In this episode, Kim and Colene are taking on…

  • Ways that women downplay their own abilities and achievements (and why we need to stop!)
  • How Colene carved a path as a successful HR professional as a black woman in corporate America
  • Why it’s so important to practice forgiveness rather than let anger and bitterness consume us—and why sometimes forgiveness is not a one-time process

“I think it’s okay to feel hurt and pain and not want to forgive someone. I don’t think that there has to be this blanket apology and forgiveness that you spread out across the world. But I do think you have to reign it in because if not, it’s easy to let that snowball and all of a sudden you’re walking around angry and mad and overwhelmed because you’re holding on to all of this, all of this that’s not meant for you to hold onto.”    

– Colene Elridge

Top Tips from Kim and Colene

  • We don’t need to forgive everyone all at once—it’s a process, and it’s perfectly okay to not be ready to forgive someone. However, try not to actively dislike more than three people at one time. 
  • Sometimes, certain things will trigger us and we will need to go through the forgiveness process again. When you choose to forgive someone again, you are growing and progressing as a person. 
  • We need to allow ourselves to feel the gross, unappealing feelings that go hand-in-hand forgiveness process.


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Colene Elridge is a results-oriented success coach with nearly 15 years of experience in human resources, training, government and entrepreneurship. This Owner of Be More Consulting is known as Coach Colene. She is respected for her passion to make workplaces better, happier and more productive, “I’ve spent more than 10 years thinking about what makes work environments tick and how we can create extraordinary leaders and engaging workplaces,” says Colene. “I want to change the way people think about Life, Leadership, and Work through focused coaching, workshops and training.”

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