Scholarship: Apply Today to RISE UP!

By Kim Strobel

January 22, 2019

Every Woman Deserves the Chance to Live Her Dream Life

If you’ve been following me on this crazy happiness journey, you know I’m about to launch my new RISE UP program on February 4. (I’m super-excited about it, so, yeah … I’ve been talking about it A LOT!)

I’m excited because this is an amazing opportunity for women who want to rediscover themselves. Women who have sacrificed everything to pursue what they thought would make them happy—family, career, a relationship—and now find themselves at loose ends. They’ve lost their shine and lost their way.

I’ve encountered so many women who feel like this. And I, too, experienced these same feelings for many years … until I learned how to RISE UP.

I’ve also heard from women who want to participate in the RISE UP program but aren’t ready or are unable to make the investment right now. I believe in honoring women and helping them realize their potential, so I don’t want anyone to be held back from living her dream life.

Years ago, when I was dealing with both professional and personal stresses, I knew I needed to do something to renew my spirit or run the risk of completely burning out. I was still struggling with panic disorder. And I was feeling disconnected and starting to lose myself.

It was time to take action and make changes.

So I applied for a grant that proved to be life-changing. I had an amazing experience and walked away reenergized. I began to delve deeper into personal development and discovered not only a framework for helping myself—but one I could also use to help others.

It’s things like this that make me a big believer in the power of “Just ASK.” If you want to make things happen for yourself, you have to reach out for it, and sometimes that means flat-out asking for it.

I’ve heard YOUR questions. So, here’s your answer:

The RISE UP Scholarship

What you get:
FREE enrollment in the 10-week RISE UP program—a $2997 value
(See what’s included here.)

How you apply:
Tell me why you are deserving of a spot in RISE UP … what’s currently holding you back from full potential … what BIG change you want to see happen in your life.
Put your story into no more than 750 words, and send in an email to [email protected].

Due date:
Submissions must be received no later than January 25 to be considered.
The winner will be announced on January 30.

And just in case cold feet are holding you back, the winner of the scholarship gets to invite a friend to the program at a seriously reduced rate! You’ll be able to encourage each other, cheer each other on, hold each other accountable—and have a truly transformative experience together!

So … now there are no excuses. This is your opportunity to commit to your own happiness and success—and to totally transform your life. Let’s do this!

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