It’s Time to Stop “Playing it Safe.”

We need to follow our dreams and make them happen.

I think most women vastly underestimate themselves. They say things like:

  • “I have a dream, but don’t know how to make it happen.”
  • “I don’t have what it takes to launch my side gig.”
  • “It will never work.”
  • “I’m not smart enough.”
  • “My idea is silly.”

This leaves us all feeling so frustrated with ourselves. Why do women dismiss their ideas, ambitions, and dreams so easily? Why do we have little confidence when it comes to our skill set?

The Global Dreams Index Survey shows that over half of the women in the world have given up on their dreams. It’s like me and the darn book I’ve been wanting to write for years! There’s something in me that keeps blocking me from thinking I can do it. I’ve been doubting myself for ages.

Yet, there are women out there who may not have all the skills, resources, or support they need, but have taken the plunge and are making bank. They’re out there following their dreams. And trust me, you can too.

It’s one of the things I teach in my 90 day coaching program. You can build your confidence skills, get rid of your limiting beliefs, and start making things happen even if you are a momma and you have a day job.

Just ask Tiffani who went through my program. She has launched her own travel biz and had an unexpected income flow of over $30,000 happen to her during the program. You know why? Because she learned to believe in herself and she started to work on some of her money mindset issues. 

Or ask my new colleague and fellow coach, Nancy Jane, whose entire counseling program is based on Voxer. If you don’t know, Voxer is an app that allows you to just record yourself talking and then the other person can record themselves back.Sort of like a talking text app. But she sees no in-office clients. All of her clients pay to have Voxer access with her and guess what? It works! And she works less now and makes more money!

We underestimate what is possible in today’s world. Want to start finding your worth and following your own dreams? Want to stop playing it safe? Fill out an application for the next time we launch my Big, Bold, and Brave – 90 day coaching program. 

PS: I have decided it’s time to step out of my own fear of writing my book and take another chance on myself, which is I am currently in Vermont dedicating myself to my dream (and some play, too). No distractions. Just me, the lake, and my guts to put my magic out into the world.

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