We All Need a Little Extra Help Around the House—and That’s Okay

By Kim Strobel

February 27, 2020

You don’t need to be supermom ALL the time…

My attempt at cooking tonight. I made roasted veggies from my sister-in-law’s recipe. But after adding the olive oil, seasonings, and glaze, then tossing the veggies in it, and slapping it in the oven… well, as I was putting the olive oil away I saw I had written “dogs” on it.


Yikes… I’m not sure if this is fried donut oil or what. Sometimes when I make homemade donuts I reuse the oil. Yep, I think I remember now putting the oil I fry donuts in back in an olive oil container and moving it to the back shelf so I wouldn’t use it for our food.

Darn cabinet organizers tricked me. Oh well, not telling Scott. 🤓

Veggies roasted with leftover donut oil. Scott sure got lucky with me.

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