November 17


Ep 62 | The Law of Attraction Part 3: Acting As If You Have What You Want Even When You Don’t

By Kim Strobel

November 17, 2021

What would you change about your life at this very moment? What are your biggest dreams?

Do you want a different job, a romantic relationship, to lose 15 pounds?

We all do it. We all think about the various things we are missing in our lives. The things we don’t have and wish would happen for us. When hoping, wishing, and praying, and dreaming aren’t enough any more- the universe comes to our rescue. Here’s the trick: If you want to change your current circumstance, you must disregard your current state and ignore how others see you. You have to devote all your attention and all that energy you put into hoping and praying into focusing on the life you want.

When you shift your focus, you change your vibration. This shift is more than just daydreaming about your perfect life- you have got to go all in. You have to think, walk, talk, and act exactly like the person who has achieved and obtained all those dreams and wishes you hold on to. “Acting as if” sends a powerful message to your subconscious mind that the impossible is possible. Your mind begins to truly believe your dreams are reality and your mind will do the hard work of finding new and creative ways to achieve your goals.

It’s time to walk the walk, and live the life you have always dreamed. Are you ready to get everything you have ever wanted? Listen here!

What’s in the episode:

  • One of my top secrets for using the Law of Attraction to manifest your dreams.
  • The power behind how a vision board works.
  • Why your subconscious mind is driving your success!
  • How to see your goals starting right now!
  • Clarity on what you really want and the power to achieve it. 
  • How to back your dreams out into action steps.

“Discovering the Law of Attraction 15 years ago is the very thing that dramatically shifted my life.” Kim Strobel

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About Kim

Kim Strobel is Chief Happiness Officer at Kim Strobel Live Events and Retreats. She is a teacher, consultant, motivational speaker, happiness coach, and mission-minded person whose passion is helping others overcome their fears and discover their joy!

You can follow Kim’s journey on Instagram at @KimStrobelJoy and in the free private She Finds Joy Facebook community.

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