Kim Strobel - Keynote Speaker

Radical Wellness

The Self-Care Nobody’s Talking About

Self-care is an overused phrase that doesn't get to the heart of what most of us are facing each day. We are told to practice "self-care" when we are already drowning in a sea of mental and physical fatigue and exhaustion. It’s time to replace the phrase "self-care" with Radical Wellness.

It's radical because it's uncomfortable and messy, and it requires us to examine our lives from the inside out, including taking a step back and making some much-needed moves in our lives. It is not a random, long-overdue pampering with a facial or a walk in the park.

It is restructuring our lives with the understanding that not only do we deserve to feel good physically and emotionally, but also that those around us – our co-workers, our families, our colleagues – need us to be the best versions of ourselves.

When I talk about radical wellness, I’m talking about the thoughts and beliefs we act on daily - sometimes without even knowing are operating in the background of our minds.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Understanding the difference between self-care and radical wellness
  • Prioritizing ourselves in a way that is a shift in thinking and beliefs
  • Creating boundaries that honor our wellbeing
  • Learning to value ourselves in a way that aligns our actions and outcomes
  • Evaluating eight areas of fulfillment in our lives and identifying where our energy needs to go to reach our goals
  • Reframing our view of the world to see how we can better contribute by being our best selves.