Making My Dreams Happen—One Vision at a Time

By Kim Strobel

December 21, 2017

How Vision Boards Helped Me Create the Life I Love

See that picture above? That’s me giving a keynote address in a huge auditorium back in August. There were more than 1200 PEOPLE in the crowd!

It was an amazing opportunity … an amazing experience … a truly amazing feeling.

But you know what the most amazing thing about that day was? I made it happen! I dreamt it, I saw the vision in my head, I felt the emotion tied to this vision—and then I brought the opportunity into my own life.

It’s true! Here’s the picture I put on my vision board. It’s of a speaker standing in front of a huge auditorium filled with people. This is the exact situation I was hoping to manifest in my own life.

And I did it!

See … I have a superpower. I know how to manifest and bring people, circumstances, and opportunities into my life. I do it by using the Law of Attraction and vision boards.

I put my intention—that I wanted to stand in front of an audience of more than 1000 people—out to the Universe this past year. Up until that point, my biggest crowd had been around 200. I wanted to push myself to dream bigger—because I believe in BIG, BOLD dreams!

So, I set the intention in May. And sure enough, in July, my phone rings with the opportunity to give the back-to-school keynote to a group of more than 1200 people. In that moment, I remember having the thought, “It’s actually happening!” I, of course, had the belief that it would happen (beliefs are SO powerful!). And I had manifested it into my reality.

It’s true: I know how to create magic in my life!

My thoughts, my intentional actions, and of course, the support of my Higher Power (he/she’s a big part of my work), all came together to create this awesome opportunity. As author Paulo Cuelho says, “When you want something, all the Universe conspires in helping you achieve it.”

I know, I know … there are probably some naysayers out there who can’t believe the Law of Attraction and vision boards actually work. You might think it sounds a little crazy or far-fetched.

I get it, I do. When I first started creating vision boards, my husband didn’t quite know what to think. Suddenly, these boards were appearing in our bedroom and bathroom, and he was … well, confused.

But then things started happening. He watched me manifest things into not just my own life, but into our life as a couple, a family. He saw checkmarks appear on dozens of vision boards through the years, each signalling another dream realized.

Now he believes! My very grounded, super-conservative husband will be the first to tell you that vision boards WORK, and so does The Law of Attraction.

And that, my peeps, is why I’m so excited for my new workshop, The Law of Attraction & Vision Boards: Manifest Your Dream Life. I’ll show you (even the skeptics!) how to focus your energies and attentions on your goals—and make them a reality!

I’ve been using The Law of Attraction and vision boards for more than 15 years to create my life. And I’m still stunned at their power!

I’ve discovered the special formula and action steps necessary to make the BIG CHANGES happen in one’s life. And now I want to share them with you.

Join me.

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