Ep 62 | The Law of Attraction Part 3: Acting As If You Have What You Want Even When You Don’t

By Kim Strobel

November 17, 2021

What would you change about your life at this very moment? What are your biggest dreams?

Do you want a different job, a romantic relationship, to lose 15 pounds?

We all do it. We all think about the various things we are missing in our lives. The things we don’t have and wish would happen for us. When hoping, wishing, and praying, and dreaming aren’t enough any more- the universe comes to our rescue. Here’s the trick: If you want to change your current circumstance, you must disregard your current state and ignore how others see you. You have to devote all your attention and all that energy you put into hoping and praying into focusing on the life you want.

When you shift your focus, you change your vibration. This shift is more than just daydreaming about your perfect life- you have got to go all in. You have to think, walk, talk, and act exactly like the person who has achieved and obtained all those dreams and wishes you hold on to. “Acting as if” sends a powerful message to your subconscious mind that the impossible is possible. Your mind begins to truly believe your dreams are reality and your mind will do the hard work of finding new and creative ways to achieve your goals.

It’s time to walk the walk, and live the life you have always dreamed. Are you ready to get everything you have ever wanted? Listen here!

What’s in the episode:

  • One of my top secrets for using the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams.
  • The power behind how a vision board works.
  • Why your subconscious mind is driving your success!
  • How to see your goals starting right now!
  • Clarity on what you really want and the power to achieve it. 
  • How to back your dreams out into action steps.

“Discovering the Law of Attraction 15 years ago is the very thing that dramatically shifted my life.” Kim Strobel

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About Kim

Kim Strobel is Chief Happiness Officer at Kim Strobel Live Events and Retreats. She is a teacher, consultant, motivational speaker, happiness coach, and mission-minded person whose passion is helping others overcome their fears and discover their joy!

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Kim Strobel 01:10 Hello everyone, and welcome to this week's episode. Before I introduce the topic, I just want to take a moment to honor all of my listeners, I am so appreciative that you take time for yourself to listen to an empowering podcast and episode that gives you the new tools or habits to create a life that feels really good to you from the inside out. And I know that your time is precious. And so I just want you to take a moment and acknowledge that you keep showing up for yourself, you're the one that tunes in to self growth, and really walking the journey that is yours with new tools, new habits, simple things that we can do to create lives that feel really good to us from the inside out. I also want to take a moment to thank all of you who have started tagging me on Instagram at Kim Strobel joy, I get so excited when I see like the little red notification and I click on it and see that someone has maybe share this podcast with a friend or taking a screenshot of it, it helps me just to know that we're just traveling and our audience is building, which means I get the opportunity to reach more people and learn from you along the way. Let's get started. This is part three, we've been talking about the law of attraction, how your thoughts create your reality, how you can become more of an active participant in your life. And also why we need to create a vision for our life going forward so that we know where we're going, and then we can back that out with action. Now I know that everybody listening, you might be saying that Kim Strobel, I'm not you. I don't own my own business. I don't make six figures. I don't get to take luxurious vacations, I have a crappy marriage or crappy relationships or toxic people in my life or my struggles are different. And what I want to say to you, friend, is I've been where you are, I know what that feels like. But what I want you to know is it doesn't matter where you are, once you begin to utilize the law of attraction in your life. I'm not exaggerating when I say that miracles start to happen, because you become an active participant in your life. So you might be saying, look, I really don't have much money right now or I'm in terrible health, I'm not in good shape. I don't exercise, I can't eat healthy. I can't do this or do that or start my own business. But the trick really is, is that if you want to change your current circumstances, you have to disregard how things are right now. You also have to discard regard how others see you. And you have to shift your attention to the way you prefer things to be. Like | said, folks, I started my own business. When I had zero business knowledge. I had I started struggle education, which is the first business that I started, which is whenever I wanted to provide professional development trainings to teachers across the country, I didn't know how I was going to do it. I remember my husband even saying like, Kim, love that you have this dream, but how are these schools going to find you like, how are you going to market yourself? How's how are you going to make money like how and I just kept saying like, Hey, I don't have all this figured out All I know is that I have used the law of attraction Scott struggle to create so many things in our life. And I'm going to use it to create this business and I remember him taking a pause and being like, Oh wow, she really did like he always says That my ability to use the law of attraction has created some really phenomenal things in our life. And so that's what I did, folks, I didn't have any business knowledge, I didn't have a ton of school contacts. And I just 

started to visualize where I wanted to go and what it would feel like right now. And when you do that you change your vibration when you embody the version of yourself right now, even if you're not there yet. This means that you must think, talk, act, dress, and feel like the person who has already achieved these goals, as if sends a really powerful message to your subconscious mind, to find creative ways to actually achieve your goals. Now, let me talk to you a minute about your subconscious mind versus your conscious mind. your conscious mind is your thinking mind, it's your living and breathing mind for the most part. And what I mean by that is not really living and breathing, because that happens subconsciously. But it's the mind that we all operate out of most of the time, it's the mind that has thoughts that tells me what to say that tells me to make a to do list that tells me to go to the grocery store and purge the closets. It's the mind that we all live in most of the time. But there is the subconscious part of your mind. And it's kind of like the dark room of your mind. And the subconscious mind is very, very powerful. And here's what we know about the differences. We know that that the conscious mind is responsible for about 5% of how you show up in your life, how you navigate life, how you navigate relationships, how you walk through life, the confidence levels that you have, you know, your ability to do big things, the ability to go after your dreams, all of that has to do with the subconscious mind and only 5% has to do with the conscious mind. Yeah, we spend all of our time in the conscious mind, if I can just put my nose to the grindstone if I can just work harder, I can just put more hours in if I can just force myself to do this, when in fact, it's only 5% 95% of how you show up for your life comes from your subconscious mind. Because in your subconscious mind, that's where the beliefs that you hold about yourself, are your beliefs, and your values are housed in your subconscious mind. And most of our beliefs were formed between the ages of zero and six. And most of us in our 30 4050 6070 year old bodies, most of us are walking around in our six year old traumatized self. And we don't even realize the beliefs that we have about our ability to achieve things in life. Because they're housed very deep in our subconscious mind. And so what we want to do is work with the subconscious mind to really extract those beliefs that are getting in the way of you being able to achieve what you once thought was impossible. And so one way to do that, my friends, is to act as if, because when you act as if like, even if you don't have a lot of money right now, or even if you're in a job you hate or you're in a bad relationship, or you're feeling unworthy, when you start to act as the version of yourself that you want to become. It works and sends a powerful message to your subconscious mind. And your subconscious mind then works creatively to help you achieve your goals. Alright, let me give you some examples of this. Let's say that you want to lose weight. All right, what I want you to do is I want you to envision what that number looks like. Maybe that number is 160 pounds, I want you to see 160 pounds in your mind, I want you to think about who is the version, the 160 pound version of yourself. What does that version look like? How does she walk through life? What kind of clothes does she wear? What's her daily routines? What does she do? How does she feel? You see the difference? You see what some people do is they say like, hey, I want to achieve this goal weight or I want to become physically fit. And then they say but I'm not going to I'm not going to I have to lose 50 pounds before I go shopping and buy myself nice dress clothes or nice workout clothes. Or I have to hit this goal before I treat myself and folks that's working the opposite way. You have to start seeing your verb that version of yourself right now. Let me give you an another example when you get a bill and then now what is your first thought because I have somebody in my life who complains constantly about money, and this person has a lot of money. Okay? Well, when I say a lot, I mean they have a nice home, they have a paid for car, they have plenty of money to go out to eat every week. But this person over and over and over, complains about her shortage of money. And she's constantly talking about her lack of money. And what she doesn't realize is because she's focusing on that so much, she's creating more of that in her life. When you get a bill in the mail, I want you to imagine yourself having more than enough money to pay for it. All right. I know for me, I'll just tell you, I've had to pay, I have to pay $36,000 in taxes here the next month, you better bet your bottom dollar that when I write those checks, I'm going to write that with gratitude. The fact that I made enough money this year to pay $36,000 in taxes, I'm going to put those in an envelope with the heart stamp on it, because I am sending love to the US Treasury. Right? Okay, because that's what I want to infuse that with. You know, I want you to, if you want to start your own business, I want you to start envisioning your dream business. That's what I did. I'm a runner, I run 3540 miles a week. And for the two years before I started my business, I took the time on my rent. And I saw myself starting a business, I saw all of you in the crowd, I saw my future coaching clients, I saw myself on stage inspiring and empowering 1000s of people, I spent a lot of time within that vision before I even knew what I was going to do before I even created the website. But then I went ahead and I bought the website domain, I'm like, I don't know how to create a website. I don't know when I'm going to do this. But I'm going to I'm going to create the website domain I'm 

going to go ahead and pay for because I'm letting the universe know that I fully believe this is going to happen for me. And so this is how you do it. You start acting as if you plan to achieve this. And then you send a very strong message to the universe saying, Hey, I am fully immersed and embodying this version of myself. I should have brought my friend Alison Darling, I should have brought her on the show. She's a former high school math teacher who had a photography business and a dream of creating her own branding photography business on the side. And she's somebody who went through my coaching program. Well, you fast forward two years later, she quit her teaching job. And she has fully embraced this idea of becoming a full time brand photographer. And let me just tell you how the universe responded. She got a super scary move back in May she turned in her resignation. I'm sure she was scared. shitless. Right. And you want to know how the universe responded. Six weeks later, she found herself on the beaches of Cancun. Being the photographer for a travel agency, she got a pay for vacation, and she got paid to be on the beaches of Cancun, taking brand photos of a travel company, folks, when you start to show up and act as if you are following your dream, I'm going to tell you that so much of the time, the universe responds to that the universe responds to your belief in yourself to create the life that you have always desire. I'm going to keep this short today. But again, I really want you to take a moment and think about Do you know how to create a vision for your life? Do you know how to back in that you know how to go back and say okay, this is the vision and here's how I'm going to start showing up for myself every single day. Here are the actions that I'm going to take to make that vision a reality. You know, folks, I have vision boards, I have vision boards, I've had them all around my house for years I still have my first vision board the vision board when like I was like I don't know I'm going to give this a try. I'm going to slap the home I want someday I'm going to slap the vehicle I want to drive. I'm going to slap a an image of a couple who looks completely in love because I want to make sure that you know Sunday my marriage feels really good to me. I'm going to put on there that I'm going to become a business of struggle education. I still have the board where I grow in red pin struggle, education empowers 1000s of people I think even put millions right I still have my first board you guys and it's not enough just to create a vision board like oh I'm gonna have to pick on my dear mom. She's so sweet but I'll never forget she came to one of my vision board workshops and Then she created a vision board. And like three months later, she's like, well, this isn't working. This obviously doesn't work. I was like Mary Jo, you have to do more than just slap pictures on a vision board. Like there's a process, there's their steps to follow that helped make those visions come true, right. And that's exactly what I want to teach you. If you want to know what my steps are for creating a vision for your life, if you want to go into 2021. with massive momentum, I'm going to ask you to spend 90 minutes with me on January 5, and if you can't attend January 5, we give you the recording for 60 days, so that we can help you back in and create a vision for your life and really start to use the law of attraction and to work on your subconscious mind. So that you can start to create the life that feels really good. And let me tell you, you go for all of it, my friends, you go for the big things in life, I have found that every time I go for the big stuff in life, if the universe says okay, let's do this together, and let's see what happens. I'm telling you this works. Not everybody knows about it, and most people don't know how to use it. Oprah Winfrey knows how to use it. Jim Carrey knows how to use it. A lot of people who have created the unimaginable will tell you that they use the law of attraction and manifestation to really create their dreams. And this, my friends, is exactly what I want from you. I'd love to hear from you. Either in my facebook group, which is she finds joy, or in the review section of my podcast, which you can find that in the podcast links and want to know, what are your thoughts? What do you think about what you've learned in these last three episodes about the law of attraction? I want to know has this piqued your curiosity? Do you use this in your life? Have you found this helpful? Give me your thoughts people. I'd love to hear feedback from you. All right. Here's the deal. My dog Lina, you know my little rescue dog from Cancun. I don't know if y'all follow that journey. But we rescued a dog from Cancun two years ago, and her name is Luna, we call her loony boonie and she's currently at my desk incessantly licking me saying, Mama, it's time to play. Oh, and she's got her little poem that she keeps putting on my arm. It's so sweet. Okay, folks, I'm out of here. It's time for lynnie time. Good luck and I hope to connect to you soon. Bye bye.

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