant, you know, and I said, Scott, what makes a person think that because of the money they make, or the kind of job they have, that they're more, they're a better human being. So I don't think I'm a better human being because I make six figures. And I'm not telling you all this because it's all about money, although money buys a person freedom. 

All right. So I always get a little scared to share what I make money wise, because I think, gosh, I'm the girl that used to make $8 an hour. And I'm no better of a person than I was then. But I have a lot more freedom in my life, because I've been able to attract what used to seem like the impossible in my life. So going back, you know, the last couple years I've been in it 353 50 is what I've been bringing in to the business last year, it dropped like 151 75 because it СOVID and I was scared. But I am looking right now on my vision board. And I made a goal for myself. And I put thank you for the $550,000 or more in revenue for 2021. And then I followed the process that I use that when I create a big goal, I break it into the steps where I use the law of attraction to create that goal. Folks, I've created that goal. It's October 


When I'm recording this episode, I've already hit that goal. I'm just telling you this law, this spiritual law is available to each and every one of us. All right, now I'm going to tell you more about it in the next episode there's going to be this is going to be maybe a series of four episodes all around the law of attraction. But I want to keep this a little short for you because I've given you a lot of information. I also want you to know that this is this process is exactly what I will be teaching in January for our once a year January workshop called create massive momentum and I show and teach you how I break down all the parts of the law of attraction to help you create a vision for your life. 

And you can go into you'll hear the commercial on here probably anyway that you can go to our waitlist on Kim Strobel calm and you can get on the waitlist so that when we open the doors for the create massive momentum workshop, it is the cheapest workshop I give all year long. And I actually walk you through creating a vision for your life and utilizing the law of attraction to achieve it. Thanks so much for being with me today and allowing me to be a small part of your life. 

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