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By Kim Strobel

October 30, 2022

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What's happenin' over here...
My momma turned 70 in June, and her wish was for her family to take a week-long vacation together. So, my two brothers and I, along with our families (minus our college son), traveled to the Outerbanks. We rented a gorgeous home right on the ocean. 
This trip was really special for my mom. She loves when she gets her family together. There was a lot of laughter, plenty of practical jokes, and wild sporting games played on the beach.

My brother, Brad (far left), lives in Brownsburg, IN, and is an Edward Jones Finance guy. My brother Jared (to the left of me) is also a finance guy, but he and his family live in Greenwood, Indiana, and he's in charge of the Endowment for Franklin College.  

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I was able to walk down to the beach each day and do my morning meditation. What a delight that was along with going to bed each night listening to the waves flow through our door and windows.  🌊 🌊 🌊

I also had to summon up some beach energy because my niece and nephews wanted plenty of time with Aunt Kimmie on this trip.  Here's a pic of the whole gang, minus our college boy. 

In other BIG NEWS! My stepdaughter, Clair, got married!

And she looked beautiful. The vows she wrote for her husband made me cry. They were so heartfelt and sincere. I love that wedding couples write their own vows much of the time.

She married a wonderful guy, Evan. He's super into self-help and always wants to improve every aspect of his life, so you know how much I love him.

It was a beautiful day, and Clair said it was the best day of her life. ❤️❤️❤️

Books I'm reading...

I have to tell you about a book I'm reading that feels like Divine Intervention sent my way. As you know, I've had a life-long struggle with anxiety and panic disorder. It's something I continue to work on because I'm determined to heal it.

I happened upon Mel Robbin's podcast episode with Dr. Russell Kennedy. Dr. Kennedy is an MD and neuroscientist who has struggled with his own anxiety disorder for 40 years!  And he's healed it!  

I ordered his book, "Anxiety RX," and it's blowing my mind. He's validating all the things I've felt for years and offering a new way of looking at and healing anxiety. It's really resonating with me.

Quote, I'm Digging!

It's easy to forget how resilient we are, especially when we start to doubt ourselves or when life starts to fall apart. We forget that we have survived 100% of the bad things that have already happened to us.

We don't always take the time to look back and see all the evidence that we have been able to trust ourselves and our ability to overcome hard things. Yet, over and over, we have climbed the next mountain because of WHO we are. We can trust ourselves. We can believe in ourselves. We do indeed have invisible wings.

In Case You Missed The Last Few Podcast Episodes 

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