You Are More Than Any Body Part

By Kim Strobel

October 10, 2019

Rejecting Diet Culture and Loving Your Whole Self

My friend, Jamila Hume, is on a mission to guide and empower women to create balance and harmony in their lives—to live from a place of radiance.

She knows from experience how life’s daily challenges and stressors can alter a person’s well-being. That’s why she’s all about listening to your own body’s “wisdom” and using what it tells you to shift your nutrition, fitness, and mindset to chart a path that works for YOU.

But there are some people who think your body is their business and that you should listen to THEIR opinions. 

Jamila recently shared an image on social media that promotes the exact kind of BS that keeps women from truly loving their whole selves. And she was not having it!

Jamia’s comments about this image were so on point and so 🔥🔥🔥 that I asked for permission to share her words with you guys! So here are her thoughts, from her September 7 Facebook post:

Some days I want to quit all social media. I know this is the wrong step to take, the wrong approach … I know we need to keep raising the bar, forcing the narrative to change. 

It angers me to think people with thousands of followers continue to create fear and loathing—fear of food; loathing of self. 

It angers me that this is allowed. I know I am naive, who monitors this crap? 

We do.

I don’t want to be part of a narrative that makes you think about a body part before you take a bite of food; that triggers guilt before you eat. That makes you think the size of any part of you EXCEPT FOR YOUR HEART, matters. This is crazy-making. I’m calling this mob out.

This is not good messaging. 

Disappointed and bewildered by the world we live in.

Change your self narrative. Change how you see your value. It is not your butt shape or body size. It IS your smile, your soul’s radiance, your compassion and just how you interact with the world around you. 

I don’t care what you wear, what house you live in, who you love. I care how honest you can be with yourself and the people around you. I care about your integrity—can you walk in it? I care if you care for the stranger down the street; the elderly woman at the shop struggling to carry her bags to her car; the exhausted solo dad who lost his wife, and the mother of his children, to cancer. 

Your butt has no business in any of this other than to provide a place to sit down and hold that baby/puppy/kitten/book/plate of food at the park on a Sunday afternoon in May.


Who is with me??

– Jamila Hume

LET’S ALL SAY ENOUGH! I’m definitely with Jamila on this! And I’m backed by a sisterhood of women who are with her, too. If you’re about saying NO to ridiculous and damaging expectations—and instead saying HELL YES to shining brighter and living your radiance, my exclusive Facebook group is where you belong!


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