A Creature of Habit(s)

By Kim Strobel

September 25, 2019

How ‘The Golden Hour’ Can Help You Create Personal Success

According to world-renowned self-development author and speaker, Brian Tracy, the first hour of your day is perhaps the single most powerful factor in one’s personal development.

He calls this time “The Golden Hour.” And he says that what you do during this first hour prepares your mind and sets the tone for your entire day.

The more intentional you are with your thoughts and actions during The Golden Hour, the more productive you’ll be the rest of the day. And the more successful you’ll become in every aspect of your life.

Your Positive Habits Should Be Non-Negotiable

To truly take advantage of The Golden Hour, you have to incorporate some positive habits into your daily routine.

It’s been said by many that it takes at least 21 days to form a positive habit. When you’re trying to incorporate a new, positive habit into your routine—something to make you healthier, happier, more productive—21 days can seem an eternity. Especially if your progress isn’t a straight line. There might be a lot of starts and stops before you actually see successes.

But when that habit takes hold—ahhh! It’s like the clouds part and angels sing! You’ve opened yourself up to positive change and all the opportunities that come with it.

Now, most people would describe me as spontaneous. Just ask my husband … or my team … or anyone who’s spent any time at all with me!

But in other important ways I’m a creature of habit. There are certain “non-negotiables” in my life—my happiness habits—that I practice on a daily (or near daily) basis.

These habits are all about creating happiness for myself. They help me align with my true self; they provide the self-care and “me time” that allows me to show up as the best damn Kim I can be every single day.

These habits are the building blocks of my Golden Hour! Well … hours. I try to pack a lot of productivity into my mornings!

The Routine of My Golden Hour(s)

I have a lot to be thankful for in my life, and I know it. But it’s always a good idea to remind yourself of exactly WHAT you’re so thankful for. That’s why I keep a gratitude journal. By writing down what I’m grateful for, I’m constantly training my brain to look for the positives in my environment!

The thoughts you have first thing in the morning have a powerful influence on how you think, feel, and act the rest of the day. That’s why it’s so important to start your day with ideas and impressions that provide a blueprint of positivity to help achieve your goals. For me, that means physically writing down a list of daily affirmations.

No day is complete without a little quality time with the fur babies! How better to show my pups they’re loved than with an activity that’s good for them? A leisurely walk with the cutest crew around does ALL of our hearts good!

I’m a runner … but not all of my dogs are. So after our walk, I drop off the non-runners in my menagerie and then hit the road for a 5-10 mile run. Sometimes I’ll listen to audio books, but these runs are also when I do some of my best planning and plotting for my businesses.

Not all of my habits come so easily. I know the importance of meditation. I know the many benefits it can provide. But let me be REAL honest: I have NOT been doing my meditation practice regularly (sigh). I am, however, working on making this a true daily habit!

Finally—lest you think my morning routine is totally exhausting—I reward myself with a soothing cup of my favorite tea. This simple act offers time for reflection and puts me in the state of mind I need to tackle the rest of my day.

Final Thoughts on Habits

EMBRACE THE GOLDEN HOUR: What does your daily routine look like? What are the positive habits you’ve incorporated (or would like to incorporate) into your life? Share in the comments below! 

  • Thanks for the reminder about the Golden Hour. I started this habit a little over a year ago and my day is not the same if I skip it. Taking time to meditate, pray , think about goals and gratitude are now engrained in my day and it definitely makes a difference.

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