February’s Joy Juice Newsletter

By Kim Strobel

February 28, 2022

Welcome to the Kim Strobel Monthly Musing!

Hello *|FNAME|*,

I started sending out a monthly newsletter a few months ago, and we are getting a lot of good feedback about it. It's just a monthly wrap-up that lets you know what's been going on over here in the Strobel Education/Kim Strobel world.

What's new in my life?

I went on VACATION! As you know, my hubby and I are empty nesters! We have ONE, I repeat, ONE kid left in college. Yahoo!  But even as we raised our kids, we always took time out to do an adult-only vacation each year. Our marriage has always been a priority for us, and we knew we needed this time together. 

So the first week of favorite, we traveled to our FAVORITE resort, LeBlanc, in Cancun. We enjoyed eight days of chillin', reading, relaxin', along with some tropical drinks. 

Oh, and being the savior of dogs, I did save another dog from Cancun. If you remember, two years ago, we saved our Luna from Cancun. She was a stray who ran the beach each day with me, and I couldn't leave her behind. Here's a pic of her.

We now stay in the hotel zone because where we were previously staying, there were always stray dogs and cats, and I simply couldn't handle it. But on this trip, there was one stray dog that went limping across the street one morning while I was running. He was in terrible shape, and we found out his paws were burned from walking so much on the pavement. 

I was able to get him in a rescue home since my friend Evelyn, who lives in Cancun and helped us rescue Luna, has an animal rescue haven. We named him Francis because I'm pretty sure Saint Francis, the patron saint of animals, helped us capture him and get him to safety. 

Francis originally wouldn't look at people because he's been abused, but I just received this pic from Evelyn, and Francis is letting one of the rescue workers love on him. Warms my heart to see this. 

Products I'm loving...(and their affiliate links)

Wyze Cameras 

I know you think I'm dog crazy, and you're right, but my hubby and I have taken it to a new level. My dog-loving friend, Jason,  told me about the Wyze camera on Amazon for $50.00. It doesn't require a monthly subscription, and it has an app on your phone. We bought two to watch our dogs when we are gone from home. It's terribly entertaining. 🤦‍♀️

Everything Bagel Seasoning
This is another suggestion from Mary, one of the Strobel Ed team members. She is the expert at fixing healthy meals. She takes a low-carb wrap and uses a knife to make indentions on it, so it's visibly divided into fourths. She makes a slit in one of the fourths and adds guacamole, chicken or bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, peppers, eggs, and feta cheese. Then she sprinkles this bagel seasoning and folds it to place in a pan with some avocado oil to get crispy. She uses bagel seasoning on everything!

Sleep Mask 
I'm a huge napper. I know this might come as a surprise to many of you because you think I"m all high-octane energy, but lemme tell you, on the weekends, I crash. My hubby goes to our farm every Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and I take a nap on the couch. And this sleep mask saves me and lets me get into a good sleeping mode. 

Oster Cordless Electronic Wine Opener

No words needed, but this is pretty awesome. 

Books I have recently read...

The Storyteller
by Jodi Picoult

A Happy Pocket Full of Money
by David Cameron Gikandi

Quote, I'm Digging!

What if everything you are going through is preparing you for what you asked for?
— Unknown

When we are going through trying times, it's really hard to believe something good will come from it. Trust me...I know. But as I look back in my life, I see that so many things that felt utterly devasting at times ended up being the very thing that I needed to pivot in my life. It's worth contemplating. 

In Case You Missed The Last Few Podcast Episodes 

Season 7 of She Finds Joy has been crazy-fun. I want to make sure you are not missing out on any of these amazing episodes!

On January 26th , I had the opportunity to chat with Rosanna Berardi about Life Hacks and Shortcuts to Make Your Life Easier.

On February 9th, I talk about Overcoming Perfectionism and Embracing Self-Compassion

On February 23rd, I talked about Mindset: Change the Way You think to Step Into Your Potential.

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