Finding the Value in YOU

By Kim Strobel

July 3, 2018

The Riches and Rewards of Loving Yourself

In her book, Money, A Love Story, entrepreneur and author Kate Northrup writes, “If you can’t see your value, the world doesn’t give value back.”

You see, good things flow to people who value themselves. And you gotta start with the inner stuff before the outside world begins to mirror this back to you.

  • Want a love affair that will rock your “you-know-what”? Start by loving yourself.
  • Want your boss to take you seriously and give you a promotion? Start by loving yourself.
  • Want to get in better shape? Start by loving yourself.
  • Want that savings account to grow? Start by loving yourself.
  • Want a better life for yourself? Start by loving yourself.
  • Want people to respect you? Start by loving yourself.

Being open to embracing your value and accepting validation is a great act of self love. And it’s one that many of us are totally uncomfortable with. Let me give you some scenarios.

You go out for a cup of tea or meal with a girlfriend, and she offers to pick up the tab, but you say, “Oh no, I’ll pay for my own.”

A co-worker gives you a compliment on your new dress, and you say, “Oh, this thing … I got it on sale.”

A stranger opens the door for you, and you say, “It’s OK, I’ve got it.”

A friend or family member gives you a gift, and you say, “Oh, you really didn’t have to do that.”

Recently, I found myself in one of these situations. Someone I don’t know very well reached out to me and asked if she could have an hour of my time for an interview about starting my business. I agreed, and we met for lunch. When the check came at the end of the meal, she offered to pay. But I demurred, “Oh no, I can get my own, but thank you.”

By doing this, I sent a message to the Universe that I don’t value myself enough to receive the gift of someone buying my meal. Even though I had just gifted her an hour’s worth of my time!

When we devalue ourselves, we inadvertently tell ourselves (and the Universe) we aren’t worth these offers. And when we do this, we block the flow of abundance into our lives.

You have to expand your capacity to receive. When someone compliments you, don’t diminish yourself. Smile, and say thank you. When someone offers to pay for your meal, graciously—and proudly—accept the offer and thank them.

These seemingly simple acts can make it much easier to receive the riches the world has to offer us. Start loving yourself more—and see how your life becomes more abundant in so many ways!

Question: What are some ways you tend to devalue yourself? And what steps can you take to STOP doing that today? Share your thoughts in the comments below … or join the conversation over on Facebook or Twitter.

  • Love the idea that we need to recognize our own worth & love ourselves! I’ve got the accepting compliments, free lunches, and accepting open doors, with thank you, “self -love” down, but now I need to work on some of those other very important bullet points listed above: getting in better shape, growing my savings, and working on creating my “better life”! Thanks so much for sharing this empowering article! 🙂

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