In this episode, Kim and Brenda talk about…

  • How Brenda became more comfortable with money—as well as how to be more financially responsible.
  • Why women need to incorporate self-affirmation in their everyday lives.
  • What “imposter syndrome” really is (and how to know when you’re experiencing it).

“…bringing myself back into my own power has been a huge part of my spiritual journey.”   

– Brenda Florida

Top Tips from Kim and Brenda

  • Call yourself out! If you realize that you’re suddenly questioning yourself and your abilities, you’re probably experiencing imposter syndrome. It’s important to identify and break this cycle before it spirals. 
  • Never be afraid or ashamed to talk about your accomplishments, career highlights, and other exciting things happening in your life. 
  • Break the habit of assuming that you’re “doing something wrong” when things don’t always go perfectly in your life. That’s just how life works—it has nothing to do with you.


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Brenda Florida is a certified life coach, entrepreneur, mother and grandmother. She’s owned several businesses before becoming a life coach, and is passionate about helping others achieve the lives they long for! She is also obsessed with her own growth and development—professionally, emotionally and spiritually. She seeks higher degrees of consciousness, compassion and love, over comfort. For the past year she has lived a location-free lifestyle, working from wherever she is. Freedom is her siren call; for her own life and her client’s. Brenda has a gift for liberating people to their own wisdom and genius.

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