How To Quit Abandoning Yourself

By Kim Strobel

June 12, 2020

Does this resonate with you?

Do you feel like something is “off” in your life? 

Do you feel weary, restless, frustrated, and worn out?

Do you say things like this to yourself:  

  • I should be grateful.
  • I have a good enough life. 
  • Why can’t I just be content?
  • Where did my spark go? 
  • How have I lost myself? 

This happens a lot for people who have survived adversity, chronic stress, abuse, and even just living in the Western world. It can come from surviving and PUSHING through to make ends meet and keep up with the Joneses.

It’s common, but it doesn’t have to be constant. Life can get better. A lot better. 

There’s a certain kind of woman who begins to hear a little whisper that says, “Actually, good enough isn’t for me. I want to feel alive again. I deserve to create an exceptional life. I had a spark and it’s time to find it again. I want to reclaim myself from the inside out because sister, I know I am made for more.” 

This is exactly the kind of woman I work with. The woman who is ready to reclaim the longing inside of herself. 

We push so hard to be good: good mothers, partners, mommas, employees, and friends. We hope all of this will make us feel alive and good about ourselves. 

The problem is that it doesn’t. It leaves us feeling weary, stressed, overwhelmed and underwhelmed. It leaves us fatigued and a little lost. 

Finally, this woman decides she’s worth it. She ignores the voices in her head trying to convince her to settle and remembers who she was before the world and everyone else told her who she should be. 

She stopped abiding by all the lame ass rules and decided to reclaim her life. She quit trying to please the world and decided to live and please herself. Once she made that decision for herself, everything shifted:

  • Her relationships
  • Her money
  • Her abundance
  • Her beauty
  • Her ambition
  • Her confidence
  • Her courage

That’s when the game changed… when she decided it was time to stand in her power and claim what was rightfully hers. 

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