Have You Ever Been Told “You’re Too Much”?

I am a “too much” woman. I was told for a long time that I was “too much” of everything:

  • Too confident

  • Too loud

  • Too ambitious

  • Too extroverted

  • Too emotional

  • Too talkative

I love hard and I feel deeply, and yes, I want to have it all. Every single bit of it.

I have kickass legs, I’m not afraid to discuss mental health, sex, racism, etc.  I’m honest, and my laughter is contagious. My energy is BIG and all-consuming. I’m no longer as afraid to speak up and have an opinion.

Basically, I’m altogether too much and that muchness has made me dangerous. It has made others want to drown out my light and keep me small. It has made people attack me and try to keep me contained so they could feel better about themselves.

And for a long time, I kept going back to my corner to play it safe. I hustled to be liked by all and wanted to appease everyone (even though I lost a little bit of my soul each time I forced myself to stop back into the box).

I diminished all of my “too muchness” and allowed others to determine who I could be and how I showed up in the world. Allowed them to “put me in my place.”

Some think I’m too self-assured and that I carry myself in a way that says, “Yep, I know who I am.”

And I realize some people say, “Oh, there she is thinking she’s all that. Who does she think she is? Someone needs to put her in her place. She needs to take it down a few notches. I hope she fails.”

For so many years, I did. I diminished my light so others could feel better about themselves. I played small when my big soul yearned to play in the Arena of my Bigness.

And do you know what I did with all that toxicity and all the times I left pieces of my soul to be WHO you wanted me to be? I decided it was time to let all of that motivate me.

I decided to step into myself and BE who I am.

I decided that certain people no longer get an opinion on my life.

I decided I would wear the dresses that show my damn legs.

I decided that I would rise up and roar like the lioness I am.

I decided that I was worth it.

And guess what happened?


My world opened up and because I decided to embrace my muchness, I now see that all along, my soul was saying, “Do it, girl. The world needs your too muchness.”

Your muchness is your MAGIC. It’s time to quit shaming women for being big, bold, and brave, for wanting more out of life.

Because even though I’ve been stoned multiple times with people’s voices and venom, I will tell you that every single time I rise and I rise bigger and stronger and more self-assured than ever.

It’s time to take up all the space in the room, ladies. It’s time to own your worth and show it to the world.  It’s time for you to flourish and rise.

I will be here rooting for you the entire time.

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