Work Less, Earn More

By Kim Strobel

September 18, 2019

Generate More Passion, Revenue, and Freedom in Your Life

A big part of the work I do as a happiness coach and through my RISE UP program is helping women to pursue their life’s passions.

For some, that might be taking a fabulous trip, or making a big move, or seeking out a relationship that’s worthy of them.

But for others, it’s all about business, baby!

A couple of weeks ago, I coached the ladies in my program on how they could create a business idea that not only produces a major revenue stream, but also allows them to chase after that thing they are so very passionate about.

Every woman deserves to chase her passion, ignite her mission, serve others—and make LOTS of money while doing it!

Because when a woman makes money, she creates her own power. And that can allow her to make a BIG impact in the world.

4 Ways to Produce Income

During the coaching call with my RISE UP women, I talked about “The Cashflow Quadrant,” a concept created by bestselling author and businessman, Robert Kiyosaki.

Kiyosaki writes that there are four types of people, classified by the ways they earn income:

  1. Employee. If you’re an “employee,” that means you have a job working for someone else. You go to an office or workplace every day, work at least 40 hours a week, and depend on a monthly salary as your primary source of income. As an employee, you may build your wealth through profit-sharing or through a commission-based sales position.
  2. The Self-Employed. As a “self-employed” individual, you work for yourself. There are opportunities to make a lot of money, but like “employees,” your income will likely be tied to how much you work. You don’t have vacation/personal time, so any time you’re not working, you’re not earning.
    (As an entrepreneur, I somewhat fall into this category. I spend a lot of time hustling and I’m still building my business. However, I’ve discovered that I have waaaay more play time than I did as an “employee”—and I’m making a lot more money!)
  3. Business Owner. If you’re a “business owner,” you’re technically self-employed. But instead of owning a JOB (where you’re constantly hustling to earn money), you own a SYSTEM. You’ve set up a way to earn money even when you’re not spending time on your business. And you’ve hired employees who help you execute the system. You’re working—but your income is not strictly tied to the hours you work.
    (As my business grows, I’m moving more from “self employed” to “business owner.” That was certainly evident this summer—while I lounged on the beach with my family, my salesperson, Danielle, was enrolling members in my RISE UP program and collecting the cash!)
  4. The Investor. Instead of working for money, are you really damn good at getting your money to work for YOU? Then you’re an “investor”! Sometimes you don’t even use your money; you use others’. And you don’t really “work” at all. You’re not relying on personal time, effort, and the daily hustle. You’re savvy—turning stocks, buying real estate, owning rental properties, or investing in someone else’s million-dollar business idea. 

Where Do You Want to Be on the Quadrant?

A whopping 95% of the population falls on the left side of the quadrant. They are either an “employee” or “self-employed.” Only 5% of these people ever achieve wealth.

Now look at the right quadrants. Only 5% of the population wear the labels “business owner” or “investor.” But guess what? 95% of this group gets to wealth!

The ladies in my RISE UP program were soooo fired up after this coaching that they were immediately brainstorming ways to get their business ideas out into the world—and get themselves onto the right side of the quadrant.

I want every woman to achieve their dreams of entrepreneurship. I’m showing them how to achieve that dream by creating a system that generates revenue … how to act on their ideas, create a framework and system to deliver that idea, and then begin selling that idea to people who need their solution.

The women in my RISE UP program are well on their way. These are badasses who want to show up and be seen in the world. They are women who want to create, produce, serve. 

And they want to do it while following their passions by creating a system that buys them fun, family time, and financial freedom.

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