In this episode, Kim chats about…

  • The biggest misconception most people have about manifestation
  • Why some people leap to the worst case scenario while others filter information differently
  • How your stories and conditioning are keeping you trapped in unhealthy patterns
  • The simple step you can take today to start creating the life you really want

    We get to choose what kind of thought we want to have. So every now and then we get some new information and we think, “Wow, I didn’t know that my thoughts were that powerful. Maybe if I consciously changed my thoughts, that would change the feeling which would change the way I react, which would change the way I interpret something and then maybe, maybe only then can my life be different.”

    Kim’s Top Tips

    • As you become cognizant of how you use your thoughts, you can start creating space between your thoughts.
    • If you’re going to make it through your feelings, you have to be able to feel them – that’s the only way to come out the other side.
    • When you raise the vibrational frequency of your body and your thoughts, you’ll start to attract better things in your life.


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