Who Am I?

As you know, I’m in Vermont, hiking the green mountains, taking in the sunshine and fall color, while working on my book for how women can show up bigger, bolder, and braver. As I was hiking Elmore mountain this week, I started having thoughts about WHO AM I? And this is what I came up with.

I am a woman who seeks to know herself better.

I am a woman whose greatest gift in life was when God chose her to be the mother of her son.

I am a woman who is fierce, but sometimes struggles too.

I am a woman who has married twice, but found the love of her life the second time.

I am a woman who is constantly seeking her soul.

I am a woman who has endured harsh judgement from critics along the way, but knows her own self worth because of it.

I am a woman who works to get a little better each day, but also continues to make mistakes.

I am a woman who can play big, but also still has moments of smallness.

I am a woman with confidence who still has trying times of doubt.

I am a woman who knows fear, but continues to walk through it.

I am a woman who knows darkness and because of it, chases the light.

I am a woman of many layers, but one who is still finding her way.

And above all, I love this woman who has endured so much, but keeps walking her journey.

I want you to really consider the question of WHO are you?  I don’t mean your job title. I want you to go deeper than this. Who are you when you look inside yourself?  What are the very deepest parts of your soul?

Here’s to you perhaps writing your WHO AM I manifesto. If you do it, I’d love for you to post it in the She Finds Joy Facebook Group!

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