Why You Shouldn’t Have to Settle ❤️

By Kim Strobel

May 22, 2020

I recently interviewed Maggie Reyes for my podcast and her episode was 🔥🔥🔥. Maggie is a Life Coach and Marriage Mentor who helps couples build the most nurturing and loving relationships possible. 


I think high -quality relationships aren’t just a dream, they can be a reality. I believe we have to stop settling for “good enough” marriages and reach for exceptional marriages. 


“Good enough” marriages are ones where we stop growing and evolving as a couple. In “good enough” marriages we settle instead of making requests of our partner. We tell ourselves things will never change so we might as well tolerate it. 


Look…my marriage isn’t exceptional all of the time. There have even been times where it was maybe even worse than “good enough”. Am I glad I didn’t throw the towel in then? You bet! 


But you know what else we did?


We worked on our marriage because “good enough” wasn’t good enough for us. We wanted an exceptional marriage. We took action to get what we want and deserve. 


Here’s what we did to help us create an exceptional marriage A LOT of the time:


  • Couples counseling (and we are going to keep doing it as we need it)
  • Non-negotiable weekly date nights
  • Yearly adult only vacations
  • Reading books together that help us connect as a couple, so we can keep learning about each other even 20 years later


You deserve an exceptional relationship with your partner. Exceptional marriages need exceptional commitment to making things work. That means you have to actively decide to make your marriage better. 


You have to make it a priority. Not a priority after the kids go to bed and you’re exhausted. Not a priority that gets scheduled in only after the kids sporting events, etc. have been scheduled. It has to be a priority right now!


Are you ready to make your relationship a priority and enjoy exceptional connection? Check out Maggie’s episode and get ready to level up your relationship. 

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