My Journey: How did I get where I am today

By Kim Strobel

March 15, 2022

From about 2013-2015, I started to hear these whispers in my heart about starting my own business that delivered strong but REAL professional development for teachers.

But I had no idea how I would do it and where I would find teachers who actually wanted to attend. I felt like I was basically a “nobody” in the field of education, so how would people even hear about me?

But in 2015, approx 7 years ago, I decided to do something that felt really scary. I was going to host my first-ever workshop and just see how it went. These are the pics from that workshop held right here in Tell City.

I hosted it in the summer because I worked as a curriculum director. We had about 15 teachers attend, and I was thrilled.

So I hosted a couple more in the fall, and we had over 90 teachers attend.

In December, I told my husband it was time to leave my current job and go full-time with Strobel Education starting Jan. 1.

He about stroked out but sort of knew this was coming.

I was sooooo scared that I was putting my family’s financial welfare at risk and making what could be one of the biggest mistakes of my life.

But my soul also knew that I absolutely had to try this.

And so I took the leap.

In 2017, I decided to become a motivational speaker and remember skiing the slopes of Colorado with my son when I got the first email that a school wanted to hire me to be their Back-to-School keynote speaker. Little did that school know, I had never stepped on a stage and done this sort of thing.

Now I do about 75 keynotes and run multiple coaching programs a year, and my miracle team of consultants delivers a lot of the full-day workshops.

And I have the silent dream team that runs all the behind-the-scenes stuff as well.

In 2020, we took our happiness and well-being coaching and branched out into the business and industry world as well, where I now give keynotes in the Corporate world.

There are days I’m still scared as hell and feel like a floundering fish. But more times than not, I’m grateful that I found the courage to take the leap and do what aligns with my purpose and how my soul wants to show up and shine.

If you hear those whispers, don't ignore them.

If you feel afraid, do it anyway.

If you have no idea of the "how" you will make it happen, simply start with the first step of taking action.

You are worthy of being a dream chaser.

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