March’s Joy Juice Newsletter

By Kim Strobel

March 28, 2022

Welcome to the Kim Strobel Joy Juice Newsletter!

What's new in my life?

Work. Work. Work. I've been working a lot of hours. This is the time of year we begin getting a lot of requests for keynotes as well as professional development trainings for the summer. 

Plus, we are overhauling our websitesβ€”both the Strobel Education one for educators and the Kim Strobel one for businesses and organizations. Money is flying out the door, but I think the changes to the website will be so beneficial. 

Here's a sneak peek. 

I get really exhausted at times in my work life and even though I know I can't keep pushing through, sometimes I do until I meltdown. Anyone else struggle with this? 

Products I'm loving...(and their affiliate links)

I'm not sure if my Amazon shopping went down this month or what, but when it was time to see my latest purchases, I couldn't find anything to place here. My husband is super-happy.

So I reached out to our She Finds Joy free Facebook Group and asked the peeps for their favorite things. Here goes!  

Megan said this was one of her favorite produce because it feels good and gets rid of product build-up. I could use a good scalp massage each night.

The Dammit Doll

Oh, Shayla really made me laugh on this one. I bet you know someone who would appreciate this perfect gag gift. With the everyday stresses of work and life, you just smash or throw the Dammit Doll, and everything feels wonderful inside of you again.  

Warner's Women's Bra
Thank you, Suzan, for coming through on this one for the ladies on this email list. A good bra is hard to find, and a reasonably priced one is even harder. I ordered this as soon as I saw Suzan's comment!

Got2b Volumanic Spray Powder, 0.28oz

I have very fine hair, and when I found hair powder, it changed my life. πŸ˜†
I've been using Big Sexy for years. I love it, but I'm going to give this other one a try from my friend, Emily, who says she doesn't like spending so much money on spray powder. 

Books I have recently read...

Everything Happens For a Reason
by  Kate Bowler

My friend, Katie, recommended this. She is a cancer survivor and this book was so helpful to me, but honestly, even if you don't have cancer, it gives you great perspective on dealing with any kind of uncertainty in your life.

Wish You Were Here
by Jodi Picoult

This fiction book was recommended to me by Kelly, ironically, Katie's sister. It was so timely! I was swept away by the character Diana, and I was living somewhat vicariously through her adventures. But then, one sentence leaves you completely stunned and changes the entire story. Not gonna spoil it, though.

Quote, I'm Digging!

We've been told that when we put our needs above others, we are being selfish. This is an outdated social script passed down from generations of others who had this imprinted in them. 

If you don't give back to yourself, you will simply not be as effective in the parts of your life as a teacher, a leader, a parent, a coach, a worker, etc. Self-care is HUGE! Self-care is not selfish - it's essential!

When you take care of yourself, you bring the best of yourself to others. You can't pour from an empty or half-empty cup, my friends. You are allowed to put yourself first some of the time. You are worthy of loving yourself enough to do so. 

In Case You Missed The Last Few Podcast Episodes 

Season 7 of She Finds Joy has been crazy-fun. I want to make sure you are not missing out on any of these amazing episodes!

On March 23rd, I talk about The Upper Limit Problem: What's holding you back from more of Everything.

On March 23rd, I talk about The Upper Limit Problem: What's holding you back from more of Everything.

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