Ep 63 | Raise Your Mom Vibe and Dare to Dream with Tracy Beerman

By Kim Strobel

December 1, 2021

In this episode, you meet Tracy Nolin Beerman, a  Vision-Driven Mom who has over 30 years of yoga practice on the mat.  The problem was that she wasn’t taking that high-vibe energy from her yoga mat into the other areas of her life. 

Tracy knows all too well the challenges of raising kids and being true to herself at the same time. Her three-year-old son painfully showed her that her life wasn’t working and how her own self-loathing and negativity was affecting her son, who then mirrored her behaviors and outlook on life back to her. 

She explains how she learned to monitor her feelings and emotions to become more aware of how she was truly showing up in her life.

What’s in the episode:

  • What a vision-driven life is and means
  • Why we create our lives through our energy flows and emotions
  • How to generate more confidence in our lives
  • Aligning ourselves on the inside so we can attract more of what we want on the outside
  • Why our emotions are constantly creating our experiences
  • The hierarchy of emotions and their vibrational frequency 
  • Why gratitude is the back door to abundance

“Gratitude is the back door to abundance.”  Tracy Nolin Beerman

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About Tracy

Do you ever wish there was a way to take your yoga off the mat and into your life?

After decades of yoga and mind/body exploration, Tracy Nolin Beerman uses her unique combination of experiences as a Vibe Coach, a certified Life Mastery Consultant, and almost 30 years on the yoga mat to help moms keep their yoga vibe flowing both on and off the mat no matter what comes next.

About Kim

Kim Strobel is Chief Happiness Officer at Kim Strobel Live Events and Retreats. She is a teacher, consultant, motivational speaker, happiness coach, and mission-minded person whose passion is helping others overcome their fears and discover their joy!

You can follow Kim’s journey on Instagram at @KimStrobelJoy and in the free private She Finds Joy Facebook community.


Kim Strobel 00:08 Hello, my friends from all across the country and all across the globe, I want you to know that I see all of you I love going to my little map and seeing that we have 22 people from Finland who are listening in and 32 from Ireland and just all around the country. So I just want you to know that it really helps me when I can see that you guys are sharing this message with others and just sharing the podcast because, you know, this is important work for me to get out into the world. And I also know that your time is valuable. And so when you give me 20 or 30 minutes of your time every other week, it's just an honor to be able to be in that space with you. Today I have a very special guest on the show. Her name is Tracy Nolan Biermann, and Tracy Has she calls herself a vibe coach you guys I can't wait to hear what a vibe coach is. She's also a certified Life Mastery consultant and almost 30 years on the mat you guys on the yoga mat so she spent 30 years on the yoga mat to help moms keep their yoga vibe flowing both on and off the mat no matter what I have to do a shout out real quick because Alison darling is one of my people who listen to the podcast and she is big into yoga Tracy and but she struggles right she's a mama of two kids and it's like you know she she she wants to put herself in that you know yoga framework but then it's like life takes over and she gets into chaos just like all of us do. But when I read that I was thinking oh Alison darling is going to love this podcast. So Tracy, welcome to the she finds joy podcast. 

Tracy Beerman 02:00 Well thank you so much, Kim. I'm really grateful to be here. 

Kim Strobel 02:04 

Yeah, so Okay, we got to go I always like just just a backup like I bet you files are kind of boring. I don't even really like BIOS, I want you to tell me who is Tracy and how did you get to where you are today and give me your backstory? 

Tracy Beerman 02:18 Yeah, absolutely. And I love a backstory right it kind of it helps us to really understand and we all have a backstory 

well mine i guess mine pegan wnen i was a KIQ DUL wrial une pivoli moment for me cam was wrien my kids are 12 and 14 now but when my son who is the oldest and when he was about three years old, I noticed some concerning behavior, negativity and pessimism and self loathing in a three year old now that really got my attention like how in the world does a three year old know enough about himself or about the world to dislike himself? I didn't realize that you know if at first I went right to something's wrong with him, what's wrong with him so you know, reaching out to specialists and you know, in all of the books that I read around that time, and always but particularly about like what's going on with this kid? I didn't realize it then but he was getting it from me. He was mirroring me Kim because I was negative i was pessimistic I was really disliking myself at the time. And so I got busy like and here's the thing like you mentioned I've been on the yoga mat for almost next year it'll be 30 years on the yoga mat. Taking my yoga off the mat and into my life I couldn't do it right it was only on the map that I can feel that the way that I wanted to feel but when you have kids well in life in general you can't be on the yoga mat all the time. So I got busy and really really started digging in I thought I had done the self development and personal development no no this was this was it This was my cosmic two by four to really get to work so I started pulling apart my life you know moved everybody's cheese and and regular dark items a soul right? It was the dark night of the soul. Absolutely. Yeah. And, and but you know what I had everything pulled out and I still was like, I was on my knees again and like help me | need help. I don't know what I've got everything pulled apart. I don't know what to do next. And right around that time, I met my coach who was the first coach that I ever worked with. And she I knew as soon as we started working together, that I wanted to do exactly what she was teaching and it completely aligned. At that point. I had been looking for a for a coaching program. I wanted to become certified as a life coach for moms and I had been searching for about a year and a half. And I finally was like ding ding ding. That's it. So now I get to use my 30 years of yoga on the mat and meditation and all of my personal developments that i've you know, the books and the, the courses and the retreats and all of that, as well as my, my certification as a Life Mastery consultant. And I now get to work work with moms and help them actually take the yoga off the mat and into life. Interesting, 

Kim Strobel 05:24 

you know, and you know, I love what you said like so that's I am taking a course right now on like, neuro linguistic programming, ooh, love that and dynamic neural feedback loops because, you know, I'm a happiness coach. And because again, right, we only it This doesn't mean that I have everything figured out or that I'm like, Miss happy all of the time. But I have limbic system impairment that that is associated with my panic disorder. And so I have this limbic loop that travels constantly and scans my body and scans the environment to just double check like, do I feel okay, Is everything all right? And so I've been learning about mirror neurons. And mirror neurons are what you're talking about with your three year old is he was simply mirroring the neurons that were in your brain chemistry, because you know how when you're talking to somebody, and like, right now, Tracy, if I were to like, cross my arms like this, you know, in front of me, within a few seconds, you would probably cross your arms. 

Tracy Beerman 06:26 

Did you know that right? No, I 

Kim Strobel 06:28 

did that. That makes sense. Yeah, that's the mirror neurons and so you're wrong. How? How big of an aha was that? Whenever you realize like, he's mirroring the behavior that I have towards myself. Yeah, 

Tracy Beerman 06:41 

it suzan it urna daunatatina Zim Vaah it was davinnkautina Vanhanaas it hamaron antha antoida luna hannusluuran daina 

Il wus il wus uevusuuliny, nm, Teunt, il wus uevusluuiny. TuU KNOW Iu vecuuse on une vulsiue, I wus nuppy I wus uviny all the mom things you know, on the inside, it was a hot mess. And so we can't get our kids this is what I truly believe that our kids are watching us with their little eyes, ears and hearts all the time. Right? We can't pull a fast one on them. Right or ourselves. 

Kim Strobel 07:06 

Yeah, I think I heard something a long time ago and it just really rang true to me it's like you're my kid was like he's been my biggest teacher in life. I l'm not here to teach. I mean, I'm here to lead him and guide him, but like in teach him but he's here to teach me way more about Kim Strobel than I would have ever discovered without him. 

Tracy Beerman 07:29 Yeah, absolutely. I feel the same my kids especially especially my son he is definitely he's I he keeps me he keeps me honest. right he keeps me in check with schedule I have to do is look at him. Okay, where am I at in my thoughts? When they're triggering 

Kim Strobel 07:46 

you like my son last night? He is you know, I am an extrovert I am an overshare it's like I don't like the word overshare I'm just willing to pretty much tell you anything. But like l birthed this like super private kid who I feel like sometimes he even gets like a little bit paranoid like mom you know, and I just told him something last night I'm like hey, I was talking to your buddies about how I was going at the Kelley School of Business and he like jumped my butt and I was like wait wait I had been texting them it was like no buddy I was at the tailgate just chatting with him and so I found myself just like I just went in the bedroom my husband I are folding laundry and I was like you know what I keep your job you know and I'm I can't do anything right and it was like oh look at look at how very little it takes for Kim to get hurt little feelings hurt or Hey so check her you don't like okay mama you've got to be you got to see here that why was that little thing that he did that maybe he shouldn't have jumped down my throat and when I say jump down my throat he sent me a text message you know and it checked me on it but it's like why did that really fire me up and so it's like constant like seeing like when you get triggered What is that about for you? And I love that you were able to do that for yourself and that had to be just like you said devastating but also like gosh darn thank goodness I figured this out when he was three you 

Tracy Beerman 09:17 know Yeah, right i mean it's continual Kim you know it's continual you were you were mentioning about the about the Olympic system so I live with anxiety I have ADHD like I have to definitely I have to work extra hard not I'm not gonna sit not hard I don't want to say hard because that makes it hard right? But I'm constantly and we but we all are you know, we're we're minute by minute we're all we all we all have to check ourselves. Where am I at? You know what, what is going on with that text? Yeah, right. Yeah. What is it is that you know, and kind of being able to kind of step back and check is that Me? Or is that him? Like separating the the feelings? And what is it about that text or about my noticing all of this this behavior in my son? You know, what is it? What is it trying to tell me? Exactly? 

Kim Strobel 10:15 

Yeah, yeah. And it just hits you like, it's like you just almost Oh, there it is again, you know, but Oh, so Okay, so are you 

telli.... LL.. IL-t.let .fLL. 

eul, IL-L work. Ludl. de encer 


.L WL-I TAL-t did ilutlul, 

lelling me lnen unaL a IOL OI une work inal you ve nad lo av on yourseli now! I mean, really! vnal vinai dia nau 100K like? I mean, so so what does it even mean? What what's different about the Tracy who shows up today and now coaches, other women on this? What do you do? What is it? What does it look different in your life? How do you actually take the yoga off the mat and apply it to your life


Tracy Beerman 10:52 Yeah, and that's an interesting question. And that is something that I contemplated for years. Like if I could only stay on the mat, right? But if you think about do you do yoga Kim, 

Kim Strobel 11:04 here's the deal. Tracy, I ran 40 miles a week, I biked 15 miles a week, and I do no class. And I started doing yoga a year ago, once a week, and I loved how it made me feel. And then they switched the class to another day, and I've not been consistent. I know, I know. Imagine being a runner, how badly I need it. And my strong Taipei individual. So it's something that is constantly popping on my radar as something that needs to be higher priority. 

Tracy Beerman 11:34 Yeah, but you've done it. And you've had the experience of Oh Yes, I have. And if you think about all of the different all of the, the, the different, the different feelings, the different energy that you can create, because we're creators, we are all creators, right? Think about the the, the energy that you can create within your body and yourself on the mat. Think about Shavasana that you can create that peace and calm. Now the instructors not doing it, right, nobody's doing it, but you think about the power that you are able to create, when you are doing a warrior pose. Think about the balance that you are able to create in your own body and your own mind when you're doing a balanced pose. Like, like tree, right? So when you're off the mat, kind of being able to go back and I remember that feeling. I know that I can that confidence you know that confidence when you're, when you're rocking something like like like a crow pose or something, you know, the confidence and I did this or if you you know you did your first wheel pose or your first headstand or work, or whatever it might be the confidence that I mean, think about all of those feelings that you generate yourself on the mat. We can generate those, those same feelings off of the mat. Right? We can decide this is how I want to feel right? This is how and it takes awareness aware of my l at right now. Right? Wow Am I feeling right in this moment? Am I feeling and what we can we'll talk a little bit more about this but checking in this is part of that this is what I call vibe care. Right? checking in with yourself. Yeah, how do I how am I feeling right now? And how would I love to be feeling and you know, deciding ahead of time, 

Kim Strobel 13:41 we talk a lot of in on this podcast and in previous podcast episodes, we talk a lot about the law of attraction which is basically understanding that we have this innate power within ourselves as human means and and we don't realize that we have the power to co create our life with energy with source with with God with spirit. And I love what you said which is we we do it no one does it for us that power is within each and every one of us. But what I also know is that and you know this, our thoughts and the thoughts with them carry an energetic vibe. Absolutely. And this vibe that you carry is constantly determining what you are or are not attracting in your life. So can you talk to me a little bit about how vive and what you think of as vive and how that fits into really being able to create a vision for your life and start to actually achieve those things. 

Tracy Beerman 14:55 Yes, absolutely. So my interpretation what I when I speak About vibe I'm talking about if you think about if you think about about feelings emotions right there they're there if you're you're familiar with Abraham Hicks and the the emotional scale right? All of those emotions they have a certain vibration. Right? So when we are feeling that this is this is how explain it if we're feeling feelings of anger or sadness or frustration overwhelm, those are contractive feelings those are low frequency, they give off a low frequency vibration. Okay, so when I'm talking about vibe vibration, it's not necessarily the emotion it's the vibe that is generated from the emotion Does that make sense

Kim Strobel 15:49 

Yeah, it totally does because thoughts create feelings or emotions and emotions carry a vibrational frequency 

Tracy Beerman 15:58 that's exactly it and it it's all about the thoughts right it's all about what we're thinking what we're we can always trace the results in life the things that we do the things that we don't do our our our feelings we can take a trip trace everything back to a thought so checking in with yourself okay and then there are the the the the higher vibration feelings of joy and abundance and gratitude and even like contentment would be right in that i think it's it's just it's kind of at the at the base of the high the higher vibration yeah and 

Kim Strobel 16:36 I'm going to stop you a minute Tracy because I just wanted and pulled up because this is one of the things that I teach and is understanding the vibrational frequency of emotions and so for example like the the one of the most bottom emotions and I know that the listeners who are listening are thinking What do you mean here Kim so I'm looking at David Hawkins scales of consciousness which takes us emotions and attach attaches their vibrational frequency. So for example, shame has a vibrational frequency of 20 right above that is guilt at 30 right above that is fear at 100. Now for me, I think about fear at 100. But shame is at points below that a feeling of shame, right? And then from fear it goes to jealousy, anger, worry, blame, blame is at 175 hope is it 400 happiness isn't 500 love is at 500 Joy's at 540 a light enlightenment is 700 appreciation is 780 and the one that blows my mind Tracy, is that at the top of the list above love above joy above happiness is gratitude at night. 

Tracy Beerman 17:52 Right? Isn't that in that's I call gratitude the back door to abundance, like if you want if you are in that place in here, and when I'm talking about vibration, and I'm talking about feelings, I'm not talking about pushing down the feelings and not experiencing, you know, the feeling feelings are our emotions, our information, right? They're not bad, we are taught that they're bad that we shouldn't express anger that we shouldn't Express sadness. I'm not talking about dismissing the emotions at all. We definitely here's the thing. And I've l've, especially when during COVID I'm a crier, anyway, I cry when I'm happy cry when I'm sad. I cry when I'm frustrated. Like I'm just a crier. But really letting the emotions move through you. Sometimes it takes like what 3060 seconds to actually let it move through you. rather than pushing it down like to say when you're you know, kind of liken it to pushing down a beach ball underwater, like you push an emotion down, it's going to pop up over here, you push it down underwater, it's going to pop up over here. So we want to move through those emotions or let them move through us. But we also want to be aware of what are the thoughts that are generating that emotion, right? How am I feeling in my body and I like to I teach my my clients how to do what I call the expansion contraction test. This is part of vibe care, right? How am I feeling in 

this moment? And throughout your entire day? Right? How am I feeling in this moment? How am I feeling Am feeling a contraction in those low those low frequency emotions are that you know if you think about when you're angry when you're sad, you know how you mentioned at the beginning, if I was standing sitting here with my arms crossed, like that, that to me when I'm feeling a contracted feeling I tend to cross my arms into my gaze tends to go down low. I tend to feel a tightness right? When you're feeling in those upper those upper those higher frequency mo You feel expansive? Right? You feel expansion almost, you know, it's almost as if, for me sometimes, you know, my gaze actually does go up. I feel like, you know, rolling my shoulders up and back, like, Oh my gosh, the hands are amazing. Yeah, you stand different, right? So vibe care, to me is it's, I really believe that it is the most overlooked and most important, most overlooked and most important aspect of self care. Because, honestly, how are you supposed to know what you need? If you're not checking in with how you're feeling? You know, if you're feeling if you're feeling sadness, or you're really I don't? Are you gonna go to a dance party? Or you know, you know what I mean? Like, not that that's part of that was an exaggeration. But when you understand where you are, you know what your vibe is, like, Where are where your emotions are, you're better able to, to decide what steps to take, what do I need, we don't need every you know, like, we don't always need meditation. We don't always need I like to hula hoop. hula hoop is a really great way. Like before I get on these calls. So when I do interviews and such, and when I get in calls with my clients, I do a little bit of dancing, a little bit of hula hooping to bring up my vibration to raise my vibe, right, as movement is an amazing way to raise your vibe to move the energy. 

Kim Strobel 21:26 

Right? What I love that you're talking about, though, is I think you're right. I think Billings have been like a voodoo topic for so many years. We don't talk about fillings in this family, or we don't talk about fillings at work, or we don't talk about, and I think that fillings are the gateway, you know, and I think Bernie brown talks a lot about this with vulnerability and understanding that feelings. It's like part of the journey, you have to move through it in order to get to where you're going. And if we continue to not allow ourselves to feel because I would think that when you'd ask some people that question, males or females, you know, non binary, folks, whomever, I would think that some people don't even know how they feel. 


Tracy Beerman 22:12 Right? Exactly. Because they're not allowed, right? Yeah, 

Kim Strobel 22:15 

yeah. Yeah. And it's funny that you bring this up, because, oh, I just, I've always got so many examples of this in my own life, but like my husband, I always laugh because he, I feel like he would rather me lie to him about how I feel. So he doesn't have to deal with it. So like, the other day when he woke up, and I got really frustrated about a couple of things that were going on. And he was in a really good mood. So he walked in the kitchen, he's like, Hey, how are you today? And I, a part of me wanted to be like, Hey, I'm doing well, but then I'm like, Oh, no, that's not me. Right? So started telling him and he literally like walks out of the kitchen on me, because like, he doesn't want to hear anything negative. He's not been trained to talk about fillings at all in his rate. And so I was like, Scott, I was like, that's so you know, God loves me. But like, That's not fair. Like you would rather me just tell you a fake feeling so that you can leave and feel good, rather than going there with me on how I am feeling, you know, right. And I'm not saying I'm good at that, either. It's just like, how many of us go through life and just bs our way through life? 

Tracy Beerman 23:26 

Yes, exactly. Yeah, the facade, right. I mean, that's what I was doing. That's exactly what I was doing with my with when my kids were little. Yeah, it was a facade that was on the outside, I was happy, I was doing no doing all the things that I was supposed to be doing, or thought I was supposed to be doing. On the inside, I was a hot mess. But what's on the inside? It does show on the outside, right? Instead of a shape or form. 

Kim Strobel 23:51 

Yeah, we have to change the culture of what it means to go there and have those conversations and be more real about how we are feeling so that we can transform our relationships and evolve them into more intimate, emotional driven relationships, you know? So you have this framework, is that it? Tell me about this framework that you have for women? 

Tracy Beerman 24:13 Yeah, I call it the fab framework. So I, I teach moms how to live a vision driven life, what I call a vision driven life. And what is it? It's a completely different way of living than we are taught, right? We are taught to live a circumstance driven life. If I had when you have this degree, then you can when you have this job, then you can when you have this relationship, then you can, it's a completely backwards way of living and it keeps us stuck. Right? So living a vision driven life and honestly, I had a l had a client, it was at the very beginning of COVID. And she said, we were on a group call and she said, You know, I was checking in how Everybody doing and she said, You know, I'm kind of feeling a little bit guilty. Because I'm doing well she said, I feel like we've been in training for this, because she was moving continually moving toward what she wants, right? Creating a life vision of full spectrum your whole entire life relationships and work and health and well being and daily life experience, like the whole thing, moving toward what you want, rather than pushing away from what you don't. Because we know that we're pushing away from what we don't, we're creating more resistance. And then when we're when we're in that vibe of pushing against, we get more of it. You were just talking about the law of attraction, right? When we're pushing against, we get more push against. Yeah, I'm we're moving toward it's a completely different energy. And it's a it's, it's, uh, you know, I know where I'm going. And it's hard for people, Kim, I know that you know, this, some people like, I don't know what I want. Yeah, 

Kim Strobel 26:04 

yeah, you know, we do a B, once a year. It's called the create big momentum. I do it every January. And it's a workshop where we help you create your vision for what do you want the next year to look like? What do you want it to feel like? What are your goals? What are you? How are you going to back in that out and like understanding the deeper parts of the subconscious work that has to happen in order for you to not just create that vision, but also doing the backend work of what you need to accomplish that vision. And so I take people through life, the nine different parts of their life, because most people don't even know that, like, hey, I need to look at what do I want for my financial life? What do I want for my family life? What do I want for my married life? What do I want for my recreation? What do I want my recreational life to look like? You know, right, exactly. So I like you and very vision driven. But I, I love the way that you're talking about how we have like, we otherwise we live our life by default. 

Tracy Beerman 27:12 That's exactly it. Right? circumstance, this happens. This is the way I feel this happens. This is the way I feel. But what if we turn it around this in create in and I'll get into the fab framework, which would work. But when we know where we're going, we can create future memories. We decide ahead of time. How do I want to feel right? So the the Fin the fab framework is focus, focusing on who you are, it takes a great deal of self awareness to decide what you want, 

right? I've so many people say so many clients come to me and say, I want financial freedom. Well, that is fantastic. What does that mean to you? Right? Do you really want that million dollars? Or do you want what, what what you can get from that? Like, it's a different it's a different way? And you're not a like, Yes, I totally get that like, financial freedom. That's great. What does it mean? You know, I mean, I have a client who she her her vision is to to live in a tiny house. She just wants minimalism, right? Yeah, that's her vision that's in she has financial freedom in that but then I haven't you know, I have other clients who want they want second houses. And then I have you know, and then who are realizing these things, deep seated, right? They're not just they don't it's not like you, you, you realize this vision that comes into being and then you're flat. Yeah, it's 

Kim Strobel 28:51 

crazy, because I wish I could turn my computer around because I'm, like, one of my goals last year and and I'll just read it, it says thank you for the $550,000 or more in revenue for 2021. But that underneath it is every bullet, why do | want that right? That buys me freedom and flexibility in my life. It buys me the ability to travel more and go where I want to without being tied to my desk job. It buys me time and money to go on spiritual retreats and do the spiritual, deeper work that I crave to do. It buys me a book editor who can help me bring this book I have in my mind to life and so it's like it's not Oh, Kim just wants to make a half million dollars. 

Tracy Beerman 29:36 

That's exactly it. Yeah, yeah. Ding ding ding that's it. It's not the $550,000 

Kim Strobel 29:41 No, that is not who wants it. 

Tracy Beerman 29:44 Who wants cash? You know, I mean, what is what is $550,000 a million dollars, you know, it's nothing. 

Kim Strobel 29:51 

That's that's the process that I have used as well. And I think you're right in when you say that, it's totally Looking at it, it's almost like, um, you flip it, you're flip how we're trained to think. And then when you get to those specific things, and then the other thing that you said that I thought was so powerful is, that's one of the, the skills to that we teach with the law of attraction is like, you have to decide who that futuristic version of you is. Yes. And you bring that version of yourself to the game right now. 


Tracy Beerman 30:33 

That's exactly it. Yes, that's 

Kim Strobel 30:37 

perfect focus, 

Tracy Beerman 30:38 we got to keep going. F is F is for focus. A is for alignment, aligning your thoughts, aligning your vibration, creating future memory, right? Putting yourself creating little mind movies of yourself as you're realizing these different pieces of your dream and, or of your vision. And it sometimes it's in relationships. Like it doesn't always have to be tangible. But the the, the deciding ahead of time, how if I was this woman who was going on the spiritual retreats, how would I feel feeling that now? Right feeling it now? And you get more of who you are? Who is Wayne Dyer? He said, late great. Wayne Dyer loved him. You don't get what you want, you get who you are. Oh, all right. Good. Yeah. So that's so the a is aligning with who you are, who you're becoming, the B is becoming exactly what you just said, That woman I talked about her as, as your inner mentor, that woman three years from today. That woman, she's already done this, she's already there. use her as your inner mentor as your guide. What would she have done? She's your intuition, right? using her. And in the becoming There is also the letting go, what do you have to let go of it could be thoughts, relationships, jobs, houses, responsibilities, activities, habits, whatever, there are going to be things that you have to let go of, that's part of the becoming, and you become her. Like, she's not a place to get to, or a goal to be reached. You become her in your daily life with everything that you do today. 

Kim Strobel 32:27 

I love that I have this little sticky note on my computer. I don't know where it went, actually. But it's usually up here. And it says, Who is the version of Kim Strobel, that I want to embody today to Oh, and love that, right? So like, it's for me, it's like a North Star. It's like, what is the version of the woman of Kim Strobel, that I'm constantly creating, 

recreating realigning, taking two steps back coming two and a half steps forward? Who is that version? And how do I embody her right now? Who? How does she feel? What does she What does that version of her do on a daily basis? What decisions does she make? You know, and I do feel like that was a big part of learning the law of attraction. And maybe it's so funny sometimes, because we're not taught this and somebody the other day, like a super like she's an author, she has like 17 times more Instagram followers than me and she said, I want to have a business coaching session with Kim Strobel because I just need to ask you some questions like How have you done what you've done? And and I was like, this is gonna sound crazy. But I used the law of attraction, I used manifestation. And I started to see the future version of who I wanted to be. And I began to live that version of her that day, in my mind movies. Every run that I took, I saw myself on the stage delivering to 1000s of people even though I had never stepped on a stage. I don't know anything about business. Like I lived what I feel like you're talking about I focused on what I wanted, I solid in my mind. I aligned my inner emotional state with how that would feel because that's, that's a big piece of it. And then every day I was becoming more and more of that version of myself. This framework sums it up perfectly 

Tracy Beerman 34:32 Yeah, thank you. I love I love that story, too, that, that, that and I you do it on your runs. I do it in the shower, like this mind movie. And it's really it's really brilliant, right? Because when you're running, you're very present. When you're in the shower. It's a very sensory experience. you're you're you're very present with who you're becoming and and you you know, it's in it and I don't like that. Fake it. till you make it I say I like to say claim it until you become it right because you're not it we don't want to fake it because we can't we're not we don't want to lie to ourselves ourselves 

gonna no 

Kim Strobel 35:14 

claim it until you become it yeah I've written down so many good things that you said today here's three quotes | wrote down from you great is the back door great gratitude is the back door to abundance I love that and then well you kind of said Wayne Dyer said this but you don't get what you want you get who you are. And you are I think we need to pause on that one for a minute I'm looking at the clock going I know we need to wrap that up. So to assign that to people because you and I get that because we've lived in this law of attraction stuff for a long time explain that quote you don't get what you want you get who you are. What does that mean 

Tracy Beerman 35:56 so to me that is you know, we've been talking about vibration right we've been talking about the law of attraction when you are when you are in the when you when we stay in the lower vibration that's what we get because that's who we are right when we are able to bring ourselves up into you know and it's not isn't you don't you don't go from shame to to joy like just little bits little you go up the rungs you know one by one by one and lateral instability. Yeah, that's exactly it you know, in practice so I have a l have a book it's I think it's called the dictionary of emotions that I love and so to practice the emotions, what does this and it has the the name of the emotion and it has a description. What What does, what does fear feel like in my body? What does gratitude feel like in my body and just getting real and in its stretch for people, right? But you become you get who you are? The law of attraction, that's exactly what 

Kim Strobel 37:00 

you're attracting. When you're a low vibe when you're a negative. Nelly, when you're going through life as the victim, guess what you're going to attract more people who are the victim. When you're in a, I used to notice this at the school I taught right? Like if you put yourself in a room with a bunch of negative Nellies, guess who you become a negative Nelly, now I listen, I'm a negative Nelly, sometimes sometimes I play the victim. I'm not saying that I am immune to those emotions. But like you I'm super aware that the vibe I'm carrying is constantly attracting the people, the circumstances and the opportunities that are coming my way. Absolutely, absolutely. Tracy, I love it. And then I'm going to end with your last quote, which was playing it until you become it. So powerful, I love this work that you're doing this, to me is very, you know, you're not surface leveling stuff. This is the deep work, you're working on the inner blueprint of people so that they can start to achieve their vision, and then back into it all the way to the inside of who they are at the core of their being and really start to get like you said become who they they want to be and how they want to navigate life. I think you've given me so many ideas. You know, II do social and emotional lessons for students. And I'm thinking I'm going to get this dictionary of emotions book and I'm going to create some lessons. Because what how powerful would it be if we taught kids how their emotions feel? 

Tracy Beerman 38:29 Gosh, wouldn't that and that's the thing. What if we and here's the thing, I work with moms, our kids are learning from us constantly. What if we imagine Kim, if all of the moms did this work? And they didn't even have to necessarily teach it to the kids. But the mom? model did it. Yeah. 

Kim Strobel 38:54 Yeah. Oh my gosh, Tracy. Okay, so tell me before we wrap out two things. One, tell me what type of woman really works with you and gets benefit? 

Tracy Beerman 39:05 Yeah, so it's the mom who in the woman II, my focus is moms because that's where my heart is. But, but the woman who maybe she's dabbled a little bit in and yoga meditation, and she's just like, like we talked about that she just hasn't been able to take those feelings off the mat. She knows that everything. growth in life and getting to the next level life. It all takes practice, right? It's the mom who understands it's kind of takes some work, but oh my gosh, it's going to be amazing on the other end, right? Yeah, yeah. And just in the beginning, you know, and it takes awareness, it takes awareness and even if you're just in that little you know, even if you're just having those moments of, you know, I like to call it the observer that you're like, you're thinking Oh, there's that, you know, noticing your thoughts. Yeah, that's the mom, that's the mom that I work with. 

Kim Strobel 40:06 

I love it. And I love it that it's such deep work. And I love it that I think that when we, I hate to say this, but so many times moms will not spend money on themselves if it just benefits them. But when you can show them, we know that they need to, even if it just benefits them, but moms will spend all kinds of money on their kids. And so this is like benefiting them. And then also really changing the infrastructure for what they're modeling and living and becoming for their kids. So that they're a fantastic example of that. Okay, Tracy, where can people find more of you? 

Tracy Beerman 40:45 Yes, vision driven mom calm. That is my website of vision driven moms. Facebook group is where all of the at all happens, right? I'm actually in the process of beginning of the vision driven mom movement. By the end of the year cam, it's been it's been it's been coming. Vision driven mom's Facebook group vision, you can also go to vision driven mom movement, it's 

Kim Strobel 41:13 

in process. Okay, and we'll drop all those links in the show notes too. 

Tracy Beerman 41:17 Yeah. And the vision driven mom podcast as well. Oh, yeah. Yes. 

Kim Strobel 41:21 

And, and I'm going to some of these references like this book that you mentioned. Do you have I feel like Don't you have like a freebie too that we could give

Tracy Beerman 41:31 I do I do. What's the vibe care toolkit? Yeah, we 

Kim Strobel 41:35 want to give them that don't need the vibe here toolkit for free and I will drop the link to that freebie in the notes as well. And that's gonna at least get them started, isn't it? Yes, yes, 

Tracy Beerman 41:47 definitely. Yeah, it's a it's a deciding ahead of time. What makes you feel good, so we're not like scrambling when you're feeling in a funk? Absolutely 

Kim Strobel 41:57 

chase the it's been an honor to have you on the show today. And just I love the conversation. I love that you're willing to go there with me and talk about some of these hard things. But you've also just left me like I just feel so I feel a lot of hope right now for women and for moms. And I love that you're delivering that to them and giving them the tools they need to to make those steps that are necessary to living their best life. 

  1. T. 

Tracy Beerman 42:21 

Thank you so much, Kim. It's been great. 

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