Manifest Your Dream Life

By Kim Strobel

October 30, 2020

I know how to teach women how to create the imaginable in their life. After all, I’m the girl who… 

  • Who struggled to walk to her mailbox because of panic disorder and now walks on a stage in front of thousands.
  • Who was in a terribly unhappy marriage at one time. 
  • Who had zero self confidence. 
  • Who constantly berated herself. 
  • Who felt like her whole life was one big fuck-up.

And while I’m still my own shit show, I can honestly say I’ve learned how to create a life that previously seemed impossible. I’ve learned to do it by learning how to manifest, visualize, and co-create my life using the Law of Attraction.

Women underestimate what we are capable of all the time. We can have limiting beliefs about who we are and what we can accomplish. But I know how to change that. 

Just recently, I started manifesting that I wanted to begin landing gigs in the Ed Tech World. I found out two weeks ago that I had done it. I booked my first gig.

Then I decided I wanted to go from being a national speaker to an international speaker. That’s why you see this image above—because I’ve done it. 

I’m not gonna lie… it’s been a tough year trying to pivot my business. And yes, there have been a lot of “lay on my office floor and cry” moments.

But when you have a mission and you are passionate about it, you keep putting your big girl pants on and trying. You have no choice. When you have a framework to follow, you can begin to learn how to manifest the things in your life and everything begins to shift. 

I can’t wait to launch my next 90-day Big, Bold, and Brave coaching program. If you’d like to get on the waitlist, you can fill out an application here.

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