In today’s episode, Kim and Danielle discuss… 

  • How women can step into their inner sexual confidence by honoring themselves and their bodies.  
  • Ways you can embrace your sexuality—maybe you don’t need lace and corsets to feel sexy. Do what makes you feel sexy! 
  • Why your mind-body connection is crucial to your sexuality. It’s important to be in touch with the sensations that turn you on. 

      “…a lot of women are trying to fit into what we’ve been fed ‘what sexy looks like.’”

      – Danielle Savory


      Light Reading: Pussy: A Reclamation by Regena Thomashauer


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      Danielle Savory is a master certified coach specializing in helping women have a better sex life. She uses her background in neuroscience and mindfulness to help women unpack what is holding them back from pleasure and how to connect more deeply with their bodies. 

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