How Success Blossoms from Adversity

As I took my morning run, I came across this flower that had managed to bust through the concrete in an effort to blossom. I was struck by its symbolism.

We all have our struggles, and they can be very painful at times. But this flower reminded me that struggle expands us; it builds us into better versions of ourselves if we are willing to do the work and not give up on life.

After all, it’s often experiences of pain and darkness that provide the opportunity for something bigger and better to come into existence.

Just like a caterpillar has to do the hard work of struggling from its cocoon to earn its wings, we, too, must DO THE WORK to make our lives our own version of better.

Today, I was once again reminded that life is so worth its many struggles. Just look at this flower basking in its success. I hear it saying, “Hello world, look at me now.”

So … how will you “bust through the concrete” today?