Learning to Slow Down and Be Real

By Kim Strobel

April 2, 2020

Some Days Just Suck 

Most of the time being my own boss is the absolute best. It’s ‘out of this world” incredible, in fact. I can’t believe how lucky I am that I get to help women learn how to show up for themselves, solve their self-love problems and find joy and happiness. It’s the best job ever. 

That said, being the boss has its drawbacks. I am exhausted from running two businesses. Many times I can’t shut my brain down and my body doesn’t know how to “do” slow. I’m like Rhianna singing “Work, work, work, work, work.” Recently, I found myself feeling frustrated because it was a Friday morning and that’s when I usually do my 10 mile run, but instead I was being forced to work.. Bosses get stuff done and I’m no exception. I show up for my business and sometimes I’m tired. 

My office was a total disaster and it has been like that for months. It just got an overhaul. The stress of the chaos was getting to me because I just love clean and organized spaces. So, not only did I have to work on my scheduled “long run” day, but my infamous dog, George, had for some crazy reason, peed and pooped in the house overnight. So there I was having to mop and clean floors on top of trying to get caught up on my workload. Oh yeah, and my cleaning lady had just been at my house the day before. (Insert cry here).

Even worse, I think I have trained my brain to work long days and that’s what it expects. That’s why I am working late at night, or if I’m not working, I’m pacing because I have no chill. This is partly a “stage of life” thing, I recognize that. After Spencer left for college, my work drive increased. Raising him must have brought great balance to my life because when he was no longer living here full-time, my work life got out of control.

I know you feel me on that feeling of overwhelm. I see all of you out there who maybe don’t run two businesses, but you work full-time and run your households full-time so I know you know what this feels like, too. You’re not alone in the struggle. I’ve been there. It’s tough. 

Why am I telling you this? It’s not to make you feel sorry for me. I believe in being real on my blog, on social media and sharing both sides. I don’t want you to just see me flying in airplanes and walking onto stages. I want to share the “meh” days and the bad days and just share that you can still choose joy and happiness. 

I wanted you to know that today feels like “one of those days” where you want to flee the country like one of my friends did and just live a simple life on a quaint island. What’s next for me? Operation Kim Strobel. It’s time to work on spending more days playing in the sun and relaxing. After all, I’m the boss and it’s time to get back to feeling “out of this world” amazing. 

Are you working on getting back to where you want to be? What does that look like? For more ideas on inviting more joy and happiness into your life, tune into my podcast or join my free Facebook group

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